Night Before Procedure-septorhinoplasty - Mexico

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So here i am, close to midnight already and i ran...

so here i am, close to midnight already and i ran out of things to keep me entertained, it is to be expected though, to feel like this, the night prior your surgery, i was doing some last minute research just in case i missed anything and i found this amazing forum, blog, whatever you wanna call it, but i mean this realself thing is really complete, i am quite impressed, i love the fact that you can actually tell is a duh real person behind these stories and not just somebody that wants to promote said doctor or whatever, it really makes you feel more relaxed and confident in your decisions and what to expect after the procedure. aaaand i'm rambling, i've decided to tell you guys my story, since everyone in here has been so kind in sharing theirs.

i am 18 years old, i'm from mexico, and i was blessed with a deviated septum and the bone that you can see from the profile of the person... i don't really know if the same term is used in every country but in spanish is called giva, anyways, it is something - i'm not going to lie- that has always bothered me, it's like if i am at some party i'm always wary that they're taking pictures, or if i'm at the movies i always feel self conscious because of the person next to me, it's a long list of negative things that having the nose i have has left me, it isn't even just the physical part, it's the functional too, after my appointment with my doctor i went to get some x-rays and they told me i have something impacted, like, right on the inside of my nose, and that's why i can't breathe properly, it's so frustrating to be laying in your bed, and feel the air going through your nose but not feeling like it's enough and it feels like your choking, that was the reason that actually gave the pair of girly-balls i didn't have before. i mean, if i was getting surgery to fix the inside of my nose and breathe better i may as well fix the other thing that bothers me.

i think it took me around a year, to convince myself to get it done. because i don't know about you guys, but i went through a phase to sort of "accept myself", you know, to imagine my life with the nose i was born with and just be happy with it, and that worked for about two weeks, and then i was done.
i was done being afraid. afraid of all the pre op and post op things, about the actual procedure, about what people would said, and just went to my mom and told her, alright, let's get it done, and let's go now before i change my mind haha. needless to say, the lady was thrilled, i think that even to this day before the surgery she's more excited than i am, kinda weird since she's the one that's paying for it lol.

we waited until i was done with high school, so that we could do it right before college started, and i would feel more comfortable, a whole new classroom, and nobody would even notice. we practically got everything done within a week, blood test, x-rays, everything that is done previous the big day. my doctor is a veteran in this thing, has been in this business for around 30 years, owns some actions of the hospital he's been working in, and the one i'm getting my surgey done, and he's clean in my opinion, he's just this funny guy that likes to mess with you and fool around just so that you feel relaxed around him, and let me tell you it worked well!

even though my mom knew him before hand and she trusted him, i told her that if i didn't like his previous works, or what he wanted to do to me we would search another one. but we didn't really need to. as soon as we got into his office, he started asking me why I was there, and what I wanted to get done, I think he got fairly quickly that I didn’t want a dramatic change, that as far as the way my nose is the only thing I wanted to change was the bump you could see from the side. He started telling me that since I have such a big face a tiny nose would not fit me right, long story short, he went on about half an hour to explain that the job of a plastic surgeon it’s not only to fix the things that you want to get fixed, it is also about how much and in what way you can get it fixed, in a way that you are happy but your face it’s in harmony with every part of it. I think that was the thing that sold me to him, the fact that he wasn’t money hungry or anything, I mean I could’ve just walked right out of his office and never come back and he would have been just fine, because it was my decision and no one pushed me to it. He just wanted me to make things for myself and not for somebody else.

There were only two appointments, and then I was being scheduled in to go through surgery.
In just a few hours I’m getting it done and i keep waiting for the big hit you know, the moment you realize that you are actually getting it done, and then you freak out or cry or whatever and well, I guess that if it’s gonna happen it will once I am in the hospital haha. There are two things I am nervous about, the first one is obviously how’s gonna look afterwards, I mean from the side it can’t get worse than how it is so that doesn’t really bother me, but the doc said thay he would slim down just a little form the sides of my nose, right above my nostrils, and I’m like, but that part doesn’t really bothers me? . I can’t even tell what’s the difference that is gonna make, and that’s what freaks me out, the fact that I don’t know how is going to turn out, but oh well, he already knows that NO ONE is touching my tip. I have no problem at all with it so, as long as the change is minimal, I’m gonna trust him and hope for the best.
I’ll be updating this thing once I come back from the hospital, and I would tell things with more detail, like what happens when you go into the room to get your IV and all of that stuff.

jesus guerrero

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