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Hello to all my current past and about to be...

Hello to all my current past and about to be sleevers. I have been on this site for a little over 9 months and, just like others I have been stalking everyone page.I have even contacted a few people to ask questions. All of you have given me courage to share my journey. If it wasn't for many of you I probably would still be poncing the thought of getting Sleeved. So THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR JOURNEY.

Where do I began, I have been on an Over Weight roller coaster for many years. I would say since about 8 years old.. I was wearing a 13 Husky...Do any one remember the size "Husky"?? This was a clothing section for the chubby kids.. I think Sears and JC Penny only carried the sizes ..LOL.

I have tried every diet and diet pill that you can think of.. Weight Watcher, Phen-Phen , HCG Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Orlistat, Alli.. You name them I have tried it. and each time they were all quick fixes.. The best/worst one was a Heart Break.. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in a matter of weeks. (I don't recommend a Heart Break) but I guess its a part of life. So after many failed attempts some good and some bad I have finally decided to go for it. No more thinking, no more pondering.

I don't feel anything as of today.. I am not nervous, or scared.. But I think they may come from seeing the scale today.... I am 211lbs, 5'4 and believe me... I am so uncomfortable with this weight.. I also feel like being obese is causing me to be depressed... I am soooo ready to get on with a new healthier me.

Since reading so many stories of negative vibes from friends and family.. I have only told a select few.. I know with my negative Nancy friends I would get discourage so mummmms the word until they notice my weight loss.

FYI--- I am going to Dr. Henandez, Tijuana Mexico, I purchased my flights and scheduled my surgery date for Wednesday, November 9, 2016. (Anyone going to Mexico during this time)?

Also, I have about 4 weeks to go and I am preparing my suitcase a tad early. So far I have
Gas -X
electric blanket
Liquid Multi Vitamin
Liquid B12 Vitamin

Please feel free to recommend any products I may need to bring to Mexico.

I wish all ...many blessing on their journey

3 weeks and counting

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