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I am crossing the 40year old barrier and at this...

I am crossing the 40year old barrier and at this time, I have tried exercise and have not obtained the results I have been working so hard toward. I am pear shaped, 5'2 and my weight ranges between 150-160. I have been longing for smaller thighs that aren't fighting when I walk. I just want a redo. I am consulting to have thigh lipo and arm lipo and they can transfer that fat to perk up my butt and breast, why throw it away if I can use it. I have consulted with Elitebody sculpture in Houston Tx and was told that I could have lipo to my back flank, little on the sides and abdomen and my arms to transfer fat to my breast. He would not touch my thighs for possibility of sagging skin afterwards. I have read that the inner thigh is a big question mark in results for lipo even for a skilled surgeon. Elitebody sculpture quote was around 10K. I next consulted with local surgeon, Dr S. Wall Jr. He stated he could remove about 5L from my thighs easily, I would have to stay overnight for monitoring and that he could fat transfer to butt and breast. I requested before and after photos of women ranging from small to large build with this procedure done, none were provided and I could not locate any online. However they are awesome with tummy tucks and breast implants to which I am not interested in either procedure. Wall Jr. quote >20K. I don't think we were on the same page after receiving that quote. I am scheduled for a consultation with Dr Cortez of Houston, Tx and with Dr Mendieta of Miami, Fl.
I am new to this site and understand that there are all types of opinions, to each his/her own. I am looking to try to keep my post up to date and answer question (don't know what I can offer, I am a real newbie) as well as be as transparent in my experience and post pictures. These pictures are of me now. Pre anything. I am hoping that the lipo can smooth out the cellulite on my right thigh and butt at the hands of the right surgeon. Praying that I am make the right decisions.

New site for places to stay

I have found out that there is a website called homeaway.com that list many places to stay, all over the country, for reasonable pricing. They show pictures and allow for filtering per a persons own wants. Awesome site. I myself am looking to stay close by my ps for followup or anything that requires me to make an office visit. I am planning to stay in the area of my ps for about 14 days to cover post op and to get me over some of the soreness hump before my plane ride/drive back home. I am looking into places that have kitchens so that my meals can be better prepared and I want to be able to blend things to make smoothies when I am not hungry but require something on my stomach. I hope that website can be useful as an affordable residential spot for us ladies that need/want to stay near our ps for a couple days. Best wishes to the vets on this site and us newbies toobies.

Don't want to go back there

I've been reading where drs require clients to gain weight for their procedure. I'm posting a picture that shown my hard work to lose 20lbs. From May last year to this year. I was 175lbs. In the picture I was down to 150lbs. So I have since fluctuated between 150 abs 160. That's the best I can doctor. I just can't go back to where I was. It wasn't my waist as much as these dang thighs.
Over the phone Dr cortez office told me I would need to gain about 10lbs. Umm, no. It will only be in my thighs which is where I want the lipo anyway.

Well just left my consultation with the Houston butt Dr

Had my consultation with Dr Cortes today. Basically told me that I didn't have enough fat in my lower back, flank, abdomen, arms, nor thighs to fat transfer anything greater than 300 per cheek. *shrugged* and thanked him for his time. He stated even if he instructed me to gain weight that it would go to my thighs (after i showed him a pic of me at 175lbs) and that is hard to determine if it would be deep fat in muscle or fat he could get to. So I have had 3 consultations. 3 different responses to my quest. 1st stated he wouldn't do my thighs cause they might sag but would do arms, flank, and abdomen and that would fat transfer to my breast. 2nd stated he could do circumferential thigh lipo and could get 5L just from them alone (that freaked me out. I was thinking major sag issues afterward) and could transfer to both breast and butt, but his experience with that was limited. No before and after pics on fat transfer. I'd feet like I would be a guinea pig for him sculpting me with fat. 3rd sd I didn't have enough fat for him to work with. I'm beginning to feel defeated. I'd feel better if I recieved consistent consultations as it relates to my body habitus but I know it does fall back on the skill and abilities of that ps and his comfort level. I have a Skype consultation tomorrow. Will see what happens.

