Sleeved with a Low BMI on April 7, 2016 in Tijuana Mexico

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I arrived at airport around 1:00 checked in and...

I arrived at airport around 1:00 checked in and the driver picked me up around 2:30 after I checked in at the check in point. I got to the hospital around 3:30 filled out my paperwork and got called in the back to do my EKG and blood test. Blood test didn't go so well due to they could get the needle in my vain because it was big. My doctor usually uses a butterfly needle and they do not have that in Mexico . So I was told they would try and get from my IV before surgery. After that Administration called me in the back to get the rest of my payment and tell me the good news of I will be having my surgery in the next hours because Dr. Valazquez had meetings in the morning and he didn't want to cut in on my recovery time. I was not ready for this but I agreed. Hey I might as well get it over with plus I have a extra day to recover so yay me!!! He took my payment and I was off to prep for surgery. After I undressed they came in for my blood work. I got poke 5 times. It was horrible. I nearly cry especially since I have a phobia of needles. The nurse I had was so rough. Finally another nurse came in and asked what was going on and I told her she don't know what she doing. So I guess the top nurse came in and got my blood out with one time. I was like where was she at this whole time. Sheesh. By this time I'm shaking and traumatized. so angry. They got my IV together and I was off. i walked to the back with nurse and she noticed I was shaking so she gave me a hug and told me I'll be alright. I laid in the hospital bed and a doctor came in and talked to me about what was going on. I did not see his face or get his name quite right I just know he looked handsome from what I could see. They have some handsome men in Mexico so all I could make out was I was gonna have three leak test then he walked back to room where my surgery will be performed. The nursed walked me to the operating room and I was still shaking. They asked me 10,000 time if I was allergic to any meds. Then they laid me on the surgical table the anastegiologist talked to me and said I looked nervous and I told him I was. He said no worries you will be sleep in no time. He told me what he was giving me then asked where was I from I said Houston, Texas and I was knocked out after. When I awoke the nurse took me to my room. I was like omg I'm alive!!! I'm done!?? She started to laugh and said yes very successful surgery you are fine. She wheeled me to my room and I got in bed. In so much pain. Not surgical pain but GAS PAINS. Omg that is the worst feeling ever. I couldn't sleep I barely could walk. I begged the nurses for something to help me sleep but they would not give me anything so I was up all night in PAIN!! I even started to throw up cause the pain was so bad. The next day the first nurse I ever met came in and check on me. She asked if I was ok I told her no I was in pain so she gave me pain meds and I finally went to sleep for about an hour. After that my cuts got cleaned and I was told how to use meds when I got home. Then it was time for me to get dressed and go to the hotel.

When we got to the hotel I met my roommate Tomeasha!! Such a doll. She helped me so much. I couldn't have had a better roommate. I was nauseated by then. I got to my room took a shower and was told to call nurse so she can change our bandages. After she came I had my ice chips and went to sleep. I needed to catch up on that, and I sure did. After my nap Tomeasha made me walk around. The nurse came in and gave some apple juice, ice water and pop sickles. Omg the Popsicle was so good. Lol. The apple juice was a lil sweet so I added water. Tried getting that down but didn't succeed to much. The nurse came in again and gave us another IV solution in our IV. Antibiotics and some other stuff. She also said we had x-rays in the morning and gave us blue stuff to drink in the morning starting at 7am after she left I was still very exhausted so I went to sleep.

The next morning we got called to the lobby to head over and get x-rays. Nothing was fun about that. The blue water was nasty but the nastiest of them all was the clear stuff you drink was so glad I got that over with. After x-rays we went back to hotel. Took a shower got some more antibiotics and our bandages moved and wounds cleaned. Got our x-rays and I went for some more walks came in and went to sleep. Woke up and still had a lot of gas pains.Dr. Pompa came in later and explained x-rays to us and he told me I had a lot of gas I needed to walk more. He also said we could go to restaurant in hotel and get chicken broth. My stomach look like a pencil. Lol me and the roomy went and walked some more and we got our chicken broth but I could not drink due to being so nauseated. I went back to room and she left to go get gateraid. When she came back I drank some and went to sleep. Well at least tried at this point I was throwing up everything I drank including water. The nurse came back in and pulled our drains out. That was such a nasty feeling ewww! It felt so weird. I don't want to experience that again. It was just nasty feeling. Yuck. So I tried going to sleep after that and I could not I was throwing up clear stuff and brown stuff and burping at the same time. Very horrible.

The next morning Tomesha left so I was there all alone the next day still throwing up watching tv but I got a lil better as the day rolled by. But I still was throwing up. I guess that's how the gas was escaping me. Because I burped and passed gas so much! At the end of the day nurse came back cleaned my cuts and told me to be ready for 6am to cross the border. That pissed me off because my flight was for 2pm I was told to book my flight after 12. When we got to the airport it was 8:15am I had to sit there for 6 hours. Boy was I hot. Well I'm home now and I couldn't be more happier.

