Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana - Mexico

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Hello all, I have scheduled my gastric sleeve...

Hello all,

I have scheduled my gastric sleeve with Dr. Marcelo Hernandez who works out of the HMN Hospital in Tijuana, MX. I have researched this doctor and he is an experienced surgeon in Gastric Sleeve Surgery. My recovery will be at the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio and I leave Mexico on the 14th. I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time but I'm ready to put this roller coaster behind me. I'm 5'8 and my CW is 269 lbs. About a size 20/22. I have yo yo'd between that weight and 160 lbs where I was a size 9. SMH! This is my highest weight ever and I am so unhappy. I turn 30 next month and I swore I would be in the best shape of my life by 30 and that is NOT the case.So far my experience has been a pleasant one and I'm praying it remains that way. I like the patient portal that makes communication easy and also payment very east. All my documents are uploaded to this portal including my pre-op 3 day diet. On the portal are pictures of the meeting point to ensure I don't get lost. They also have pics of the hospital and hotel. I booked my flight last week to San Diego and that is where a driver will pick me up at 1pm on 10/09 to drive me across the border into Mexico. I am traveling alone which adds to the nerves but this needs to get done. I can't put it off any longer.I originally was thinking of get surgery in DR but why get lipo or things like that and risk the chance of gaining all the weight back and wasting thousands of dollars. Now I know there have been cases where patients gained weight after being sleeved but not as much weight as they lost. I'm sure this is the right option for me. This is the kick start I need to get on the healthy track. I want to try to lose at least 20 lbs before surgery on my own and try to start getting in the gym at least twice a week. I promise to update this blog every step of the way and to be as detailed as possible.

Scar Treatment

So, 41 days until my surgery and I'm looking into different items that I may need for and after surgery and I've been reading different reviews about scar treatment. Although the 5 incisions are less than an inch wide, I would like to reduce the appearance of them as much as possible. I read that bioCorneum is one of the top scar treatment creams but it's like $90 for less than half an ounce. INSANE. I mean i want to recover with minimal scarring but to think that if I simple make a mistake and drop the stupid bottle, there goes $90 and then I have to buy another one. SMH. I'll continue to do my research but so far, the reviews are great. I also need to find a good protein brand, a comfy pillow, loose clothing, gas meds, some lysol and antibacterial wipes (I'm a germaphobe) . I need one of those neck pillows for the plane and the drive from san diego to Mexico. If anyone thinks of anything else I should purchase, please let me know.

Two more weeks!!

Now at the two week mark until my gastric sleeve. Uber nervous and excited. Now to purchase all items needed for surgery.


So I come back from my birthday cruise and lost my DL. Because I lost my license I started carrying my passport. That week my grandmother passed and with all the planning of the funeral I lost my passport and my Birth Certificate. I want to cry. My flight leaves in 7 days!!!!. I'm trying my hardest to replace these items. I'm keeping faith that everything will work out and I will be successfully sleeved in Tijuana on 10/10/16! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Almost time!!!

Six more days until my gastric sleeve. Today I spent all day getting another birth certificate, Driver's License, and passport. All totaling well over $300 smh but i'm not going to dwell on that because I'm excited to start a new healthy lifestyle. God is good and I am a ton of nerves but I know all will be well. For the second half of the day I purchased the items that the Weight Loss Agents recommended.

Gas X Strips (not the pills).
A heating pad: Pack your heating pad where it can be easily accessed after surgery.
An extra long extension cord for your heating pad just in case you need it.
An app of your preference on your phone for when you are on wifi, to freely communicate with your friends and family (and make sure they have the app as well).
Lip balm or chap-stick.
Slippers to wear around the hospital.
Warm socks.
Loose fitting clothing (shorts, t-shirt and comfortable pants).
Rolling luggage to help facilitate "no heavy lifting". Pack light.
Hibiclens: This is a popular skin cleanser to bathe with before surgery and for the first week after. Your local drugstore may have it or something similar, if not, search for a small bottle of it at
Alcohol swabs or lotion: to use to take the adhesive off your skin.
Steri-strips (butterfly stitches) - keep them at home for when your stitches are removed, apply them for a few extra days.
Pill crusher to assist with taking your medicines on your journey home and/or after you get home.
Perhaps a couple of flavors of bouillon cubes in case you might want them for the day you are traveling home and after you get home.