Deciding on a doctor

I have finally spoken with a pt coordinator from dr Mendieta office, finally. I was basically told he would do what he could and scuplt me. That he had a 70-80% fat survival rate in buttock but all breast fat transfer have a lower rate. I was not able to speak with him at that time. They sounded doubtful with my wish pics. On my own research on realself it is bet difficult to find before and after pics for this doctor. I gave read a few that stated that they wished for more projection and thus were considering a round 2. Total cost would be around 12k but does not include garments. Those are bought at visual consultation after being measured. I do believe he is a skilled ps, but I think I'm going to go with dr salzhauer. I see many reviews that show wonderful results and plus he stated that if a revision is warranted for pt satisfaction only cost would be anesthesia (he sd around 500). He reports being anal with his craft, as I want that to help me feel ensured that he took his time to make sure I'm happy with my results. He guesstimated possibly being able to get 1600 cc into each cheek. I sd full it up to help balance out the expected reabsorption. At the end of the day, whatever amount will be an improvement. I did emphasize projection to go asking with these hips. To have 6 areas on lipo with everything will be around 8k. I want arms, flanks,????????????back, abd, inner thighs lipo'd. Omg, I'm asking for it, but I'd rather do it all now cause I don't plan on doing any of it again.

Deposit paid

So I finally chose a Dr. All this research and now I'm nervous. My main concern is no complications. I think that my shipping list will be short and sweet. I do need recommendations for massages. Dr salz doesn't require but to many rs dolls gave some on how much better they felt and how it really helped with the fluid removal. I'll be busy trying to schedule flights, residence, rental car, fmla, massages, and purchase my essentials. Please pm me any advice, tips, and numbers for the massages, and where to locate the essentials at a reasonable price. I thanks you all who have taken this leap and wrote about it and I look forward to joining you soon. Smooches.

Thoughts, Question and concerns

I just reread some of my updates that I posted on my phone. OMG. I swear after reading them, I wanted to throw my "smart"phone in the trash. I look like an idiot with limited education after reading all those errors. Well thank goodness there are others that have endured this agony, so I am not the first and won't be the last. That being said. I AM SO FREAKING NERVOUS. I have never been married, but i equate this to really, really wanting your wedding day to follow through as planned without any hitches. After reading so many updates, I feel like I don't know what meds/vitamins to take vs what meds/vitamins are truly a waste of time. Some products are a question as per if they really were worth the money to purchase. Especially, the additional stage 1 garment to have while you are washing the dirty one. I think I am going to purchase a pair of capri compression tights (thigh lipo), a squeem (ab and back lipo), ab and back boards (ab and back lipo), arm sleeves (arm lipo. I am unsure if this is wiser to purchase in separate pieces or if it takes less effort to have fewer pieces. I don't know what brands will work best for a short person with a small waist and wide hips. All I know is that when i look at the size chart it tells me i fall into the large category for hips and height and weight, but it is too big for my waist. Seems the more i research the more confused i feel. Im sure there are others out there that feel this same issue. Well another day closer. No purchases yet.

Pre op

I am posting this with my phone so excuse and misspelled or words that seem out of context. Yesterday preop day was rough. Between flying in, renting a car, making my way around with all these repairs going on in the city, tolls everywhere you look, can't find one pharmacy out of 5 that carried my pain meds, rain, diversion to pre op because bridge came down on a yacht. Started my day at 4am and didn't get in the bed until 11:30. Up now cause I can't sleep and have to go to the pharmacy before going to surgery to see if the have the xanax filled (at least).
Pre op went smoothly. Heard some things I didn't want to hear like bringing lose skin to the table from previous weighty loss and childbirths. He said I don't have much fat in my abdomen, slight on my waist. Will mostly pull from my thighs, knees, and arms. I am most concerned with post procedures sag. I will be stressing that immensely and if less is more then so be it. I know he can only work with what I bring him and no one can fully answer what to expect post. I told the doc to take his time with me, I'm 40 and it took a long time to get here, he said he would and explained how some scheduling occurred that was unforeseen and he would have even extra time to take with me...(is that you Jesus, changing things...prayer :-). We are all so unique. I was going to get fat transfer to the best I'd they're was enough fat but the cost was more than I'm willing to ensure for an area that has poor fat survival. I don't want to feel like I'm throwing money away.
I'm more nervous of my expectations at this point. I'm prayed up. I look in the mirror and say "I do alright for 40 and 3 kids. Lord, guide the docs hands to do his best, to know when enough is enough, and to be anal and take his time and not rush. Most of all NO SAGGING SKIN...worst than what I came with." Let some good genes kick in and adhere me back tighter.
Well it's times for me to start getting ready. That drive over is the devil. Anywhere from 40 min to an hour depending on traffic and route. Wish me luck. And I'll see you on the other side.
Current weight 157.
Attempted weight 145, failed. :-(
Appointment time 7am
Miracles and blessings ladies

