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27 with 3 kids 8,5 and 1...a total of 3 cections ....

27 with 3 kids 8,5 and 1...a total of 3 cections . Last pregnancy I was losing weight during my pregnancy but I was huge 188. After I had the baby I was 163 and fine. My baby got sick I was forced to quick my career job and when thru a depression and now I'm 209 and bad body . I start my diet Sunday to try to
get down to 155 before surgery. I want a tummy tuck without dog ears remaining and curves on the
midsection with lipo to the back and flacks. I maybe
get a minor breast lift. I'm looking at doctor
Orlando Llorente, Sergio Alvarez, Salmos or Dr
Cochran in georgia

I just want entire midsection gone erased

I am not pleased with my entire midsection. I want it to disappear. I am contacting dr Orlando llorente today for a consultation. I need a doctor to rid me of all this extra and sculpt me to the gods honey

Okay so I spoke with Elena today form new life and...

Okay so I spoke with Elena today form new life and she is very prompt and customer friendly. I emailed her last Saturday and we spoke . I sent her some photos of me from the back front , back and side . I advised her that I was on a very strict diet . I am currently 209 lbs and I plan to be 165 by surgery date and toned.

She advised me that's good because currently my BMI is 39 and that's too high. She said I at least need to have a BMI of 33-35 by surgery date in order for the doctor to perform the surgery and in order to see maximum results and have a good recovery She advised that based from my photos I'm a great candidate and it will include lipo to give me a nice hour glass and not a boxed tummy tuck

Confused Rip Dr Cochran

Rip dr Cochran. 

I never got the chance to meet dr Cochran but I was going to have my procedure done in December. I was supposed to have it done in June, but I wanted to lose at least 30-40 lbs beforehand for great results. I'm from Miami and I really wanted this doctor to work his magic on me and I trusted him with me: I don't know who to go to for my procedure and I don't need even know if I 

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