38 Yrs Old! Mommy Makeover, Full Lipo, Mini TT, Far Transfer BBL - Miami, FL

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Hi everyone... Im currently 6 days pre-op. 38 yrs...

Hi everyone... Im currently 6 days pre-op. 38 yrs old with one son.. I guess you can say although I have always been as healthy and fit as possible.. Ivealways struggled with certain parts of my body... Thick arms, thighs, and after my c-section... My lower belly! I have had times my body doesntbother me too much but the amount of work to keep it there because of these problem areas has been exhausting! After a couple years of heartbreak and gaining about 15 lbs over my ideal weight... Struggling w where i am no matter what i do! I decided as a single mom who works her ass off to break the bank and fix what uears of hard work, hearbreaks, and pregnancy has done to my body! I need my outside to match my spirit! I am a happy girl and i hate being hung up on anything so i decided i was goingto address all the issues i had at once! From my chin to my knees i am getting worked on....although i dont think i have a bad starting point.. There is work that needs to be done here to get me back to me... No actually to be at my best! Im doing full lipo... Chin, arms, abs, back, inner/ outer thighs and knees.... Then mini tummy tuck...fat transfer to booty and breast augmentation! I am doing my surgery with the one and only Dr. Craft in Miami... Im from the 305 and I know he is great! I like to refer to him as Mr. Da vinci....:). His team and him have made me feel very comfortable with what i am goingto do... He was excellentin expressing his opinion and advice and has given me a lot of peace answering all my questions, explaining my procedures, my expectations, and my recovery. I am anticipating a few hard days... I am anticipating swelling and bruising.. Like crazy actually.. But i am also expecting a great result! I am lucky that I have an amazing boyfriend who is my best friend who is helping me and supporting me... And i feel that my age, health, and spiritual, romantic, and physical current status could not be any better so i trust thisis the perdect time to do this! Yes there has been resistance and criticism from some family and friends i have told... Ithurt for about 5 minutes before i realized that they are either scared or wish they couldhavethe balls to do this themselves.... So honestly.. Im Dismissing anyone and anything toxic thats going to affect my emotions snd my healing! They will either get with the program or they wont be part ofan important event in my life... Because anyone who ison thisjourney understands.... This feels life altering. I have had the same bodyall mylife...i was looking at pics when i was 4 with these inner thighs that rub!!! Enough already! Lol.... I wantto wish everyone the bestof luck who is thinkingof doing this... And i only hope thati feel strong in everyway throughout this because itis a big decision... Sacrifice... And recovery:) I am ready! Vitamins, recliner, pillows, time off, comfy maxi dresses, arnica up the u know what.... Will have a clean fridge with everythibg natural... Watching the sodium.... By this time next week... God willing i will be home with my fabulousboyfriend starting my recovery! Want to do my best to post pics and contribute to thiscommunity that has been an incredible resource and support!

Recliner .... 2 days pre op impulse

Hi everyone... I first want to thank the entire community because Ihave soent more time preparing with all of you than anyone else! Wanted to wrn you all to be carefuk renting the recliners for your recovery. I went ahead and rented and my cleAning lady yesterday received the dekivery since i was t work! I have to say i felt so relieved knowing it was at my house... Until i got home! It freaking sucks and was so hard,
Small, and uncomfortBle i called right away and they are oicking it up today! My wonderful boyfriend suggested we go buyone last night at City Furniture before it closed... Super last minute!!! Just so you know my dad has one and i had to! I bought one! Fyi was 600..... If i heal comfy for the rest of the year... Worth every penny!! Pics will be attached! I have super nice things and i would not have bought one if i were not going through this process..i do not anticipate that recovering from full lipo, chin to knees, mini tt, BA, and BBL should be more uncomfortable. Besides this is a long total recovery and after i go back to work in a few weeks i can look forward to putting my feet up and being comfy in my new chair! I really want to enjoy this whole process ladies... I think we are all very lucky to have the opportunity to address our bodies and take care of them.. Just wanted to help everyone with this experience... We deserve a safe,relaxed, and comfortable space to heal! See you all on the other side soon!

