Day 13

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Ive lost over 22lbs and counting. I am not loving...

ive lost over 22lbs and counting. I am not loving my! My goal now is to lose another 22 and get my body/booty back! I don't have a date yet but I'm set on 2016 will really be New Year NEW ME. any advice or tips are very welcome....I'm so excited about the need me!!!!!!!!


I know that having this sx I'm gonna need all the support I can get!! RS sisters y'all are a huge support! At 1st my bf said no.. But low and behold he has changed his mind. With that said I can't wait to become one of Pantoja's to lose this 16lbs.HELP!

so sore and it feels GREAT....not!!!

Ugggghhhhh this process of losing weight has me sore but I'm loving it. I refuse to get a tummy tuck! ladies I need help... weight loss tip... Meal ideas... a lil motivation... Something! I love the sisterhood of rs

The man with thee hands!!!

On Tuesday I emailed Nadia at Dr. Pantjoa's office bc I felt uneasy about the fact that I only sent my pictures and was told to lose 20lbs. My sister in law did the same thing but told her weight was fine...mind you she's hella skinny! So we were told to come in on Thursday. Whew I've never been out of the states!!! Here goes nothing...2 mins from home to what we thought was Pantjoa's office...yeah NO it was Campos' place...I still haven't gotten my quote from them and it's been months. Anyway Pantjoa is right next door! Our appointment was at 1030 we got there at 915...we're told to fill out some papers, by question 3 this guy who speaks no English ask if we're ready? Let's do this!!!!! Long story short I'm told to maintain my current weight and my in law HAS to gain 15lbs! I'm still gonna lose 10lbs for me but I'm so glad we went!! Pics don't always work for the results you want! We're done with the consult by 940! Pantjoa made us feel very comfortable. ..he's very professional and funny too! He says our waist will be SNATCHED! My sis' waist will be non existent! Lol I'm glad we went!

Single sleeve VSG

So after all of the ups and doens with dieting I've decided to do a complete lifestyle change. I have fibromyalgia and its getting more difficult to lose the weight. I'm in constant pain and to work out literally has me on bed rest for days!!!!! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. So any suggestions or advice is really welcome. Let the count down begin!!!!!


now my surgery date is a few months away but damn!!!!!!! Ok I made a payment and had to wait a week for the invoice(not tripping). I had to send 8 emails for a response. The coordinator tells me to check my spam (DID THAT DAYS AGO) but she attached another one....WHY did it have the wrong name, address, procedure AND doctor?!?!?! I'm gonna need Ms.Karen to get it together & quickly!! I'm still waiting on the correct invoice too!

Safe to say.......

It is safe to say that there is not turning back now. Im so ready to make this lifestyle change for ME. I am currently suffering from major fibromyalgia, pre diabetes and sjogren's. I am praying that addressing my diet, weight and life style will improve all aspects of my health!!!! 1 month to go and i will be sleeved!!!!!!!!! just waiting on that good ole passport to come in the mail! if anyone has any tips please comment

3 1/2 Weeks to gooooo

Oh the nerves! My sx date is vastly approaching! I start my pre-op diet next Monday. My current weight is 223lbs, I am 5-6. So far my interaction with my coordinator has been very good, no complaints! I've gotten my pre op shakes and post op medical grade protein. I bought gasx strips. I don't know what else to buy... HELP! I will be updating more in depth as the date gets closer. Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome

Date change..SAD FACE

Had to change my date bc of dental work! I have to wait 30 days bc I'll be under light sedation for a dental procedure. If I would have rescheduled I would have had to wait until Dec to get these wisdom teeth out!!!! Ugh no, this pain is killing me! So July 15th it is. Everything is paid for....just counting down the days.

All Clear!!!!

Today was my pre-op appointment. I'm so happy to say that after an ekg, blood work & chest xray my doctor has cleared me for surgery. Yeah I'm so happy. I started my pre-op diet on the 1st..just bc,so far so good. Premier protein actually taste ok! I've downloaded a weight loss tracker app, if seems pretty cool too. I think I've finally gotten over my nervousness also. I'm sooooo ready! No looking back now ????. All I need to do is pack Lol EXTRA LIGHT!

Pre-op diet is easy...

