33yr Old Going to MX For Sleeve....Scared out of my Mind!! Mexico, MX

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The title says it all!! I was minutes away from...

The title says it all!! I was minutes away from sending over my deposit, to only freak out and think I needed to do more research. At the moment I'm scheduled for March 10th, pending I get my deposit in within the next 24hrs. Let me tell you I am scared, nervous, anxious...I could use a few shots of Tequilia.lol Just anything to calm me down.
So here's a little back story, I'm 33yrs old married and a mother of 2 (6 & 3), my gym time is usually at 3am, with my full day starting at 5am. While I did a great job of working out the beginning of 2015, by October I had gained it all back. That's my usual pattern. Loose about 40lbs by August, put it back on by October. I've gone through about 5yrs of this cycle and it's tiring (not to mention expensive, because I keep throwing clothes away, only to re-buy). My highest weight has been 249lbs, with my lowest weight that I can remember being 188lbs.
My insurance plan does not cover this procedure and of course to get it done in the states, that amount is well above $10k. I had a friend recommend going to Mexico for the procedure, as she has gone multiple times for other things. So my research began and kept going, and kept going, and kept going. At one point I had wrote down the names of doctors and just thought about spinning around and whichever one I landed on, that would be it. I went through reviews, videos and blogs. I had finally made the decision to go through one clinic, to only have to wait 5 days to hear back in regards to getting something on the schedule. Then I decided to go through Briatric Pal Mexico and scheduled with Dr. Altamirano (Dr. A).
I reached out to BA on a Saturday. They called me back in a few hours and have been in touch since then. My patient relations manager is Bill Yanez. His emails and information has always been friendly. So I'm looking forward to moving on with this procedure, with them.

Current stats:
Age 33
Weight 237
Height 5'6"
Health Issues: PCOS & minor Sleep Apnea

New Doctor and Date Scheduled

Well, it's official. I'm on a schedule for March 10th. However, I changed my mind about going with Dr. A, mainly due to a few cosmetic issues that I didn't like with BriatricPal. While I'm sure I could look over those few issues, I just felt like if I was going to do this I wanted to be worry free from all angles. So I decided to up the amount I was willing to pay and went with Dr. Ramos Kelly (which was one of my very first choices months ago).

I can tell you right now, there is a HUGE difference between his practice and the others. My patient coordinator is Heath. The amount of information they send you once you get on the schedule, and before you even pay your deposit, is phenomenal. I'm a risk person by trade, meaning I spend my days reading contracts trying to get down to the bottom line. Without that information, I feel as though I'm not getting the full picture upfront. This is what I was experiencing with the other doctors. Not to say there was anything wrong with it, but it was just a personal preference and needed for myself.

So that's it. March 10th is THE day!! I start my pre-op diet Feb 25th, but I'm going to try to start the first portion of the diet (protein shake for breakfast, with protein and veggies for lunch and dinner) about a week earlier. I am sooooo looking forward to this change and new lifestyle.

Emotional Rollercoaster

My weight has always fluctuated. But due to my height I've always heard, "You carry your weight well". I don't know where these people learned that's a statement that makes everything alright. So at the moment I'm a ball of emotions. I'm happy/excited of the potential. But all at the same time, I'm scared and anxious of what I'm doing to my body.
Thursday will mark my two weeks. But on Tuesday I plan to start my two week diet. I'm extremely nervous about messing this all up.

Weight today: 237

Best Tasting Protein Shake or Powder

There are sooooo many protein shakes and powders. For about the last year, I've been using the Syntha-6 Isolate powder. This is my go to powder, but I think the amount of carbs and sodium is a bit high (7g and 190mg). It taste great though and I've had some down right nasty protein shakes. Hahaha

What are you all taking?

3 days to go!!!

I'm confirmed on everything! Got all my stuff together and will be flying out in Wednesday morning to San Diego. Pre-op diet has been ok, even though I caught a bit of a bug a few days ago and haven't been able to keep a lot of food down until today. The scale hasn't moved much, but I can see changes. But I'm ok with that, considering what the long term goal will be. After tonight it's straight liquids!!!

In Tijuana!!

Today has been super busy. My flight that was supposed to leave at 9am, didn't leave until 1pm, due to bad weather. That really had me second guessing everything. But I made it and was picked up by Dr Ramos Kelly's driver, Jorge. He took us around to the different places to get our bloodwork done and be pre-registered at the clinic, before tomorrow.

We all were finally able to eat (broth, Popsicle and jello), which was pretty good considering I haven't ate since yesterday and it's 7pm when I finally did.

The hotel is gorgeous!!! I just hate I got stuck on the end with a partial view of the pool and the construction. Hopefully when I come back on Sunday, I'll have a better view.

Well, I guess this is it. I'll update after the procedure, sometime tomorrow!

I'm Sleeved!!!

Everything went well on yesterday. Hardly any pain except for this huge gas bubble. We left the hotel around 7am on yesterday morning, headed to Clinica San Juan. There was 4 of us getting the surgery done and I was #3 on the list. Everything went super fast. So I'm doing well and thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes!!!

2 days Post-Op

The gas bubble won't let me be great!! Lol But I feel good, nothing really hurts except for the gas bubbles I get. I tried eating a bowl of broth and couldn't even get down half of it. But that Popsicle, it was gone in a matter of seconds! Haha Tomorrow I'm traveling home and can't wait to be back in my own bed.

Update Update Update Time

Alright, so I'm almost 7 weeks post surgery. From my HW, I am down 34lbs, from my SW only 24lbs. To me that doesn't seem to be a lot, considering that I've seen others loose 30lbs + in the first month. BUT....the amount of inches I have lost is just crazy!!! So it proves, that even though the scale is moving slow, the weight is coming off and is noticeable. I went from a size 18W/20 to a comfortable 14. With the way my thighs are built, that in itself is a miracle to me. lol

I feel good and have no real issues. My scars are healing well, even though I had an allergic reaction to the bandages I used once I made it home.

My only gripe, which is with myself, is the whole slowing down while eating. I haven't quite mastered that and boy the pain that comes with shoving stuff in to fast is horrible. It's like it gets stuck in my esophagus and wont move. So I almost feel like I'm choking. You would think, 7 weeks in I would learn that lesson. But sometimes when I'm eating my favorite food, I forget. But it sure does remind me that I can't do what I use to.

Some picture updates

Dr. Ramos Kelly

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