I didn't buy the bouillon cubes because I didn't think I needed it. I need to purchase my laxative and protein shakes for my three day pre op cleanse and after surgery.

Two more days

This is day 2 of the pre op diet and it's not so bad. Getting sleeved on 10/10. Nerves are starting to kick in. I haven't even packed yet. The airline changed my airport so now I have to travel farther and at like 4:30am which sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do. Let's see how the rest of day 2 goes.

I've arrived!!!

Just landed in San Diego and I must say landing and look at the views was amazing. Definitely a gorgeous city. I landed in terminal 2 so I had to walk about 15 min to get to Terminal 1 , Zone F. Weight Loss Agents text to see if I landed and I replied I did and I called them to check in. I was immediately recognized when I called and they asked how was the flight and said that Saul will be there at 12 in a white van to pick me and 6 other clients up. I don't see anyone else but she said she'll send us all texts when Saul arrives. I'm so excite and so nervous. My stomach is in not and I'm starving. I just had a green smoothie and it is not enough. I must find some broth or something.


The room is nice. Upon check in they gave us a care package with jello, juice and water. The restaurant needs an update but they give patients free broth whenever they want. So far so good. In my documents it stated I would be going to the hospital today for blood work but the nurse stated it would be the day of surgery.


So I'm at the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio and I've been requesting a washcloth for like 8 hours and never received it. They only stocked my room with one and my roomie used that one. I was told they had none available and it was in the laundry and when the laundry attendants comes back she will bring me a clean one once it's out the dryer. Now when I wake up in the morning, the morning of my surgery, and ask for that and toilet tissue they respond that we have none. Whatttt?? You don't have basic necessities esepdcially when after the surgery we're not supposed to wash with the same washcloth and you give me all this damn water and broth with no tissue wth!! And now when I go to my surgery they make you check out and take all your belongings because you are put into a different room. This is so inconvenient.

1 day post op

Let me tell you, after the surgery the gas pains were so bad. My stomach didn't feel sore it was just the gas and gagging because you feel nauseous but can't throw up because there's noting in your system. Today I feel much better. Still have a little gas but nothing like yesterday. I'' back at the hotel where the nurses come and check in on me and a different doctor. I'm much more comfortable at the hotel with my 1 roomie. In the recovery room over night I had 2 other roomies. They were nice but between them and their guests and my butt being out when trying to use the bathroom in the hospital gown, it was uncomfortable. I'm going to try to upload a pic of my incisions but I keep getting error messages.


SW 275 lbs. I will weigh my self in two weeks to see how much I lost. Currently they have me drink only cold liquids and chewing on ice. The cold helps move the gas. And walking helps too.


Gas X does NOT work. It didn't work for me or my roomies. I think it made it worse. The heating pad helped with back pain.


Apx 3 wks b4 surgery

Mexico vaca

Leaving in the A.M.

I leave tomorrow morning and I am thrilled. I miss my daughter. My plane leaves San Diego at 12:05pm but they are driving me at 6am because it's a 3 hour delay to cross the border smh. I'm feeling better now. Much better than after surgery. Walking helps the gas and them finally taking out the drain helps a ton. That was a little painful. I'm glad it's out. I get to start my protein on Monday. I must have 60 grams of protein a day and 62 oz of water. I don't know how. I've been sipping on the same little kids apple juice for a day and a half. There's no room for anything. They gave me another care package to leave with filled with wound care. Pain meds and antibiotics. The night nurses at the hotel are nice. Popsicles help move the gas too.

6 days post op

SW 275
CW 271.2

My stitches are irritating the shit out of me. The big incision has a little crust around it but I don't believe its an infection. The doctor said remove the bandage after 5 days to let the wounds breathe but I think I'm going to cover them for a few more days. I take the stitches out in 6 more days. I had a little bit of a headache yesterday so I need to increase my protein headache. No fever and not abnormal redness around the wound. I don't understand how I am expected to consume 60 grams of protein a day and 62oz of water when my tummy is only 4 oz and still healing. I'm bummed that the doctor advised me not to be in the gym for 6 wks. I need to get in there and do some strength training to fight any loose or sagging skin that may develop. My energy levels are up surprisingly. I will start my b12 shots tomorrow. I had to wait a week from surgery and 4 weeks for any oral vitamins. I am so excited. Since i'm menstruating (sorry trying to give you all a reason for slow weight loss) i'm very bloated so that may be the reason I haven't lost as much as normal patients by this time. Shit, some weight loss is better than none so i'm happy and blessed.