Marked up

Nervous and scared. The thoughts in my head were "don't f me up, improve but don't disfigure". He marked me up so much I thought he would run out of ink. I'm thinking "doc I didn't think I was that bad off, just a little fine tuning", but he kept right on marking

Tired and weak

I remember waking up shivering and being in a chair slightly reclined. The worst part was my back. For some reason it felt like it was I fire. I asked for some pain medication but they said I had maxed out. My daughter came to pick me up and they put me in the front seat and reclined me back I was not allowed to lay down in the backseat. The drive home was about an hour because of traffic. First day really rough,I passed out with my daughter catching me trying to go to the bathroom. And the second day a little better. No real appetite, but drinking as much as I can. When the nurse came I could not take a shower I was still too weak. We did wash off in the bed. My garments are full of draining. I was suppose to go get a massage on yesterday the 5th but I was still to weak. I am scheduled to go for a massage still on Monday. He lipo'd my arms, my abdomen, my flanks, my back, my thighs my knees. I pray he is the anal plastic surgeon he sd he was with all that lipo. Hope he didn't get tired and leave anything incomplete. My garment fits my legs but loose on the abs and back so I have on my dtrs waist cincher to help compress that area. The med regimen I'd hard, I have my pills sorted in a pill planner but not hungry enough to take them all and get nauseated. I'll update better later. Typing on your stomach is a strain.

taken yesterday

I do get up and walk around but get light headed and winded. I do rest when I feel this way. I know that having my thighs done had made this rough. I went to cs lipo yesterday. They were good. I felt great right after then started feeling like fluids was pooling and it made it back difficult to maneuver. I'm going again today. I am just starting to get allot of bruising. Don't know if I'm suppose to be pushing myself or listening to my body when it says "take a break". My folks up appt is tomorrow with the Dr. My dtr says it looks like I have a muscular butt. I just can't wait to be ankles to move around with unlimited mobility. I don't see how people can go back to work 2 weeks after this. Maybe it's because I had a thighs done instead of just inner, as he was on the look for fat. I took this pic on yesterday. Im not seeing much difference between pre and post. But I know with swelling and such I won't. I've not weighed not measured. I don't have access to scale or tape measure. Oh and I've succumbed to a yeast infection. Yay me :'(.

Pillsbury dough woman

I am swollen. My surgery was on the 3rd so I figured if I didn't swell within the first couple days I was ok. WRONG! I swelled big time. The travel home was horrible. I bought a Colombian compression garment to wear on the flight. Those things are no joke. Compressed and around the abdomen area out caves in when you sit. Torture! If I had a scalpel I would have cut it off. $105. I'm returning that torture device. I had been wrapping my legs on ace bandages but they seem to be getting larger and larger. Thanks to 01Missk I sent my dtr to the store for some thigh high compression stockings at Walgreen's. Large improvement. When I'm stand from laying down I feel a "pulling effect" along the inner thighs. But with walking and stretching it fades. I will include some pics I took

taken yesterday

I received somewhere near about 1640 each cheek. I was in surgery 4.5 hours.

