25 more days before I'll be a mallol doll!!

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Looking to have my second round in December, my...

Looking to have my second round in December, my first round was with yily and I loved my results still do I need additional lipo and of course bbl but honestly I'm more concerned with shape ova butt that's just me But a lil more projection wouldn't hurt. Sisters I'm torn between these two doctor's help me out opinions definitely would be considered pantoja or yily? And why you suggest this doctor...

Looking to have my second round in April (2nd...

Looking to have my second round in April (2nd week)with Yily.Had my first round her love my results still love them I need a bbl and arm lipo which I'm debating on any way I enjoyed myself I went alone and going alone again if you need a buddy holla I'm staying at a hotel my first round I was at the hotel never a recovery house didn't think I needed one I definitely saved a lot of money good day dolls..

Mallol Doll in this bih!!!!!!

Ok hey dolls im back with a desicion it's Mallol!!! I'm loving his work as well as reviews I'm looking to go him the first part of October im taking my daughter with me too my birthday gift to her we a team Mallol dolls I'm so excited for us both I reached out to him via email just waiting to here back with a qoute so I can secure our dates we will be at a hotel.we all we need and have we gone go through pain and heal together watch out now.Im working two fast food jobs for this, just being real no need to front with you dolls but hey at the end of the day I'm happy with my gut decision I will update when date is confirmed good day dolls!!!!

Switched to Yily!!!

Well I finally made up my mind sending deposit tommorw I'm going back to Yily she performed my first sg about 3 years ago the reason why I was looking at other doctors is because I wanted a bigger but idk anyways my shape is still holding after 3 years waist still small 26in I've gained about 10 pounds in 3 years but it's Definately in good areas lol Yily is a great surgeon and I'm trusting her with my life again I love her results demeanor everything she changed my life for the greater good if y'all feel me my confidence on 1000???? So anyway I'm getting lipo and bbl only wishing she could fill in my hips and of course more ass my husband loves to see me in bodysuits lol and I just couldn't chance another doctor going over how Yily has shaped me and then I'm fucked either for the good or bad I won't risk it I'm in love literally with my Yily curves of course it's doctors there that may be better giving you a bigger butt than Yily but one thang for sure by going to Yily is ,I'm coming back home alive and not in a pine box!!! And my shape gonna be even better cause I know for sure 2013 Yily was slanging out some baad bishes and I was lucky to be a 2013 doll not saying anything bad about her work now I'm just saying she laid my foundation down and it only can get better by going back to her anyways I'm going early Dec around the 6 my xmas gift ,New Years gift to myself by working like a dog lol kissing ass,ole hating ass coworkers getting on my last nerve I could just slap the skin off some of them lol just when I'm bout to break I bend back up and think" bish you quiting in November hang in there I got to get to Yily then I'm all smiles in my head" I know at the end of the day I got a plan and goal that got to be met by Dec so I ain't gone let nothing stop me it's whatever bish in my head then I kill them when I go pick up my checks I be dressed for nothing tits out ,waist showing ,no stomach ,and fat ass talk about that at this bullshit j lol! Oh I never went to recovery house I had a room by myself but looking to buddy up!??? I really felt I didn't need a recovery house I took care of myself the day I landed I went to the grocery store bought enough food for week and I survived alone that's it for now dolls any Dec Yily dolls????

30 Days away from being a Yily doll x2!!!!

Well ladies I'm excited anxious hell all them emotions I'm 4 weeks away haven't paid for no sg supplies mainly because I've already been to DR and all those supplies is a waste I didn't use half of the items so I'm packing real light not even bring a suitcase I'm bringing a throw away back pack!! I'm not bringing nothing back home with me but my new booty hands free just a purse around my neck think smart dolls.I originally wanted to try Mallol but all the mixed reviews so I don't know I'm sticking with Yily at least I know I won't be 100 disappointed she does awesome work just need her to get that butt bigger lol other than That nothing new same ole same ole oh I'm having surgery January 31,2017 I'm only staying for 5 days total that's it that's all y'all any Yily dolls January 31 holla?!!!!

Almost my time to be a Yily Doll!!!

Well dolls I have 28 days left I believe I have really been lazy haven't brought anything for this surgery mainly because this is my second time around so it's no rush I found out the first round I didn't need to travel with all that stuff so when I say I'm flying light I'm doing just that I started taking my vitamins today so hopefully blood work all good my main concern is shape and hipsthis round I need hips like now anyway ladies soon as I hit dominican I will update other than that holla dolls anyone going to Yily for sg on Jan 31?? I want to be ready valentines just in case baby take me out lol!!!!

Switching back to mallol!!!!

So after so much consideration and thinking like crazy I've decided to go with my first choice mainly because I want big hips and projection I'm already curvy so I believe mallol can give me the look I'm looking for and I will send him my deposit Tommow I will let you ladies know what's up I guess I can post a few pictures up later today!!!

Pictures As promised!!!

No turning back

Going Down !!!!

Surgery confirmed!!!!

Well it's all real bout to jump off finally received my confirmation date yay I'm excited can't wait to get snatched my waist is already 26in hopefully it will go down to 24 I need to finish buying a few items but I'm ready will let you ladies now how every thing goes I have 2 1/2 weeks see u dolls!!!!

Right Decision

So after going on Mallol ig I feel I have made the right decision he is a very skilled dr his results are comparisons to Cabral so I'm excited to have him as my dr I know I will have banging results I'm 2weeks away dolls I will be totally honest my Po pictures will not be up but for a day then I'm deleting and done with rs but thanks to all who may have followed my journey this time around goodnight dolls!!!!


I got 12 days and a wake up I've read so many reviews about mallol and the infections I'm so confused if I switch Dr I'm paying more money if I stay I'm good I'm just really confused at this time all I can do is go thru with it and pray to the heavens above I get no infections no burns it's at the point I waited to late to make any changes lord just be with me please I will inform you ladies of the update when I get to DR my airline ticket is paid I can't switch that lord help me!!!

His reply


Living is more important than a butt

After long consideration I think I will no longer go to DR I have contacted a dr so it all depends on him now I just figure a butt ain't worth my life I'm definitely not trying to get any infections especially life threatening I have so many years left on earth Nd I'm not risking cutting them short for nothing or nobody when i went to Dominican 3years ago it wasn't that bad but my gut feeling is telling me just to keep it moving i will dispute my deposit 250 ain't worth the possibility of spending thousands for emergency help if needed so I will let you dolls know what the new plan is but I'm still having surgery January 31,2017 wia new Dr goodnight!!!!!

Bbl ready

Hey dolls I've made my last and final decision, I'm going with mallol at first I was on the fence but heck I like his work my body doesn't need to much work so I'm confident I'll be fine I just pray to the heavens above that I don't get infections I'm only staying 7 days so I'm hoping I can get the drains removed the day I go home if I have to pay someone or remove them myself I'm going home on day 7!!! My date is June 26 only a few weeks away honestly I will be putting up a few pictures to let the curious know how my bbl turned out then delete and gone I go so until next month I'll holla back!!!

On my way to mallol

Shit looking real I just received an email with Dr direct number and address to where I will be having my surgery I'm only 25 days away I'm excited I have gotten all supplies so I'm just ready for takeoff I pray that everything goes well as planned I don't have a bbl buddy been there done that I rather ride it out solo I'm not having that much work done so all for now lady's
Dr Mallol

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