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Hoping to get rid of my extra extra sling on my...

Hoping to get rid of my extra extra sling on my belly and sides, need boobs and lipo on thighs. I cannot afford to pay for mm in USA so have opted to schedule my procedure with a TJ ps. Excited with mixed emotions. Stopped working recently so I will have plenty of time to recover at home. Hubby has a season job and will be off work for 3 months, great babysitter for my 7,9 and toddler. I have PCOS which means my hormones are always crazy and means I gain weight where guys do, back and arms. Can't loose eight in those areas????. Hoping to get breast currently an A36. Going for a Brest lift and BA D 36. Unsure about silicone or saline. Leaning towards silicone. Happy I have the hubbies support, after all he will enjoy the aftermath lol.. My husband and I have been married almost 12 years so he met me when I had no tummy. With my first pregnancy I developed 2 ten cent. Cysts in each ovary, ouch !! This cause my stomache to stretch like I had twins:( I am hoping my pa rids me if all my tummy filled scars, lipid my back arms and back. My consult for my surgery is the day before surgery . So far all feedback with my pa has been online. Best wishes to everyone

Al little less than 2.5 weeks until surgery

Scared and excited. I am going to have my surgery done by dr Castillo in Tijuana soon. I have been stalking many Rsers and writing down how to prepare for surgery. Ive been taking multivitamins with iron. Next week I'll stop the multivitamins because they contain vitamin E and have learned it's not good for surgery. Also, I've learned from other ladies online that i should start taking the arnica and bromelin 2 days before surgery, but I'll start 3 days before just in case. I still need to buy some slippers and should probably start backing my things..So I'll be having a bbl, TT, ba, Lipoto back and flanks. I hope to go light on the bl, don't want to have a huge booty. My booty looks okay but it could use a little volume after loosing some weight. My consult with the ps is coming up to. Currently a 34b and hope to be a 34D. My pant size is 14 with skin hanging out:(.. Before I had kids I gained weight on my thighs and upper back. Now I gain weight there and on my torso. Hoping for a sexy silhouette.

Pics reminding me why I really want sx

4 days post op of my sx/trip

Just an update. Today is Tuesday and I had sx Friday. I'm exhausted from the 8 Hours drive home. I had sx in Tijuanas hospital CER, too clean as if I had jumped into ocd mode and left everything brand new and spotless( what a hospital)You can google the hospital, it's nicer in person.i had an overall good experience. I'm too sore to take pictures now. I love my results. I have a nice waist that is super swollen and a good sized belly button. In the end I had a Benelli lift and ba with silicon subglandular 325cc implants
, lipo on flank, back and back arms. My boobs are perky and the snoopy effect is gone whoop whoop!!! I was expecting frankenboobies but I already like them as is. I have hormones issues and my skin Is not the best, so he took most of my stretched mark skin on my breast off. I have new boobies with pretty skin:) I specifically requested lipo on my inner thighs only, I like the shape of my outer thighs. I also got a bbl, I did not want the kardashian look,just a nice curvy and simple booty. I've been wearing cg. Initially my cg was tight but now is looser. I got a drainless tt so no mess tubes etc. My dr was great and so were his staff. Ladies I recommend staying 2 weeks in Mexico if traveling from another country. I slept through the whole trip back home,it was painful and I didn't see results until I arrived home today. On another note, I traveled to Tijuana loaded. I took my 3 small kids and my husband of almost 12 years. I had no babysitter.My husband was the best. He was cleaning me after using the restroom, anything I needed,you name it and he was there for me He kept looking at my boobs, I thought I had gone too small but says they are too big. I think he's right because I was waking up between naps after arriving to refill for gasoline and saw stares, new territory for me lol. Honestly I could not hear how much skin or fat was removed , I would have fainted....I was nervous and scared but I made sure my dr was certified ... By the way the lipo on my flanks is the worst pain of all, nothing else I did compares but all was well worth it..

One day before surgery

Here you can see I had stretch marks above my belly button:(. I have scoliosis but the anesthesiologist was successful on the first try:)

5 week post up update

I have been cranky healing and not updated. so I did nothing much for the first 4 weeks but rested with my feet up. I am very swollen. I have not enjoyed removing my CG because I have felt I might ruin my results . The only thing I am dealing with is sutures coming out of my belly button, I clean the area with ear swaps soaked with saline water which appear to dissolve the sutures. Every other day more and more pieces of sutures come out of the same site, no infection though. As soon as I removed the surgical tape from my tt and and breast,at 3 weeks, I encountered scabs that I removed 3 days later because otherwise my skin was not healing. The only thing I have been doing so far for my incision lines is apply neosporin. On another note, I looked through my closet yesterday and found a dress I had bought 4 years ago many dress sizes too small as motivation for weight lose. I tried it on and I fit in the size 7 dress! My husband has been my much needed support. My husband surprised my over the weekend and bought my XS (extra Small) t shirts from target. I laughed at at the sight of the shirts (it looked so tiny), I was wearing size 10-12 large shirts prior to surgery . To my surprise they fit!! He told me he knew I'd fit into the shirts, my ribs were showing, wowzers. I wish all my stretchmarks had left too, but am still pleased my results. Yesterday was 4 the of July and I ate like a hybernating bear. I had to go back to taking Dulcolax, the only meds that helped me poop:(... I took a picture while waiting to go #2 and got restless. For support I have been wearing a CG and a binder, it just feels better. I hope to provide an update after I do little more healing and I return to the gym. My ps suggested I begin the silicon strips at 2 months.

5 weeks post op

I forgot to mention the my breast.

Last stitch from my belly button has dissolved

Today I am Six weeks post op. I thought I would be ready to hit the gym today but am thinking I will return at 7 or 8 weeks to be on the safe side. Instead I walked around the mall. I've had dissolvable sutures poking there heads out of my belly button since week 3. I've been using a ear swap damped in neosporin to clean around these sutures, the last one came away today. So relieved. I have had no issues with my ba and lift and today I felt they are getting soft. I've avoided massaging my breast because my ps did not instruct me to do so. I had a bbl but slept on it since day one, against my ps instructions because I could not deal with the pain from my tt incision. I have lost 10 pounds since surgery and usually loose all fat from my butt when I'm thin. Albeit, I still have some meat on my butt which is an indicator that some of my bbl fat transfer remained. Every day I've been taking a nap since my post op surgery. I drove my husband crazy the first 4 weeks because I wanted instant results. I did not enjoy the swelling from my flanks after lipo, it hurts. I have been taking long naps every day and I think that has helped me feel better. I plan to return to the gym next week. I don't know if I should leave my compression garment on? If anyone went through this is like to know how they went to the gym, cg on?

7 week update

So yesterday I returned to the gym. I had a lot of anxiety. I did not know if my body would ache after a workout. I went to the gym with my cg on and used the eleptical at the lowest speed for 1 hour. I was not achy and I actually had the best night sleep since surgery. This week my the swelling above my left hip incision went down a lot. My right hip is falling behind on the swelling, it's still swollen. I really don't like that my liposuction from my flanks on my right side stings if I sit leaning on my couch. I know it can take months but ouch....My bbl did not stay but swelling in my flanks has reduced substantially which makes my booty look nicer. I guess I'm okay with the results. I'll start the scar treatment on all incisions the 27th this month. I just started to sleep on my sides last night. It was very uncomfortable, my boobs felt achy. Today my boobs look different and I think it's from how I slept. I have more cleavage. I feel that they moved to the center. I hope to go to the gym later tonight if I feel up to it. Hope everyone is healing nicely:)
Rodolfo Castillo

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