25 Years Old (Height 5'2 & 180 Lbs) - Mexico, MX

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I have made my decision of going on with this...

I have made my decision of going on with this procedure (Gastric Sleeve Surgery)! I am doing this so that I can get to my goal weight of 125 lbs. but I want my main focus to my health. I have decided on this procedure because suffer from high cholesterol, rapid heart beat, weakness, tired all the time, sleepy in an array of other things. Most of my family members are diabetic and I am steps from going into the same road. I want to be healthy and be more conscious about what I eat and how much I eat and this will definitely assist me in ensuring that I follow through with that. I also do want to become a mom and during my pregnancy I want to be as healthy as possible. I understand that pregnancy is not a good idea after this surgery and that I would have to wait about 15-18 months to get pregnant in order to make sure that my baby gets all the needed nutrients and vitamins that it needs. With this said I believe that the only approval I need is my own and with the support of my girlfriend I am sure I will be just fine.

37 more days!

I have 37 more days to go and I am about to have a heart attack!!! I went to do some lab work on Saturday Morning and received my lipid panel results today from Kaiser. It turns out that I am still anemic... which is awful news because as we ALL should know you can not walk into a surgery with anemia!!! So I have been battling with anemia since October 2015 and in November I fainted in front of my college class mates. I was taken to the hospital and it turns out that I was severely anemic and needed 3 units of blood and did receive the blood transfusion. My blood count was under 4 which was really bad and it is no wonder (the doctor said) your heart rate was up, the awful headaches, dehydrated, dizziness and the obvious fainting. I stayed at the hospital for two days as they also found a small cyst in one of my ovaries but they are hoping medications will help get rid of it. Anyways, every since November I have been taking iron, B12, vitamin C, folic acid and birth control to help my period be more consistent... and here I am findinding out I continue to be anemic? For the love of God...!!! However, they did say it is much better than it was. I only hope that when the time comes I am good to go! I might just take more Iron pills to see if that helps.

10 days post op

Good Morning Everyone!
So I had my sleeve done! I had my sx done on June 15th @ 7:00 am in Tijuana Mexico at the Jerusalem Hospital. I am 10 days post op and can say that I am just starting to see the light. This is NO WALK IN THE PARK" and should not be done without being mentally prepared with the believe that no matter how hard it gets you will get through this.
I will speak of my experience here and share what I have felt and lived so far. As i mentioned my sx was on the 15th. I arrived the night before and stayed at the hospital. In the morning before sx I saw the cardiologist and did the blood test to check for anemia and saw a psychologist. My experience was great except for when my surgeon showed up to introduce himself and it was not Jaime Ponce De Leon!!! It was a completely different surgeon whom I had not heard about and whom looked rather young yet was respectful and very articulate and professional. I obviously freaked out on him and said "I am so sorry but I had confirmed my appointment was with Jaime Ponce De Leon and I have done my research on him for months and now you show up and I am so very confused! He went on to apologize for the inconvenience and said he would bring Betancourt for me to speak with about my current concerns. Sure enough Betancourt came and explained that Dr. Jaime Ponde De Leon called and canceled and that he rescheduled me with this surgeon who was just as professional and experienced. He said I had nothing to worry about and he even offerred to record my whole procedure. Surely, that made me feel a lot better yet I was still in a moment of "Oh shit this is not happening to me". I agreed to be operated on by this young surgeon who I later learned works very closely with Ponce De Leon and I believe was his apprentice. Sx went well and the openings or scars are very well done and healing well too I was very pleased with his work.
Now I dont remember walking to my room but they said I did and that I kept asking for my girlfriend again and again... lol... well.... as soon as I woke up I remember feeling terrible gas pains that went to my shoulders and they were awful!!!! I was not hungry and all I wanted was the gas pains to go away. Sure enough in order for that to take place I needed to walk them off! I did, I walked and walked and threw up all over the place too... I was drained with the trowing up which only made my stomach hurt even more badly... I went to bed right after I threw up because I felt I had no energy whatsoever in me. I was not allowed to eat anything for the 2 days, and it was not until the third one that they brought me ice chips and a nectar juice which I could have cared less for. I was not hungry at all or thirsty.
So, when I did however try one of the ice chips and a zip of juice my stomach was screaming bloody murder! I couldn't do it because it hurt but than again... it hurt if I didn't too... and I kept vomiting as well...
I managed to find motivation to eat some ice chips and an bolis and some juice that day because i wanted to leave and due the leak test which we did and it came out fine.
Let me tell you more about that though... it is the most disgusting, most undesirable liquid you can ever, ever, ever drink.... and even worse the clear liquid they give you too right after the purple dye before you take the x-ray... that is even worse. BUT i managed and took it like a pro and many gagging faces. I passed the leak test and went home the next morning. I was discharged sunday... but I did not want to eat or drink anything once home because It would cause me to vomit and that believe me was the most painful experience I have had... Mind you I had a Tummy Tuck, Brazilian BL and LIpo... well it doesn't compare. With this said I started becoming very very sleepy, weak and tired. I cried every time my girlfriend wouldn't leave me alone until I zipped water, gatorade, juice or something... I would and than shed leave me alone for another 5-10 min. However, becuase I was obviously not consuming anything I became dehydrated and on Tuesday I ended up at the hospital with severe dehydration and was placed on a 24 hr surveillance watch with IV fluids and multivitamin shots in them, nausea medication and pain medication as well along with the antibiotics. It was not a fun experience and as soon as they would inject the nausea meds into the IV I would become the exorcist just throwing up what little I had managed to take in. I was scared to eat... scared to drink... scared to not eat and drink and in general just scared of it all. I was crying as asking myself what I had done? The BIG Question came in! What have I done?


I wouldn't worry so much about this because yes it hurts a bit but for just a quick moment! It is so not something to even worry about when there is so much more to concentrate on. On a good note: Once it is removed it feels like a load has been taken off you, like you can breath better :)

10 days post op

Now back to the BIG QUESTION!!! Yes It has been difficult for me to actually eat and drink anything. But I learned quickly that the hospital route is not one I want to be in consistently or in general at all... so i made the decision to STOP being such a BABY and just do as I am told by my doctors. I said enough is enough you knew this was coming and I set up 15 min alarms throught the whole day, every day and every time it rings I zip at whatever drink I have next to me. It has worked to far and the vomiting has seized and although i still vomit here and there I made sure to take the captain hat from whoever had it and placed it on my head. I can now manage to eat broth, water, gatorade, nectar juice, apple sauce and Jello with no problems. I am trying new things here and there. I tried popsicles and bolis which didn't go well but not its working a bit better. I still have terrible stomach pains but I am under the pain pills and antibiotics. I am currently pending on having my stitches removed tomorrow Saturday :) My staring weight was 180 lbs. and with my pre-op diet and now being 10 post-op I have lost 20 lbs. I currently weight 160 lbs. I am honestly not showing much considering that I wasn't so big to begin with but you can notice a bit on my face from what I have been told. I also do feel more energized and awake more like present which I love. I am starting to think that I did make the right choice but I still have so much more to live and experience since its only been 10 days since. Thank you for reading my story! I will post pictures soon!
Jaime Ponce De Leon

Clinica Jerusalem

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