About me meeting Dr.Valazquez I don't think I did. If I did he sure don't look like the guy in the picture. Some patience met Alamanza and said he was nice and looked good but not me. All in all I had a successful surgery and I'm happy to be home. I finally got down a cup of Apple juice. Yaaaay.

My stats are
HW: 195
SW: 191
CW: I have not weighed myself yet.

Before and after pics 3 weeks post-op Gastric Sleeve

3 weeks 2 days Post-op Gastric Sleeve

Hello all. I'm officially at my 3 week mark. No change in my weight since week one. I guess I'm at my stall right now. Don't know how to quite break it yet. As for gas it's almost gone. I don't have chest pains like I use to. I'm eating soft food this week, puréed foods, cream of wheat, yogurt, applesauce. I tried crawfish the yesterday day. I chewed it up real good and had no problems. I tried tilapia today and threw up. I had a stuck feeling in my chest. It hurt so I stopped eating. Some days are good and some are bad. I'm not taking protein shakes to good. I hate them!! So I try to take it in through my foods. I take my biotin and other vitamins daily. Energy a little low. My water intake is not that great. I need to drink more!! But otherwise all is good. I will update you next week.

6 weeks post op!

Hello all! Yesterday made 6 weeks for me. Nothing really has changed. I've lost two pounds. I guess I broke the stall a little bit but inches are falling off. My total weight for today is 175. I wish I was in the 160 by now but I'm aware of me having slow weight loss since I was a low BMI patient. I barely can eat. I ate a 2 shrimps and some veg. And was so full. Plus it hurt going down. So annoying.

2 months and 2 weeks post-op

Hello everyone! I'm a little late with my two month update but I been so busy with work it slip my mind!! As of today I'm doing great feeling great. My current weight right now is 171.2!! Yaaaay! I'm almost to the 60's lol! It's still hard to eat. Some days are better than others! I manage to get a work out in. I was so out of shape that's after I did lunges I was walking like a disabled lady! Lawwddd!! That's was a horrible feeling!! I don't regret anything! I'm in love with my choice and can't wait to lose more!!!

4 month update on my sleeve!

Hello everyone!! Wow it's already been 4 months for me. Time sure is flying by! My weight has been up and down it fluctuates from 167-169! So annoying! I haven't really just lost that much. I guess that's how it will be for me since I just need to lose 20 more to get to my goal. I guess I need to be patient. Life's good! My hair is shedding so much!! I washed my hair today and it was just coming out *tear* I'm going to up my biotin a little more! But other than that all is well!!

My 5th Month Update

Hi all!! It's September! I'm officially 5 month post-op gastric sleeve! My weight is still a slow progress! I am now...*DrumRoll*....... 163.. Yaaay!! I passed up 165 finally!! Lol my goal is 145. I still can eat much! I def can't eat and drink! But life is good I'm getting compliments and loving every bit of it! I went out with my cousin about two weekends ago and so many guys hit on me!! Lol it boost my self esteem up that night because at 195 no one even looked my way! So again I do not regret my decision! I'm def loving it!!

Almost 8 months since surgery

Hello all! I am almost 8 months since surgery. I'm doing great! Weight loss is very slow oh emm geaahhhh but it's cool! As of today I am 159, 14 lbs from my goal weight of 145. I'm feeling good looking good. I had my 30th birthday on Nov.10 and had my back all out !! Lol I was wearing a size 14 in pants and XL in shirts now I'm a 10 in pants and medium in shirts I love it I couldn't be more happier!

11 Months Update

Hello all I'm officially 11 months out from my surgery date April 7, 2016 and I must say this has been an awesome journey I am now 153lbs and I can't complain. There are times when I can eat and when I can eat I get so full so fast it's not even funny! When I go out to eat I get so sad because I have this plate of food in front of me and all I can have is two to three bites. Now I just share with my boyfriend. I don't even waste my time! I have became anemic! All I do is eat ice!! It's so good and refreshing especially since I do get acid reflux often!! Uhhhhh that is so annoying. Even though I'm having these side effects I love my choice and I wouldn't change it for the world! I wear a size 8-9 in pants and medium-small in shirts. I'm loving the new me!!

16 months out

Wow!! It's been a while since I been on here! Life's been good! My current weight is 146. I am very happy at this weight! It fluctuates now and then but I don't mind if I stay at 150. My goal weight was 145 so I'm one pound away! So much has happened. At the start of May I found out I was pregnant. What a shocker!! But I also lost the baby on Mothers Day! I had an ectopic pregnancy!! It was sad. I stayed in hospital for a week. I'm fine now! I got the IUD so it don't happen anytime soon again. Acid reflux is at high!! I hate it!! I'm in a size 8 in pants and medium/small in shirts. i barely can eat still. Sometime I just have coffee in the morning and some crackers. Soups are very satisfying. I'm staying away from bread and pasta. I'm not working out. I'm sure if I did I would be skinnier lol but I'm happy where I'm at! Life's good though I wouldn't change my surgery choice I'm very satisfied! Hopefully I keep the weight off.
Dr. Carlos Valazquez

I don't think I met him.

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