Anxiety over New Large Tattoo

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I spent 6 months working on my first tattoo ,...

I spent 6 months working on my first tattoo , wanted to put family crest on right arm , went through many design changes finally got what I wanted and had outline done 3 weeks ago ! Felt really good about it at first but was a little concerned about how big it actually was on my arm and then I started to second guess on why I got a tattoo and why did I get it so big !! I just turned 50 a week ago and maybe I was having a mid life crisis and figured a tattoo would make me feel better ! Well it totally backfired !! I completely fell off the reality wagon and emotionally went into a deep depression filled with horrible anxiety over a huge tattoo that is now a permanent fixture on my arm !! It really caught me off guard . So as it stands right now I have just the outline done and waiting for the anxiety to subside so I can determine whether I want to get it removed or get the shading and coloring done ! I am trying to gut it out and hope that eventually I will like it and get it done ! On the other hand I am wondering if I should get it removed except for the cross and the antlers that are on the top of the design ! I really like that part of it and maybe it would make me feel better if it wasn't covering my arm ! Looking for some advice from anyone who has experienced this !!
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