Worst Experience of my Life - He Got It Wrong Two Times and Wants to Do a Third Surgery!!!!!!! - Miami, FL

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VERY DISAPPOINTED. He ruined my breasts,,, HUGE...

VERY DISAPPOINTED. He ruined my breasts,,, HUGE scars for no reason. He couldn't get them right after TWO surgeries. I would never let him touch me again.I researched many doctors in this field and went to different consultations. At the same time I started to save money in anticipation of a solution. After the reviews and consultations, Dr. Soler-Baillo was my choice, because he seemed to know what he was talking about. He was also expensive compared  to the other doctors.I am a 32 year old single mother of a young (10 years) son. Originally I had big natural breast before  having my child and for the better part of ten years was thinking about a breast lift. After the breast feeding process I was no longer happy with my breast since they sagged and it affected my sexual life. This caused me to consider a breast lift.  I researched many doctors in this field and went to different consultations. At the same time I started to save money in anticipation of a solution. After the reviews and consultations, Dr. Soler-Baillo was my choice, because he seemed to know what he was talking about. He was also expensive compared  to the other doctors.

I always told him that I did not want big breast and asked for a breast lift, but he advised that it would be better and more natural to fill out the breast instead of doing a breast lift. Since he is the expert I thought he new what he was talking about. An appointment was scheduled for the 22 June 2015 for the breast augmentation. The surgery was carried out on that date. He told me that the surgery went well and his nurses gave me the drug prescriptions and  sent me home.

My first check up was on July 1st 2015. I asked him (the doctor) why my breast looked weird and square, and told him that some of my friends thought it looked strange. He said that the breast were still swollen and the implants were still in a high position and had not moved down. He said  that they would look better from day to day. On July 14th 2015, another check up appointment was scheduled. My breast did not change so i asked again if that was normal. This time he agreed that they did not sag as he expected and the position of the implant was much too high and that I was right and needed a breast lift.

The doctor and his nurses requested payment for the additional surgery (lift). An appointment was scheduled for 20 July 2015 for the second surgery, the breast lift. After waiting for the entire day (7:30 am till 3:00pm) with no food (since i was told that I could not eat anything before surgery). At about 3:30 pm they told me that I could not have the surgery. They asked that I return the next day. I overheard  the nurses talking about them scheduling the surgery wrong.

On 21 July 2015 the breast lift operation was done. The doctor indicated that everything went well and that I would be happy this time. On going home and after a couple of hours my friend realized that the doctor or his nurses forgot to give me the prescription for the pain killers for the surgery. We were communicating with the doctors office and they said they were trying to contact a nurse who could drop off the prescription to our house after working hours. The nurse arrived at about 11:30 pm and my friend had to run to Walgreens at that time to get the pain killers. Pain was experienced for the entire day.

At another check up appointment  they removed the stitches. The nurse did the the removal of the stitches and told me that the doctor was on vacation. I found it strange that the doctor was not there for the check up appointment especially after so many things had already gone wrong.

On the 30th July 2015 which was the day after, I woke up with my entire bed full of blood coming out of my right breast. It would not stop pouring out with blood and everything was soaked with blood. I freaked out, started to panic and cry went to the closest emergency station at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

They were trying to stop the bleeding and told me that, in order to find the problem they would have to open the breast where the surgery was done. They told me that it was old blood that should have been drained, that was coming out at this stage, and was dangerous. They asked me to contact my doctor for advice. So I went to the doctor directly after emergency room on the same day.

At the doctors he was still on vacation so one of his nurses started to squeeze blood and blood clot pieces out of my breast. I was in a lot of pain,  crying and could not deal with the pain so she had to leave the room every five minutes because of the amount of pain I was under.  Having not seen a doctor made me even more afraid  and I was not sure if she was doing the right thing. She said that everything was going to be ok and asked that I come back in the morning.

The next day 31 July, after losing a lot of blood throughout the night since my breast did not stop bleeding, the nurse did the same thing again until I indicated that it was enough and requested a doctor. Another doctor came examined me but was unable to do anything. The nurses were talking to the Dr. Baillo via cell phone sending him picture and getting instructions.

On 3 August 2015, I went to doctors office. He was back from vacation . He apologized for me going through my ordeal and said it was going to be alright. Two days after I had an allergic reaction on some parts of my body so I took Benadryl. I believe that the allergic reaction could have been caused  by the number of antibiotics that I had taken in a short space of time. I took about three different anti biotics over the period of ten days.

On the 6 August 2015 I felt sick and was in a lot of pain. My family in Germany instructed me to come to Germany to get proper treatment. On my way there I flew to London where I had an allergic reaction and could not breath properly so I had to go to the hospital in London. After getting medication in the UK I went to Germany.

On 10th August I went to Hospital in Germany because I was still sick.

In September 2015 I had a check up with Dr.Baillo in Miami. I hated my boobs the breast were huge , I never wanted this sized breast, I had unhealed scares that remain today. He agreed and apologized and said he wanted to do the third and last surgery to correct everything. I was devastated and cried and cried. I paid for the first surgery nothing for the second and the nurses indicated that he did me a favor on the second surgery even though I had to pay for all the medication.

This was the worst experience i have ever had in my life. I feel that he ruined my body and ruined my confidence. I can't wear certain clothes because of the scares and I have problems in my sex life. I find it difficult to look at myself in the mirror after a shower or when dressing. I am disgusted with the outcome.

I was not able to work for about 3 months.  I still have to do a third surgery - revision - to correct his mistakes.  I would never let him touch me again.  Biggest mistake of my life going to Dr. Soler-Baillo!!!
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