28 Years Old, Ready to Finally Have an Attractive Figure - Miami, FL

Well I scheduled my procedure almost 2 months ago...

Well I scheduled my procedure almost 2 months ago with Spectrum after doing a lot of research I decided to go with Dr. Ortega!!The reviews about the coordinators are fairly true!! After you pay, it's hard to get replies but I get they're busy. Other than the lack of communication, everything has gone pretty smoothly. I've had my blood work done and EKG and have been approved for surgery!!! I'm freaking out now because soooo many questions pop up in my head! Will my butt be too big, too small, disproportionate... LORD!!! But I'm super excited and can't wait to get it over and done!! I'm staying at Maydas recovery house, anyone else having BBL during this time??

All packed and ready to go!!!

Sooo. I've been packed for a few days. Trying to make sure I don't forget anything!!! Is there any items you dolls couldn't live without during ypur BBL recovery!? I purchased a BBL pillow, it's awesome!! Can't wait to try it out with the new booty!!


My nerves are SHOT!!! Lord help me to relax and know that everything will be ok!!! Less than 24hours away from my new booty!!! Pray for me dolls!!


It's been heaven ever since I got here!!! Her assistant picked me up from the airport right on time, she greeted me with a hug/kiss. When I got to Maydas house I knew it would be ok!!! She is such a wonderful woman and her cooking is AMAZING!!! She is a Christian woman with a beautiful spirit! I feel much better about my procedure tomorrow knowing she will be here to care for me! I will update you guys when I leave!!!

Haven't posted from being depressed

I don't feel like he gave me a butt!!! My wait is almost non existent to be honest, he did great with that but my butt... I don't know what the heck is going on. He said he is very happy with my results and they will only get better and the assistant, who he also did a bbl for, says it's big but I'm not happy yet. I pray this gets better.

Elia's massages!!!

Although I am not happy with Dr. Ortega at this time and haven't posted any updated pics...I HAVE TO leave a review about my massage therapist. She does not work at Spectrum...She has made me feel much better in my "depressed phase"!! she is amazing and SUPER sweet. I feel like heaven after each massage. She does an HR for $60 I believe. I am staying at Mayda's recovery house and she comes here to do my massages and I love the convenience and privacy! I highly recommend her, I know you dolls will love her!!!

I have yet to interact directly with Dr. Ortega but the ladies at Spectrum seem ok!! Everyone has been polite and informative but it's hard to get in contact with her at times!!!

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