On the other side

Hi everyone.. Had my surgery yesterday.. Was so hard to find someone in the community who did the extent of areas i did. Full body lipo contour from chin to knees, BA, Bbl, mini tt... Im good but WOW... Not easy. All the surgery prep yesterday was surreal. I wasnt nervous.. I was calm..and just like they say you close your eyes one second and then open the next on the other side . It was definitely definitely painful you feel stiff as a board I don't know where or what I could hold onto is trying to assess all of my areas because everything hurt. The doctor had originally said the surgery was going to be about three 3 1/2 hours turned out to be five hours . Initially when I woke up like a robot I had two things in mind I had to make myself drink eat something for the pain pills and get out of there as quick as I could because Miami traffic is no joke especially that I left at 3 o'clock . I did it I think I was only in the recovery room after all of that for 45 minutes but my mind just kept telling me get home . Plus I had an hour car ride home and three flights of stairs to my apartment with no elevator . No joke until I got to my bed I was suffering . My boyfriend has his son and cousins were bodybuilders carry me up the flights in a wheelchair I don't even think I was able to look at them. It was just a general overall pain and all of my body stiff as a board... Dizzy and hot as hell outside. No surprise I was anticipating pain but until you're on the other side feeling that you really can't imagine it . You have to be one tough cookie to go through this .. Somethings I wanted to know when I was looking into all this was what hurts what didn't what was going to be the best of the worst parts so I'll tell you I was so scared of the LIpo suction pain so far it's the least that I feel that's just all bruised my mini tummy tuck in my butt however another story I can't get into one comfortable position with this breast augmentation many tell me took them fat transfer to my butt with the pain medication I'm able to lay down in bed I've been in and out of sleep so at least time goes by when I'm resting but I really feel the mini tt and the BBL the most . Yesterday i was thirsty and hungry but what i ate was super clean and mostly luquid abd crackers. Cool protein shakes w fruit, all homemade soup my aunt made which was so great... Chicken broth with asparagus sweet potato cabbage garlic ... All blended w lemon... Super great..
I cant fall back with pain medicine either have to be on top of those first few days anticipate for the worst but I definitely feel worse when they are running out of my system. So thats ny surgery day... Today really sore.. Walking around a bit vetter and have to go to my first doctors appointment... Will update later

Post op day 2...

As the day progressed i am feeling much better... Mostly sore when i get up. Some major bruising... Not painful just sore. Took a shower today... I felt so exposed without the compression garment.. I feel my skin safe in it so taking it off to shower was a bit scary! My godmother actually bathed me mostly...dont do it alone! While my garment was washing i hung out in a robe on my delicious recliner. The most discomfort i feel is the mini tt, and bbl... Hard to getcomfy..the lipo that had me the most concerned is really not bad.. Just sensitive sore... But not painful and i had it done everywhere! Looks worse than it feels! Hope this helps, before putting the compression garment back on i lathered myself in arnica. Still taking bromelain, arnica, vitamin c, citrus bioflavanoids, and drinking lots of water from boiled pineapple, and another w cucumber, lemon, and mint. I can bow in the evening get up and downslowly myself and go to the bthrm! Tomorrow my goal is to have a bowel movement... Beentaking a stool softener for two days to get ready.. Also goingto stop taking the pain meds and switch to tylenol. Im feeling great guys...at least for 2 days post op... Im proud of how im feeling! Good luck to everyone! Here are some day 2 pics

9 days post op

Hi everyone... I have been goid taking pictures whenever i think im goinng through something that helps.. But ive been focused on recovery. Today im feeling good.. Havent even taken motrin or tylenol... Sleeping still is difficult unless i take something because ive done so many areas its just plain uncomfortable. Waking up is where i feel the most sore and have themost body awareness.. But after moving aroubd i am feeling better! Now... I am definetely feeling better but notgood enoughto go back to work. I originally took two weeks and im a week andahalf in..and based on the discomfort, sleeping issue, swelling, garments... Just listening to my body... I think that 3 weeks is optimal. Im going to pist some pics of my progress. Drain is out ... I went yesterday... Nothing to be scared of! U dont feel it.. Just dont look bcs its weird ... But the pain is done! And just had my firstlymphatic massage... 2hrs bcs off all the areas! I will continue to check in..hope everyone is well!!

Some pics frommy recovery

Here are my pics... Didnt attach before

12 days post op

Been feeling so much better.., just not good enough for my normal pace abd activity.. But definetetly feeling much better!

17 days post op

Hi everyone... Just an update.. Still recovering at home... Although i feelgood.. Tried going back to work monday and felt set back like crazy and developed a seromafrom the overdoing it! So i took another week and im working from home. What has been the most difficult in the sense if no matter what requires time is the bbl and the mini tt. The post lioo massages are everything! Make you feel soooooo much better and my bidy is shrinking. Stilk eating super clean and dtinking to s of water. Posting some pics
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