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Hi! I just turned 20 in August 5'5 about 159...

Hi! I just turned 20 in August 5'5 about 159 pounds and I'm very insecure about my body always have and always will be until I fix what need to be fixed. I'm not doing this for anyone but myself. In my family almost all women are "Thick" while I just have the thick legs BUT NOT THE BUTT! I hate my butt !!!! I've been having this issue since I was 15 I hate my body! My butt is very tiny I have lost weight though because there was a time where I was weighing 200 pounds

This is currently me

I took these pictures a month ago because I was working out but I've stopped for 2 weeks since I started working again and I'm also a full time student



Does anyone know of a good Mexican sergeant ? Who is affordable and had done very well done bbl?

Don't I wish


The more I see these reviews the more I want to be part of this... I really want this procedure done. I want the bbl just what is stopping me is the money and doctor. I want a good doctor.. Just knowing I have an ugly figure brings me down.


How much is it for a full procedure? Girls tell me how much you payed for your procedure? Including flight and hotel and other expensive a you came across. Let me know so I can be aware and save the money. I'm a full time student killing at a full time job who pays $8 hour.

Emails / Phone numbers

Hey girls do y'all happen to have the email or phone number to your doctor?

What's next?

This website is so addicting!!! I'm on here everyday looking at reviews and researching.

Now I'm looking into Dr.afifi from California but it's really expensive. I was going to go with pantoja but I haven't really seen any good reviews :/ can talk help me !!

Send me your result pictures! How do y'all feel now?


I know I've gained at least 6 pounds ): now I have to lose 20 pounds ):

Wish pic

Dr campos

Hmmm. What do y'all think?? He has good work done I'm waiting on Dr Pantoja

Pantoja's Quote

I'm so scared because I don't want to do it and not get the result I want


I'm still here trying to decide if I really want to go with Dr. Pantoja. I haven't really seen plenty of bbl from pantoja. I don't understand why women who have had the surgery done don't post pictures. Ladies help me send me links to see your results, your opinion.

Not sure.

I love dr p assistants they're always emailing me back quick with no hesitation with every question I have. I think I'm sticking to Dr. P

I want curves and a big butt but I don't think Dr. P does this ....

I'm back

Hey, ladies I've been ignoring this site for a while now because I know I won't be getting my bbl any time soon maybe next year 2016 . Right now I'm saving up I'm at $4,000 on the mean time I'm still searching for a doctor I'm very undecided I wanted to go to Tijuana Mexico to Dr. Pantoja office since It's not that far but I haven't seen many good work or pictures. Then I was thinking on going to Dominican Republic with Agustina Hilario Duran she has some good work but it's a bit to far. At this point i do not care how much it cost as long as the surgery is successful and I get the results I want. I was also thinking on getting butt implants and lipo. Still unsure ..
Please leave your comment and thoughts! I love reading what you girls have to say .
Should I gain weight or lose it ??
Right now I'm :
Height 5'6
Weight 163
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