Revision Rhino, Septoplasty, and Scar Tissue. Dearborn, MI

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I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty a year ago...

I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty a year ago and the procedure left me with scar tissue on the inside of my right nostrils. Furthermore, my nose is now asymmetrical and the physician didn't shape my nose as expected. I decided to consult Dr. Carron for a revision. Dr. Carron took the time to listen to my expectations and answered any questions I had in regards to the procedure. Dr. Carron is empathetic and caring. After my consultation I decided to do my procedure on December 1, 2015. I will keep everyone updated on the results and I am praying everything will turn out perfectly.

Before photos

Pictures of my before.

Before pictures

Before pictures!!

Up close pictures

Up close pictures of my nose. 10 more days until surgery. I am a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

Surgery day

I'm prepped...getting ready to talk to Dr. Carron before going into surgery. Nervous about the outcome but I am sure I will be in good hands. The nurses here at oakwood surgical center in dearborn are wonderful. Wish me luck!!!

Day after surgery

I went out of surgery yesterday feeling sleepy and tired. I have not had any pain nor have I needed to take any pain meds. I am currently on antibiotics. In addition, I have to squeeze bacitracin in each nostril and change the gauze under my nose few times during an hour. I also have to place a gauze over my forehead and eyes that has been submerged in ice cold water to prevent swelling. Furthermore, I am using a humidifier to prevent my nose from drying out. Lip balm and lots of water is a must as you will be breathing through the mouth the whole time which tends to dry your mouth and lips. I also slept on a comfortable recliner and wore a neck pillow. Today I am a little bruised around the eyes but other than that everything seems to be fine so far. Dr. Carron and his staff yesterday were very helpful and informative. I am praying everything will go well the next few days. I will keep everyone posted of my progresss.

Surgery Day pix

Meant to post this yesterday!

2nd day post operation

I have a slight headache today. More swollen around the eyes, and loose bowel, and stomach ache. The nose bleed has decreased; however, I am feeling mild pain around the nostrils. I might take my pain medication today.

Third day post-op update

I had Light nasal bleeding today. I'm slowly healing but I'm seeing progress with the healing process. I hope I will breathe better than ever after I heal. I look forward to being much more active next year. Four more day until I follow up with Dr. Carron!!!

One hour away from taking my cast off

Today is the day I follow up with Dr. Carron and hopefully take my nasal cast off. I am a little nervous and excited at the same time...I will post few pictures later so you guys can see the results.

The cast is off

Dr. Carron gently took my cast off and he was just as excited as I was to see the results. He took the cast and all he could say was wow! He handed me the mirror and I was in disbelief at what I was seeing. It looked swollen yet so perfect and elegant. Exactly what I was hoping for. I hugged him and said Thank-you, you're a miracle worker you're amazing. I'm just blown away at how perfect it looks. I will see him next week to see how things are healing. I will update you guys on my breathing after my nasal tissue heals. So far I am so pleased with how my nose looks and I am grateful and blessed to have found Dr. Carron. He is going to be my go to doctor if I ever need any facial surgeries in the future. Love this doctor! He's incredible!

Before and after photos

"You will breathe like a champion," Dr. CARRON said

I went into Dr. Carton's office on Tuesday December 15, thinking it was a follow up appointment. How is your breathing? Dr. Carron questioned. I told him I could already breathe better than before. He smiled and said, "wait few more minutes, you will be breathing like a champion." My eyes widened and my smile stretched ear to ear and I said, "are you for real?" He then inserts a suctioning tip in each nostril. Takes out his forceps and inserts it in one nasal. At this point I am thinking on, he's probably going to cut few sutures, but then I see him pulling something out of my nose. "Are you kidding me?!" I exclaimed. He smiles and then he moves to the other nostril and removes the other nasal splint. At this point I can feel oxygen beginning to saturate my body at high levels. I felt a load came off my nose. He then suctions each nostril and then takes his suture scissors and cuts few sutures while leaving others to be taken out at a later time. "Take in a deep breath in for me and then exhale" He said. I did as he asked I took in a deep, quiet breath in and exhaled. I was in shock, I didn't know what to say. I was at loss for words. For the first time in over 20 years I have not inhaled air in a smooth, quiet rhythm. I no longer heard any wheezing in my breathing, now my breathing is smooth and pleasent to the ear not to mention now I was getting more oxygen than ever before. I think my body was in high oxygen mode when I took in few breaths in and out. I humorously said, "I can't wait to start working out to give this nose a test run." He quickly said, "don't even think about it for at least another two weeks." I smiled and nodded in agreement. I profusely thanked him and told him that I am forever grateful for giving me a beautiful functional nose. He said wait until we fix your facial scars u will look like a european model...I think I forgot to mention that I paid for a package deal that included rhinoplasty and sciton proactional continue on, I asked Dr. Carron when I can start my profractional treatment and he said as soon as early January. I will write another review on the profractional laser so stay tuned. To conclude, thus far I am pleased with how my nose looks and the way it functions! I feel extremely blessed to have found the best. I can't emphasise enough how grateful i am for all the hard work Dr.Carron has put into fixing my nose inside out. I am truly blessed with the best ENT and facial plastic surgeon.

5 month follow up

Hi guys!
I am sorry I haven't been updating as promised. I have been extremely busy with school! I will try my best to update this review as much as possible!

Today I had my fifth month follow up appointment with Dr. Carron. As usual he took great care of me and listened to my concerns and resolved any concerns I had. As of right now I am thrilled with how my nose is progressing. I could not be any happier! Dr. Carron saved my health and enhanced my looks dramatically! I am forever grateful! I will be posting pictures next month for you guys to asses how it looks at 6months!

Seven Months Photo Updates

Seven Months Photo Updates
Detroit Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carron is kind, caring, empathetic, good listener, and answered any question I had.

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