2 weeks post

White steaks are powder to help compression slide on. My knees are still swollen. They hurt the most when I first stand up, and if I stand for too long they began to throb letting me know to elevate them. I knew this was an area that would take a while to heal especially being a joint. Almost all bruising has subsided. I thought initially I could return to work after 2 weeks but due to the extent of surgery I see that I can't. I was under for 4.5hrs. I didn't want the Dr to rush like an assembly line and I'm glad he didn't. It didn't take over night to get to 40 so I wanted him to take all the time needed with me. I am now wearing compression leggings. Purchased from Wal-Mart. I miss the crotch cut out from the garments but that is all. I wear my waist cincher continuously. I am looking for arm compression sleeves probably at academy for the arm lipo. They are still swollen to but I'm able to use them and push myself up from the bed since day 1. My first at home massage was on Monday. She had me in tears when she worked on my knees. I'm going back today. After she finished I felt accomplished with being able to put my own shoes on (it's just the little things). When I got dressed initially, my daughter had to help me put my shoes and socks on. I can definitely see and speak on the benefits of good massages post lipo. Here are some pics I took yesterday

Booty blues

I've still been lurking on the site and visiting the blogs of fellow salz dolls and loving their results. I'm a bit jealous because it seems I've lost much volume. I had finally measured myself 10 days after surgery and was at 46. Pre was 43.5. Present 44.5. Where did the 1640 go? I contacted the doctor cause I was upset about not seeing much difference. He sd gain about 5-10 pounds. I tell you ladies that is difficult to see on the scale. Ideally I wanted to be under 150lbs. I'm still around 155-158. Going into surgery i was 160. After with swelling I got up to 173. Afterwards I dropped down to 152, still fighting dehydration. I don't have the itching people speak of with my healing, just occasion tingling in my legs. My skin only slightly feels weird when I rub. Don't know if I healed extraordinarily fast or it just hasn't hit me yet. I don't think I have much swelling on my back or abd. Swelling occurs around my knees with long standing, I elevate to relieve. My butt is soft except a few inner lumps I feel. I love my legs which was the main reason I did the procedure and I have knees I can see. The added bonus was putting some lost fat back in my butt from the weight loss. The doctor says my body will still go through changes. Anxious to see what else can change when I don't feel/see any swelling. I still wear compression leggings/capris, waist cincher, foam both front and back daily and especially the foam at night. It is difficult to find full garment because my waist is 26 (was 28). I've been buying separate pieces because either it will fit my waist or my hips but not both.

3 months and 2 weeks.

I am very happy with my results. There are a couple touch up areas that exercise had not helped or hurt. They were kinda there almost from the start and some that formed depended on my body's reaction to the procedure. I still continue to done compression either during work and if I don't wear it during the day I sleep in it at night asking with my waist cincher. Right now I can fit an xs in the ann cherry sport cincher and the one with the cheetah pattern. The compression I wear is mostly leggs tights size small. Not sure if fluffing had occurred because my measurements are the same 44.5 hips.

Going to see dr salz for follow up

I am scheduled to see dr salz for a follow up. I'm about 2 months shy of 1 year post op. I have two areas on concern. One is fat necrosis in the left butt cheek and a flat spot (pic provided). Both he was made aware of early on and stated to monitor. Nothing has changed on either area of concern. I am going to have a visual physical assessment to see if a revision is needed. Other than a few concerns, I love my results. Tip: if you keloid like I do, request your incisions not be equidistant/symmetrical in order to have spots look like childhood mishaps. Blessed days my sister's.

Revision scheduled for 8/12/16

I'm very pleased with my results. A do continue to have a flat area that the doctor noted would need revision to fix. I'll be staying in Miami for 6days. I'm excited. I'm typing this on my cellular so this week be extra short.


Hi, daughter here with my mom! In Miami for the revision. Not nervous at all, doctor did a great job before, and we have no doubt it will be done well again. Appointment was suppose to be for tomorrow, but thankful they were able to move us up a day. Now, we're just keeping our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Xoxo

7 days post revision

Right after sx is always the worst for me. Very painful, like you are waking up from being beat up by several people. Nurse Carly was very nice and attentive. The flat area on concern was addressed also some dimples that returned after the first surgery. And a small bleeb of fat around my navel I requested be removed since he I was going to be under anesthesia anyway. Recovery has been a breeze. Nothing like the first time. He didn't want me in a garment so I didn't wake up in one. I did however pack one and a waist cincher (thank goodness). It is very free around the butt area, but my concern was compression to the inner thigh area he obtained the fat from. Scared of loose, flabby skin. Also worried about smooth stomach results so I used a magazine since I didn't have a foam. All in all, everything looks great so far but just like before you have to wait on swelling and bruising to go away and be replaced with the end result followed by time.
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