1 wk post op

SW 275
CW 268.6

So today I start my protein shakes. They don't taste too bad. I'm taking my chewable multivitamins and iron pills. My stitches still itch but I guess that's part of the healing process.

2 wk po

SW 275
CW 259

Hi all. So far so good. I'm going to take my stitches out today. I can't wait. I'm currently figuring out what my new tummy can handle as far as food and what my signs are that I'm full. I don't get the normal full feeling but I start getting gas in my chest and that's when I know it's time to stop eating. That's usually after 3 or 4 spoons. I'm going good with my protein intake. My shake is 25 grams and Isopure drink has 40 grams. My activia yogurt had 4g and if I eat egg whites that's like 2g so I'm doing good. The 62 oz of water on the other hand is a little difficult seeing as I have to drink it slow. I think I'm doing about 40 oz right now. I'm going to try to do 50 oz today. Work my way up. Other than that everything is good. I get B12 injections once a week, I take my multi vitamins, Biotin 10,000 mg, iron and in two weeks i'll start my calcium citrate. I don't know if I can totally stop the hair loss but let's see if I can minimize it.

Approaching first goal

I'm 257lbs and I'm trying to get down to 250 by Nov 7. That will be a 25 lbs lost. I walk a lot, I'm trying to keep my protein and water intake up. The only foods that stay down are the ones that's approved for week 2. I can't have anything thicker than that. I tried to chew a mushroom and I threw it up. Smh. I don't have a full feeling I just start getting chest pains and that's how I know I've had too much. It happens all the time after about three spoon fulls of soup so I know that's my "full" sign.

Entering week 4

SW 275
CW 257.6
GW 170

So 18 lb loss is not bad. I received my very first "are you losing weight". Lol. Haven't told ppl I had the surgery. I'm trying to stop stepping on the scale every day but it's so addicting. Trying to drink more water but it's hard. Still can't keep small solids down so on soup. Excited for the future. Oh I hope my scared heal better

The dreaded 3 wk stall :(

So it has happened. I have stopped losing pounds. I read about this when I was doing my research on the vgs but I was hoping and praying that I was one of the lucky ones that this didn't happen to. Nope. I'm just praying that it doesn't last 3wks - 5wks like so many others. I'm just gonna try to stick with the small healthy eating, increase my protein and water intake as much as possible. I haven't started the gym but after this week I will and I'll see if that helps. The good thing is I do believe I am losing inches. I've gotten more comments about my weight loss during my stall then when I was losing the lbs. No one noticed when it was just lbs flying off. My clothes are fitting looser so I'm happy about that.

1 Month PO

SW 275
CW 252.8

Thanking God that the stall didn't last too long and I'm hoping I don't get another one. It's so depressing. What I changed was I increased my water and protein intake as much as possible and did more workouts. I feel like I'm eating less than when I got the surgery. I can't keep solids down yet so I'm still on creamy soups and soft noodle soups, hummus, apple sauce, everything soft.

Always in my checkout cart$

These are my quick go to protein boosts and plenty of water. When I was going through my stall I increased my protein intake with these items. Was able to get up to 80grams of protein a day. And I always tried to hit the 62 oz water intake. Powerade helped too. And the water from the protein shakes and isopure counted as well.


Lunchables have 9-12g of protein depending on which one you choose.


So I am 30 lbs down. Woohoo. I get hungrier more now, i don't know what that's about but I still can't eat too much. Just more frequent. Will keep you posted.

Pic Update

SW 275
CW 240

Happy with the amount of weight I've lost so far. Can't wait to hit my next goal of 50 lb loss.

New Jean Size!!