.....but I really want to go to Krispy Kreme before sx! Lol is anyone getting sleeved on 7/15 by Dr. Garcia???? I'm so ready now, no more nervousness I'm just ready. I haven't heard from the driver yet , that's all I'm waiting for. Any suggestions before/during or after so would be great. Oh my stats:


Sooooooo today has gone relatively smooth. Since I stay in San Diego I decided to meet the driver in San Ysidro bc the cross would be quicker with him. We agreed to meet at 3pm, communication was great, he let me know that he'd be late. Crossing was a breeze, 20mins from the border to the Marriott. The driver walked me up to the desk & check in was easy. The hotel is very nice.....did I mention my hunger Lol? I ordered broth, water(even though I had my own) and a Popsicle. The broth is sooooo good, the Popsicle wasn't too bad, just not for me. I had a call from he coordinator with instructions for tomorrow. I have to be in the lobby at 6:45(6:30 for me) which takes me to CER...then we do paperwork/labwork and go from there......tommorow is the big day!!!! I pray everything goes smoothly.

A few pics

Made it!

I'm all sleeved up now. So yesterday we caught the hotel shuttle to CER. When we got there I was immediately taken for blood work and taken to the 4th floor. After a bunch of paperwork I was given a room, which is nice,clean and private.I had about 4 people in and out with more paperwork, then EKG & iv. I was third to get sleeved. Waling up I wasn't in too much pain but I was nauseated, they gave me meds for that. Then I slept a lot. I'll update more when I awake again.


...trying to walk the hall for the first time was a little difficult because of the minor dizziness and nausea so I only did 5 mins. The nurses are very nice. About every 30mins on the first night the check vitals and every hour or so on the second night. I didn't have many gas pains I guess that's bc I burp ALOT. I have no pain today, I'm working on sipping room temp water/red Gatorade and ice. The ice gave me hiccups which hurt a little bit. I did one leak test this morning and have to drink the contrast again in 30mins for the leak test/xray in the morning. Any questions I'll be glad to answer. Oh I brought my own pillow for more so I've been extra comfy

Ups & downs...

The morning started off great, shower, dressing change, xray and drain removal all went well. We were done with that and back at the Marriott by 9:30am.....9:30am the Marriott has no rooms available until after 12 so I go have soup in the cafe area. 12:30/45 no room! I'm irritated and tired of sitting on the couch I just want to rest! So I go demand a room(dramatically) & what do you know it worked. Just suck we had to wait nearly 4 hrs in the lobby. The nurse comes to remove my staples at 10am I'm happy about that. So far I've had no major setbacks only heartburn after water so I switched to Gatorade. Tried a little jello but the way my stomach sounds its too soon for that. I'll just have broth later.

Mental hunger

13 days post opt & I'm still on the full liquid diet. Last night was the first time I actually had hunger pains... I mean my stomach was LOUD! I drank half of a protein shake and going to sleep. I can't wait to have some fish or something with texture on Saturday. My updated weight
Surgery day- 218
Current weight-198......

Dear heart burn

Uuugggggghhhhhhh its the absolute worst!!!!!!!!!!! F*(% feels like my chest is melting at times. Hopefully my PCP can give me something stronger for it. It only happens at night when I drink water....the f*(%?!?!?!?. Other than that I made 2 scrambled eggs today & added protein powder. They were sooooooo good(at least the 2 bites that filled me up) Lol. I think the hardest part is not drinking before or after a meal....I'm sooooo thirsty.


After I got home on the 20th I ordered patches from barimart and vitamins from GMC. 4/5 days later my GNC order came & I still had no information from barimart...after NUMEROUS emails to them( the phone number is wrong online) they sent me an INVALID tracking number. Emailed them AGAIN 2x no response. So I asked Paypal to investigate, they responded to them with a different number. Long story short I searched the number...they didn't ship me ANYTHING until contact from Paypal...I won't ever order from them again!!!! Beware of BARI-MART!

Down side

So I've been feeling the lowest of the low for the past few weeks. I'm almost 7 weeks out & have been down for 3 weeks. When I did my 1 month post op visit I was fine, started soft foods and everything went downhill from there. My body started rejecting everything including water. Fast forward 2 er visits, being taken out of work. No energy and feeling 110years old. I'm just now able to hold some liquids, no solids yet. I'm sooooo tired....oh & the premier shakes I once loved- NO WAY!!!!! I can't swallow them. Also its kinda hard getting in contact with anyone at Garcia's office....calls go unreturned and emails to the "junk file" riiiiiggghhhhhtttt.
Fernando Garcia

Dr. Garcia is very professional and reassuring. His staff is awesome. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering getting ever

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