I Finally Did the Hair Transplant. South Africa, ZA

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So I finally decided to go and do the hair...

So I finally decided to go and do the hair transplant.
I was just tired of buying all the fly by night dreams people waa selling me. I went to hair options for laser for 3 months and i told the doctor i wanted to do the hair transplant cause i didnt see the results he saw. He refuses and said i should continue with treatment which to me was just a waste of my money. I started doing research on Dr's here on reals elf and got Dr Larry's details and contacted him. I went for consultation in Sandton city (Dr is based in Cape Town but consult in Jhb once a month). I was put on a waiting list and got an appointment a week after. I flew down to CapeTown and had the procedure done. Same day was okay no pain just a little discomfort. Day two all was well nothing to worry about. Day 3 got a little swelling and I look like an alien but not painful .Let's see the progress in a few months I will update in December again

The frustration phase

So it's been almost 2 months since the operation and this is the most frustrating phase ever. Because of the way the hair was cut you can't do styles and I find it easier to wear wigs which I slip on in the morning when I go out and take off when I'm home.

But I took a few pictures this morning as I felt that the hair wasn't growing back instead the hair that was there is the hair that was growing back... judge for yourself. The doctor did tell me that I will see visible results in 4 months so like I said... just frustrated and I'm sure there are people that went through this stage aswell. Let's chat again in 2 months.

4 months progress

Hi there

I thought I would just update you on my progress. I did my procedure on the 2nd of September 2015. It's the 19th of December today and this is my progress....

I still feel frustrated and wanted to cut all my hair off for all the hair to grow together but decided against it. (Not sure how long I will be able to sustain)
I just wish I was at the end result already cause I'm still frustrated with the fact that I can't do much with my hair and that I have to use wigs. I'm sure for men it's much easier.
But I still don't regret doing it and I can't wait to see the end result

My bad- I am in a hurry

I've just realized. I was wrong all along. This is the 3rd month. I did the op on the 2nd of September. 2nd of October (1 month) 2nd November (2 months) 2nd December (3 months) 2nd of January will be 4 months

5 months review

Hi guys

So it's been 5 months already! I'm not sure what to think of my transplant honestly. Yes the hair is there but I feel that there is still bold patches in my hairline. I can remember Dr Larry said if I want it fuller I will have to go back but money is a factor and I feel as if tho it didn't help much when I'm still feeling the way I do. But in the other hand I feel if the transplanted hair grows longer it will cover the small bold patches that I have a problem with. Let me know what you think. Maybe I should cut all my hair and let it grow together!

5th month photos

Forgot to upload the pictures for 5 months

1 year after hair transplant

So it's almost 1 year to 2nd September.
I decided to go natural (again- trust me type 4 hair isn't the easiest to maintain)
Yes I would do it again.
There is small patches which I think still need hair but honestly I also think it's because of the pulling of my hair when I'm weaving it
So I've decided to stop platting and just wash and wear for atleast 6 months treating my edges every day.
The doctor never followed up since the treatment (accept for me contacting him I think a week after the transplant) I made contact with him yesterday to discuss the little pimples where he did the transplant( see pictures) other than that so far so good. It was worth my money. Not sure if I would go and do the small patches (see picture) but if I do I will definitely let you guys know if not I will after another 6 months update.
Honestly not having hair dented my self esteem. I'm normal now. I could NEVER wear my natural hair and now I can????????????????????????

Before and after 1 year picture

Here is a before and after picture

Fue Hair Transplant Follow Up - 1 Year

Yip. It's been 1 year already. 

Would I do it again? Definitely 
Do I have any regrets? Yes... Why didn't I do it sooner

I did the big chop. I am happy I can finally wear my natural hair without any stress. 
It's been 1 year and I'm happy with my hair. There is small bold patches still and the doctor said after 1 year that wil be the final result of the transplant. So it's been 1 year and Maybe I will do the patches but I honestly don't see the need to. 
I'm having a follow up with the doctor in the next few weeks just to discuss the little pimples (see picture) which is bugging me as its been here since the transplant. It's not itchy or painful or disturbing me in anyway but people can notice it as I had a few people asking me about it which is a bit disturbing to me.
It would have been great for the doctor to follow up at 6 months and a year- but I'm sure he knew I was okay.
So this is the journey of my before during and after. If I go and do the patches I will definitely post again if not this will be it from me....

I guess it wasn't worth it

Hi guys
At my last update I'm sure you noticed that I was confused cause I wasn't sure if I was happy or not... well this is how I feel now. I decided to cut my hair (yes again) and honestly... I'm not happy. One does not want to do a hair transplant and still have insecurities about your hairline.

I mean after flying out to Cape Town and a year later this is what my hairline looks like.

I never used any chemicals since my hair transplant. The previous post looks better cause the hairline is longer and it covers up the bold patches (on my previous post)

So this means the bold patches will never be full unless if I do another transplant???? Which I don't have the time or money for. So basically... I wasted my money!

The struggle continue

Dr Gershowitz put me on minoxidil till June and if the hair isn't 100% yet we will do another procedure. I've stopped using the minoxidil in March cause it started burning my scalp and leaving it oozing with a wetish liquid. So right now I apply JBCO in the evenings
This is the latest progress. I'm still not happy with how things are but it's more controllable for me now that my hair is a little longer! My problem is that when my hair is shorter you can see that I have a hairline problem

2nd operation to follow 22/8/2017

So... Dr Larry is doing a follow up procedure for me on the 22/8 free of charge
This is what my hair currently look like... I decided to cut it like this so the doctor don't cut it himself like the last time????hopefully I will have a full head this time

2nd operation

Hi guys so I went and did the second operation today. I'm a bit concerned cause I told the doctor that the side he put more crafts in is the side that has always been more fuller even before the 1st transplant. But yes I did it so let's see how what will happen. The attached picture is to show where I have a concern cause I feel the doctor should have put more hair there as there is still a bald spot there
I sent him an email so yah!
Dr Larry Gershowitz

From the staff to the doctor, everyone is very friendly. I felt at home from the moment I met the Dr for consultation.I pray that the results will be to my expectation cause I would hate to change my view of this place.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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