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HI.....I don't really know where to start this...

HI.....I don't really know where to start this review so will do my best to cover what I feel the most important parts were that happened to me..

I researched for almost a year on finding who I thought would be the best suited for what I wanted to have done..

Every place I looked was Dr. Laura Cardenas,,,QUEEN of the Tummy Tuck..Lipo...FG and BBL..
After reading so many good reviews...how could I go wrong as I found only a few Negative ones..

Guess I didn't read enough....NADA....does she actually do anything else but these procedures...
I mean almost every review I have read was about the same...I have read some that thought she pushed some of these procedures on you...whether you need them or not..

I will be 64 years old in a few months....I have always tried to take care of myself...eat right...exercise...etc...

I am 5ft...9in. tall...have a medium/large frame...usually weigh145-155lbs....but in the year since my surgery have managed to gain a few extra pounds...but don't really see where the difference would make that much in appearance overall..

I have tried to keep the picture separated PRE and POST as best I can for you..but I think you can see good enough to know what I am talking about..

I originally had gotten in touch with Dr.Cardenas by email...she even called me a couple of times..
I was already going to be in Mexico to have another procedure done so I dropped by for my consultation..

She is a very nice lady and I explained what I wished to do....and I was sent a quote for these things in an email later..

As you can tell from the pictures...I did not have much skin that need to be taken off so I didn't wish for a TT at that time....only to have a little skin removed..tightened up and my belly button relocated...and of course a little Lipo to my stomach...sides and back...under my bra rolls and of course to have FG to my BUTT...asked about a Mons lift and bra line lift also..

TIRED...this is going to be LONG...will come back and update...
thank you..

OLDER.....BUTT Definately Not Wiser...TT Queen...Mexico

The first time I had my consultation....she had me take off my cloths of course so that she could see everything I wanted....when I was there the day before my surgery...she didn't do this...or even take any pictures.....

AGAIN...I did not really want a TT or to have to go through all that....she said that she would tighten the muscles and this would make me have a smaller waist..

Just so that you will know.....before the surgery..I was a size 30 in my waist...now after a year..I am 36ins.........I was 37 in my thighs,,,now 42....am I thinking wrong with this??

After a year post op.....shouldn't the swelling have gone down???...if that is what it is??

I first thought I had a seroma one on one side and a hemotoma on the other..but the PS I went to said that I didn't.......he also sent me to have an ultrasound....and I have some kind of mass right under the right side of my tummy..not scar tissue..

After looking and reading most of the other post..they mostly looked so good...so smooth..
I wasn't planning on going to have to have a revision....doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of going to Mexico to start with????

Find a good surgeon....
save some $
have good results...

Now by the time I pay all the expenses (saved from my S.S)......it will have cost me a lot more than if I had just had it done in the states to start with,,,,,but it was my decision to do it in Mexico...

Originally I was suppose to have had a Mons lift...revision to stomach scar and lower body lift ( bra line lift)...lipo to complete back, waist and abs.....this was to run me $8,000..

In the end...I settled for the TT....lipo and FG to my butt and outer thighs..

The girls in the office had a little problem trying to figure out what it would cost me.. I showed them the figures form the first quote and they charged me $7,000...which is a lot more that I have seen on here for the same procedures????..even after my 10% discount it was still $6,300 and I had to remind the doctor several times to please give me back my $500 deposit..

If you have had this procedure with her...the TT you will know the she insist that you walk around with a walker...bent as forward as possible...'
I have severe arthritis and bursitis..fused vertebra in my neck and 3 disintegrated disk in my back...so every time she got onto me for not bending down as far as she wanted...I had to remind her that I already hurt from these things..

Each surgeon has their own method of doing things...

I was happy that Finally the big dimples in my BUTT filled in and I was looking forward so much in wearing tight jeans and dresses without the weird depressions..

After 3 or 4 days...I noticed that the dimples were back?????..
I asked her several times why this had happened...but at the time I was under the sedation...and don't remember..

I already knew that the 30-50% or so of the fat would be reabsorbed ...so I had already considered that....

I have had other successful FG before and they took....I mean this happened within a few days of getting the FG..

I might not be the sharpest tac...but this just wasn't right..made me wonder just what she injected..
same for my thighs.....look at the pictures..they just so UGLY...

Again...some kind of revision for this...if I can ever do it..

My gold has always been that by the time I was 60...I would have had all my surgeries and little procedures done and out of my way so that I could enjoy the rest of my life and have fun instead of 'having to think about revisions.

I noticed that when I was marked for lipo and FG...that she marked me very little...as in comparison to the others that I have seen on here..maybe that that is why I told her that I didn't feel or see that she lipoed all the areas that that she said she would...

I decided not to have the Bra line lift also at this time as I think it would be to much for me..

Doctor Cardenas never said anything as far as I remember about that I shouldn't do a lot of sitting on my butt because of the FG...but then I also had the TT in which I was not suppose to put a lot of wight or stress on also...kind of a Catch 22.. I guess...

I am very glad for those that had good and amazing results..I don't really know why things came out like this for me...

As far as all the girls from the nurses....housekeepers...cooks (who let me get snacks at night)..they are the best and sweetest..and went out of their way to help and make you comfy..

I won't give you my thoughts now on the Recovery House or Ron...unless you want me to later..

You can see from the pictures that I was pretty swelled up for sometime...

I followed the instructions she had given me as best I could...wear the compression garment way past the allotted time..

I am still very sensitive when I look in the mirror and see what I wasted my time and $ on in order
to achieve..

Bra line lift....??

Sorry.......before pics looked like after ones.....actually these are a combination of the two as I tried to address them as labeled.

Look at the large dimples in my butt and thigh area.....the irregularities....looks to me the fat was just injected in lumps and not even smoothed...the last injections lasted 3 days before I was back to what I l looked like before I had them done.....

I just want to find someone that can do a REAL BRA LINE LIFT with lipo...not leave dog ears....large portions of skin left hanging over when I wear a bra...

Looking for a surgeon that can actually do Lioo and sculpture.....

Seems fairly simple to me....I don't know...really would like this taken care of before i get to old for the surgeries....

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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