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Hello to all my current past and about to be...

Hello to all my current past and about to be sleevers. I have been on this site for a little over 9 months and, just like others I have been stalking everyone page.I have even contacted a few people to ask questions. All of you have given me courage to share my journey. If it wasn't for many of you I probably would still be poncing the thought of getting Sleeved. So THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR JOURNEY.

Where do I began, I have been on an Over Weight roller coaster for many years. I would say since about 8 years old.. I was wearing a 13 Husky...Do any one remember the size "Husky"?? This was a clothing section for the chubby kids.. I think Sears and JC Penny only carried the sizes ..LOL.

I have tried every diet and diet pill that you can think of.. Weight Watcher, Phen-Phen , HCG Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Orlistat, Alli.. You name them I have tried it. and each time they were all quick fixes.. The best/worst one was a Heart Break.. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in a matter of weeks. (I don't recommend a Heart Break) but I guess its a part of life. So after many failed attempts some good and some bad I have finally decided to go for it. No more thinking, no more pondering.

I don't feel anything as of today.. I am not nervous, or scared.. But I think they may come from seeing the scale today.... I am 211lbs, 5'4 and believe me... I am so uncomfortable with this weight.. I also feel like being obese is causing me to be depressed... I am soooo ready to get on with a new healthier me.

Since reading so many stories of negative vibes from friends and family.. I have only told a select few.. I know with my negative Nancy friends I would get discourage so mummmms the word until they notice my weight loss.

FYI--- I am going to Dr. Henandez, Tijuana Mexico, I purchased my flights and scheduled my surgery date for Wednesday, November 9, 2016. (Anyone going to Mexico during this time)?

Also, I have about 4 weeks to go and I am preparing my suitcase a tad early. So far I have
Gas -X
electric blanket
Liquid Multi Vitamin
Liquid B12 Vitamin

Please feel free to recommend any products I may need to bring to Mexico.

I wish all ...many blessing on their journey

3 weeks and counting

The Count Down -3 Days and then I will be Sleeved

Hello RS:

Today is my official start date of the pre-opt 3 day liquid diet.. I have tried a trial run of the liquid diet a few weeks ago and almost past out.. So today I rack up on my protein shakes and Bone Broth which has 9 grams of protein (Chicken, Turkey or Beef).

But I have been having all types of food craving.. Please give me some advice that will take away these craving.. LOL

Different brands of Bone Broth

If you are not familiar of how to make bone broth... you can purchase in your local supermarket

Some brands can be a little pricey

Less than 24 hours and i will be a sleever!!!

Hi sleevers and about to be sleevers:

I have arrived in mexico and just did my ekg and blood work...

My procedure is in the morning.. I am still not nervous but very anxious..

We are on our way to hotel and i am beyond starving..

It's offical --- I am SLEEVED

Hello All:

First THANK GOD!!! I am alive.. I was sleeved on Wednesday, November 9th and had a rough 48 hours.. the gas pains were rough.. i wanted to vomit but nothing cam up my dry thick spit. I am feeling muchh better... wifi in mexico sucks !!

I leave sat.. i am sooooo ready to go home...i will do a full update about my experiance by monday..

HW: 215
SW: 213
Height: 5'5

Thank you

Thank you for all your prays and concerns

One week post op

Hello All...
As i mentioned before it was rough few days.. the gas pains were aweful.. the flight back home was soooo long.

Today makes it one week since surgery and i am still struggling just a little..
HW 214
SW. 213
CW 200

I have lost 14lbs in one week.

I am still on broth and having if i drink to fast..
I really do know what a sip consist of.. lol
When will i feel normal?? I was trying to go back to work monday.. but that maynot happen

How am i going to get 64oz down and i cant even do 8oz...sighhhh

We aer 12 weekspost ops

Its been about awghile,,,,,,,,, and todst isdsy krllo to my greafsefbtab,.and i just was toto let myfamuilyh=newm-=
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