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Great job! I am scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks....

Great job! I am scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks. Scared. 57, BMI 32 wt 170 5'1". No one but my husband knows about the surgery. I feel stupid for putting myself at risk to lose only 40-50 lbs! I have tried for years to loose wt with no results. Has anyone else with low BMI had the surgery and you either are glad you did it or regretted your decision?

3 days until surgery and still on the fence!

still on the fence. Surgery is this Thursday in Mexico! i am really scared and not sure i will go thru with it! I am traveling by myself. i have done the pre-op diet and am on week two of that diet. Lost to 161 then gained back to 164. Years of dieting
never resulted in weight loss past 10- 15 lbs.
The pre-op diet has been liquids, protein shakes and green veggies. i have been able to stick to it fairly easily. i realize that this is close to how i will have to eat for almost a year to get to goal - 110-135.
ugh! Flight is scheduled but still unsure!

Here I go!

On flight! Surgery tomorrow. Not quite sure what I am feeling now.
I think the first hurdle is to get there safely.
I'll check in later!

On my way across the border!

So I get in the transport and the driver says "you're having the surgery? Why?"
Not what I needed to hear as I am already questioning this surgery!

Then he says many people your size come for health reasons

Here we go!

Slept very little last night. The hotel staff was top notch! The hotel is older but nice.
Up this morning and waiting for the shuttle.
Please send prayers and good thoughts my way.


So I did it!
Surgery on 28th. Surgery was easy. After surgery I had a lot of nausea. The nurses were very sympathetic and continued to help with medication until they found one that worked. I slept well that first night. I had no throat pain.
The most important thing to do is walk, walk, walk! The gas from surgery will stay with you for a couple of days. It is uncomfortable but not painful.
Day after surgery I had to remain at hospital because my hotel room wasn't ready. I finally got to my room around 2:00.
Yesterday I had one Popsicle, two cups of ice chips, 2 glasses of water and a little chicken broth. I felt that I did a good job of hydrating!
Today I go back to the hospital for barium swallow to make certain there are no constrictions. I will update again later today after hospital visit

Leaving Mexico today

Well I am ready to be home!!! One of the hardest parts of this process for me was having to stay for the three days after surgery. I had no issues with the surgery, hotel, staff etc, I just want the comfort of my own space.
I am so excited for this new phase in my life.
I have been told not to weigh for the first two weeks due to possible weight gain from the surgery but I don't think I'll make that. I plan on weighing tomorrow morning the once a week after. I will post my new weight tomorrow.
As far as suggestions for anyone making this trip - bring plenty of dollar bills for tips (shuttle, room service, porters). Bring things to do to keep your mind occupied. I had books, iPad, and paints. Some programs are telavised in English but mainly news reports and I am tired of hearing about this election!
Again remember to walk, walk, walk. Day 3 post op I feel as if most of the surgical gas has finally dissipated. Day one was lots of burps. Day two burps and farts.
Day three the same.
I did it. I did it alone but not really as there are 3-6 patients daily that come in and out of the hotel.there are plenty of people to swap stories with!
Good luck to fellow sleevers wherever you are in the process!

6 days post-op

Things are going well! No issues with the incision sites or discomfort from the surgery. I am having protein shakes, yogurt, lots of water and a Popsicle every now and then. I am not hungry. The only issue I am having is lots of burping!!!!
I anticipated that until the gas from surgery was gone but it continues.
I am 5'1" , my highest weight was 186. I started pre-op diet at 171-174. When I arrived at occ I weighed 161. I am currently at 158.
I expect the remaining weight ( goal 125-132) of 30 lbs will take 6 months - 1 year to loose. I am thrilled to know that in a year I will be healthier and look better with more energy. 1 year to loose that much weight makes me very happy after 30 years of yo-yo dieting. I really feel like this is an opportunity to change my set point and learn how to eat.
I will post before and after pics when I hit 150.

18 days post op. I think I'm messing up!

I was soooo hungry yesterday! I think I over ate! But no real discomfort!
My food:
1 premier protein shake
1/2 scrambled egg
4 slices of pickled beets (mush)
2 tbsp peanut butter
8 glasses of water

I literally overrate all day!
No weight loss last week!
I have got to get moving because I eat when I am bored. Waiting for that 3 week mark this Thursday.
Any suggestions welcome!


I am now one month out from surgery. I have been stuck at 153-154 since the 2nd week post-op . I lost 6 lbs in the first 2 weeks and then the scale did not move! Well today I did my 4 week weight and I hit 149!!!! I haven't seen that number since college days. 17 lbs to my goal of 132.
I think it will take awhile to loose the rest of that weight but I am starting to see
A change in my relationship with food. For the first two weeks I felt hungry and my mind was focus on food. I was constantly thinking about what I could eat.
I am beginning to think in terms of what my body needs not what will taste good.
I am also learning the changes that have come with the changed anatomy.
When I am almost full (usually 4-5 bites) I will start to burp. This is my signal to stop stomach growls after I eat not when I am hungry. Since I have no appetite my new signal for being hungry is a feeling of weakness. I try to eat something every 3 hrs. I am eating cottage cheese, tuna, lots of soup, well cooked veggies, jello and sugar free Popsicles.
I am also trying foods one at a time to see what I can eat.
Only my husband knows I had surgery. I am just starting to get comments on my weight loss. When asked what I have been doing to loose the weight, I am describing what I eat NOT that I had surgery. This is hard work and the surgery was part of it but the change in eating is what is making the difference!
Highest weight -186
Pre-op loss to - 160
2 weeks - 154
4 weeks - 149

Finally broke my plateau

I remained at the same weight for two weeks! I lost 6.5lbs after surgery in the first two weeks then was stuck for two weeks!
This was really tough and I was thinking I spent a fortune to lose so little!!!! Then after reading many blogs, I realized many people stall early in the process. By the end of the 4th week I had lost another 4.5 lbs!
Dr. Ortiz

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