24 Yr Old , Want TT,BBL,BI - Mexico

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Ok so i have had my consultation with Dr.Gongora,...

Ok so i have had my consultation with Dr.Gongora, he has gave my estimate for a tummy tuck w/ full body lipo, fat transfer to butt , breast lift & breast implants for 14,000. That includes 5 day stay at the facility, post-op garnment,food, 24hr care fr facility staff. Pretty much all but the medicine and transportation. Anyone else plan on going to Gongora this yr?


Well i was a tinsy bit close to scheduling with Gongora , BUT i got referred to two awesome PS from MEXICALI (Mexico) Dr.Lamadrid and Dr.Luque Heras i didnt find many reviews from them here but she showed me friends of hers who got work done and it looks great,my consultation is APRIL 14 2016 Cant wait!

Mommy makeover

Hi girls! Well i just got back from Mexicali BC. I had my consultation with Dr. Gutierrez Lamadrid , first off i HAVE to say his front office staff is very welcoming. Second off i am dying of exitement because i finally made up my mind and chose to go thru with all this. I am scheduled for May,23,2016. Tummy tuck, back lipo, fat transfer to bum & breast enlargment. Im getting all this for just 9 thousand. (Gongora was charging me 14 thousand) so i am stoked! I can not wait, im getting a little nervous, even find myself thinking dumb stuff (death,botched, etc) but i am a stong beleiver of God and i do beleive he will be by my side at all times. Anywho , i wanted to ask all of you who went thru it already what girdle (faja) you recomend also any tips & tricks will be greatly apreciated. I will post pic of my before & after as soon as im closer to surgery date.

So Exited for This!

Hey gals, im trying to get all i need for my post surgery , please help remind any things you recomend or used girdles, gauzes, etc !!!!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!! I have already bought some foam pads , Arnica.... What else do i need? With the fat transfer will i need a donut pillow to sit on? I heard alot pf ladys say they were no help and i dont really want to spend the extra money if i dont need too!

Tunmy tuck, breast augmentation, fat transfer to buttocks

I did it !!!! Im out of surgery and doing great so far im sure its just the morphine that hasnt wore off. Here are some pics i took before and after with gauze but you can already see the difference

2days p-op

Im feeling alot more pained as the days pass but medication works wonders. All this pain is worth it.
Dr. Gutierrez Lamadrid

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