Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift - Mexico

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Hello everybody! I am a 26yr old mother of two...

Hello everybody! I am a 26yr old mother of two ready to get my sexy back! I am in need of a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and lipo to my upper back. After much reaserach I've decided to go with no one other than the hour glass guru Dr. Campos! I am currently 5'3" 160.lbs. I'll be staying at Beauty Care for a week! Wish me well ya'll!

Recovery home recommendations?

Help! My surgery is in 7 days, please help me decide which recovery home to stay in?! I'd like them to have medication available to me if I'd need to buy some?! Thanks

Packed ready to go....

Things in my suitcase

Passport and ID,
Arnica for brusing,
Stool softners and Laxatives,
Compression socks,
robe and slippers
Scar strips
Tooth paste tooth brush
Razor and deodorant
gauze female urinal

On my way to Mexico

Driving through San Diego my surgery is tomorrow. I'm a whole bunch of mixed emotions right now. I'm excited to finally have a butt I've been wanting for years but scared about the pain I'm about to be in.
Wish me luck everyone I'll be up dating as soon as I can.

In Mexico

Drove to Mexico today, I went over to campos office today! I met Angie she is really nice but very busy (: I had a hard time finding beautycare and campos office my GPS on my phone wasn't working. So I suggest everyone that comes here to print out all directions on paper before coming here. My taxi guy was also clueless as to where I needed to go. Anyway I finally found beautycare I met a few people there the cook and the owner of the home, and the driver! They were all very very nice! I'll be in good hands. So excited and nervous about tomorrow. Pray for me everyone! Xoxoxo

Mexico pictures

Here's some photos

Recovering at beauty care

Everyone here is really nice, I spent the night at campos office yesterday since I got a tummy tuck! This morning getting out of bed for the first time was awful I felt like I was gonna die. But I'm feeling much better now here at beautycare they take good care of me. I'm loving my results so far! Hope my butt doesn't go down.

Day 6 in Mexico

Everyday is better today I was finally able to shower on my own, but I do get tired and exhausted. My back hurts from having to be slouched over like an old lady. Yesterday I went out shopping with my caretaker Maria from beauty care! She and Ellie are my favorite they are so sweet and kind they treat me like a baby lol. They helped me shower use the restroom and everything I needed. I'm going to give them a good tip when I go home. Can't wait to see my babies and my fiancé back at home. I leave in two days so far I'm very happy with my body the pain in the begging was hard but I'd do it all over again if I had to. It's worth it, my belly is finally flat my waist is tiny and my booty is still pretty hard and swollen so I'll have to give it a few months till I can tell how it's gonna look! But so far I'm extremely happy with everything Mexico is great and totally not what I expected.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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