SW 275
CW 235

40 lbs down!! Ok so I went from a size 22 jean to a 16. I'm extremely happy. The holidays are making it hard to move from 235 because of the fatty foods which I know I have to watch. I am trying my hardest. I drink tons of water and walk every where in an attempt to get my cardio in. I have yet to get in the gym. I'm hoping at the top of the new year I will be able to actually get in the gym. I'm excited for the future.

Weight loss chart

I just wanted to share my weight loss chart with you guys to show how it's so unpredictable. I can lose 5 lbs one week, then 3 lbs, the next 1 lb and then back to 5 lbs. This is with my diet remaining he same. I say that to say this, don't get caught up on the numbers. As long as you keep losing. I actually gained in one week then lost the 5lbs too. It's so crazy. I also lost a lot of inches so just keep up with your protein and water intake. And also some cardio.

51lbs down!!!!!

SW: 275 lbs
CW: 224 lbs
Height: 5'7.5

I hit my second milestone and I'm overwhelmed with joy. I have yet to get in the gym but now I will and focus more on weight training. I have 50 more lbs to lose and hoping to lose it by April. SPRING BREAK BABY!!!!

Please let it be water weight!!

So I gained 3.8 lbs. idk wth that's about. I'm eating more but not that much more to have gained that much. I'm hoping because my menstrual starts in a few days that's where the weight gain comes from, some water weight. I'm just gonna leave the scale alone until a week after the last day of my menstrual cycle. My clothes are loose so that's what I'll focus on, the inches.

2 bite K

I literally can only have two or three bites and i'm full. It's a good thing but torture at the same time.

Feeling good

HW 275
SW 275
CW 218.4

Here's my updated stats and pic. Currently shirt size L if it's long sleeves because my arms are still kind of big. M if it's short sleeve or sleeveless. Pants are a sz 16.


Ok ladies and gents. 4 months PO and I had a glass of Riesling. I know I know shame on me at only 4 months. Listen I was scared shitless the whole time drinking it. Thank God so far I'm ok. I did feel hungover the next day. As if I guzzled 5 bottles. That will be my first and last glass in a LONG time.

What a difference

Before Sept 9th, 2016
Now Feb 11th, 2017

Hair loss

Smh I have been losing clumps of hair in the shower during washing for the last couple of weeks. I mean CLUMPS! It makes me want to cry but I guess that's the trade off. Smh


Height: 5'7.5
SW 275 lbs
CW 212.8 lbs
GW 170 lbs (Well I think I will be happy at 180 lbs)
Size 14/16

Gym time!

11 lbs away from onederland. Yayyy!! I really need to start going to the gym to weight train. I need to tone up. I'm so happy. Until I get in the gym I have some weights at home I'm going to start using.


Finally started working out and he scale jumped to 203. Idk if this think is broken but I LIKE IT!!! I should be in onederland by next week at this rate. Let the weight training continue!!

Happy Again :)

The scale has begun to move again. I had to increase exercise. Also started measuring myself. I don't know why it took me so long to do this but hey better late then never.

Stat update

Height: 5'7.5
SW 275 lbs
CW 200.4 lbs
GW 170 lbs (Well I think I will be happy at 180 lbs)
Size 12/14

I still haven't gotten into the gym but I do light exercises at home. I want to start the gym this week. We'll see.


I am officially under 200lbs today and I couldn't be happier. I can't remember the last time I weighed 1-anything. 199.6 I'll take it. Gym time ppl. GYM TIME!!!

Almost there!!!

190 lbs. 10 lbs away from my goal weight. Kicking up the workout regimen!
Dr. Marcelo Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez didn't speak English so you have to rely on his nurse to translate and you know things often get lost in translation. One of the other patients couldn't get questions answered about her diabetes medicine. I only met with him twice. The day of the surgery briefly where he spoke for 15 min and his nurse translated and then took a pic with all his patients. The second time was the next day before release from the hospital. To check the drainage. That was it. The nurses were good and the facility was clean. I arrived at the hospital at 9am and filled out paper work, had blood work done and ekg. I was in the operating room by 10:30am. The wait wasn't long.

Overall rating
Doctor's bedside manner
Answered my questions
After care follow-up
Time spent with me
Phone or email responsiveness
Staff professionalism & courtesy
Payment process
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