Getting Divorced.... Kids Grown.... I Think It's Time for this 43 Year Old to Start a New Chapter - VSG- Mexico

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I started gaining weight around 12-13 and have...

I started gaining weight around 12-13 and have been struggling with it ever since. I would lose some with the help of diet medication (phentermine) but would quickly gain it back. I am the most happiest and confident when I am at a decent weight. I have not pen pointed the reason for my weight gain throughout my life but, I can tell you that I do remember being called ugly names by family members especially my father. That is a hard thing for a girl to hear from her family and especially her father. To be honest with you i believe that I have made bad choices in my life as far as Love relationships go due to my weight. Well, here i am 43 years old, originally from Colorado...moved to NC after marrying a man that definitely fed into my low self esteem issues and now 4 years later have decided to divorce his SORRY A@#!, my baby (18 years old) is graduating next month 5/16 YAY! and now I going to make this my time. Its never to late to reignite that inner flame. I am all about supporting you ladies and gentlemen on your quest for freedom, Shedding that extra baggage which will allow you to embrace your true self is FREEDOM. My current weigh is 215 lbs 5'4 inches. I have been working out and changing my eating habits prior to surgery this last month but before that I weighted 224lbs my goal 140-150. Excited and scared at the same time but I am ready..I am strong...I can do this.

28 more days!

I don't get why people are trying to talk me out of having this surgery....I mean when you are overweight they steady tell you that you need to lose and when you are finally going to do something about it...they are completely against it. I really think they think you are going to change for the better and they will have none else to talk about.


Someone recently posted on a fellow sleeves page " do your research, don't go with Dr. Almanza" then referenced her and I to go on YOUTUBE to see his reviews. Now, to set the record straight..I am not having surgery by Dr. Almanza but I am going with someone who works in the same facility with him..he is also a Dr. sponsored by Weightlossagents whom set up my happy for VSG. To be honest after I read this I literally FREAKED OUT! I stalked the YOUTUBE page for about 4 hours looking at the News Flash about DR. Almanza and his botched surgeries a year ago and then I would go look at a couple of patients of his who were very happy with his work. After obsessing for 24 hours I finally called the agents and requested further proof of Dr. Hernandez is a reputable VSG surgeon. I mean I got to he point where I accussed them of trying to kill me WOW..all this from one comment about a surgeon I wasn't even using. Well, to make a long story the(agents ) besides thinking I was crazy sent me several referrals from patients that used this Dr. I have finally come to the conclusion that VSG is a risk and sometimes we don't get the whole story behind botched surgeries. I am going to push forward and just pray that I make is safely home and I come home without a scratch (besides my little incisions) Millions of people have had the surgery in Mexico and there will be more. My Primary DR. told me it is a 15 min procedure and most DR. can perform this with little training..scary right. I will keep you updated my new friends.

Getting Back In the Swing Of Things

Hello my fellow sleevers and researchers! IMMMM BBBAACCKKK, let me tell you first off thank you so much for your support on this journey. Most people thought i was crazy for going to Mexico alone to have such an invasive procedure. Thanks to this site I met 2 ladies on here and we ended up meeting in TJ. I felt safe knowing someone had my back just in case. Well let me tell you my truth...we were picked up in a van at the airport and there were several americans waiting to cross over. FYI please make sure that you have some cash on you, not much but just so that you can purchase things if you need too or to tip the nurses. In my opinion they try and take advantage of americans and there money. They try and up price on everything so know that the paso is 1$ to every paso. Anyways, I had surgery the same day I arrived...after doing my X-ray which you will do onsite, I was asked to go in the room with the financial person HUGO. He took my money and I asked him repeatedly to give me a locker for my things..bags and purse. Well, to make a long story short she kept saying " all your things will be locked up" that didn't happen. 60$ missing and that is all the cash I brought and my bags still sitting in the same place he initially took them before I went in. The place I had surgery is called HMN and my surgeon was suppose to be DR. Hernandez. I asked to meet him before surgery but who came walking in was Dr. Almanza. I was like WHAT THE HELL! but i just smiled and took a picture with him at his request. After asking the nurses several time when I was going to meet my Dr. they would say "he is coming to meet you" well, that time never came until the day after surgery and I was already in the hotel. I am so happy that I made it out of surgery without difficulties at this point. I guess it really is a chance that you take when you go outside the country. All and all I have no had to be done. My starting weight before 3 day prep was 218 lbs/surgery date 215 lbs and 5 day post op 206 lbs. I am in no pain and have not had pain really since my procedure. The incisions look good and I will follow up with my Dr. next week. FYI they do give you a leak test to make sure you are not having any leakage before leaving the following day but my advise is to have your Dr. recheck that upon arriving home ASAP. I mean what would they really do if you did have a leak? and at what price? Glad to be home..liquid diet for 2 weeks here I come. Damn I want a Dorito!

3.5 Months down and feeling great.

DR. Hernandez HMN

Gastric Sleeve

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