Scheduled for Butt Implants With Dr Eduardo Gongora !!! Mexico

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Hello ladies I've been on this site for about a...

Hello ladies I've been on this site for about a month now, reading all your post and comments and just trying to find out the most information I can before I embark on this life changing transformation that I'm putting my self in lol

I'm 25 years and I have 3 kids . I had my first daughter at the age of 14 so my body changed soon much . During my pregnancy I gained 45 pounds and my body after pregnancy was a messs lol stretch marks , saggy booty and loose skin. About 31/2 years ago I deciided on plastic surgery because I was really depressed being a 21 year old with a body of a 50 ., literally!! I had a tummy tummy tuck a breast lift with augmentation in my home town for the first year my self esteem changed drastically . I joined the gym hired a personal trainer and transformed my body. I started feeling like a hotttie again lol My self confidence boosted wayyy up and I felt like a young beautiful girl again!!! :) however after all the workouts and hours at the gym doing squats lunges and weights my booty stayed the same Saggggy lol therefore I made the decision to addd Butt implants because I want a permanent result rather than a BBL which is not permanent!! And here's my journey after alll the research I decided to get my surgery done in Rosarito Mexico with Dr Eduardo Gongora. Most people think that we decide to go Mexico for cheaper surgery ,however my decion was based on the drs experience and also the type of implant currently being used out there (cohesive gel)) rather than solid silicone..

I don't want a unnatural feel to my buttocks.. My surgery is scheduled for June 2013 I'm sooooo excited ! I just hope I get the bubble booty ive always wanted :-) i will be posting before and after pictures reall soon . If anyone out there has seen this doctor could you please share your experience with me , message me or comment thanks y'all and I'll be posting reall soon again ., best of luck on your journey ;-)

Finally I got my butt implants 300cc Oval and full body lipo! :)

Well I finally had my surgery in Mexico with Dr G on May 28.
I'm 4 weeks out and really happy with the results ! I asked my doctor for round booty not too big or too small and that's what I got. I couldn't be any happier. It was worth all the pain and struggle I had to go through while recuperating! My booty is finally feeling a lot softer and the garment is really helping with all the swelling around my waist and arms. My waist is soo tiny which makes my butt and hips stand out. Dr G is definitely awesome and talented.

New picture

7 weeks out

I'm 7 weeks out feeling sexier by the minute :) I'm Sooo happy I did this my self esteem has gone way up. I'm still a lil sore but now I'm back to my everyday routine again. It's a long recovery you gotta have the patience for this type of surgery and I think summer is the worst time to get done :( but I'm glad I'm over it and now ill just enjoy my booty for what's left of summer . Ill keep y'all posted with more pics coming soon

7 weeks pic

Here are more pics !!

Hello ladies here are a few pictures. They are a bit blurry and that's bcuz I'm using an iPad. There's a comment down below from someone who thinks I'm lying and that I'm getting paid to post fake pictures. I'm going to start posting more new pictures every week that way I don't have to explain my self to no one and I'll prove him wrong! People can be very mean and judge without really knowing:(


More pics & I need to add that I also had a butt lift!,

Hey ladies! I'm sorry I haven't had the time to update yall. I been really busy. It's been 2 months since I had surgery and I'm feeling great. I still feel numbness around my butt cheeks and my scar is still a little sensitive.
I still get swollen during the day around my belly I do think that is normal until up to 6 months. It does get uncomfortable so I try to wear my garment during the day still.
Other than that I'm so in love with my results and my husband just can't get his hands off me :-) I get a lot of attention which I like but not too much because I have 3 kids that are always walking next to me calling me mommy and people just stare .

Well as you can see on my tittle I had to add that I had a butt lift! The reason why I didn't share this with y'all in the first place was because I didn't feel it was necessary . I don't want to lure anyone into getting one. It helped me because my booty was really saggy. Dr G thought it was best if I did it , he even added the butt lift at no extra cost. All he wants is for his clients to leave happy looking fabulous. That is how he gets his reputation and more clients. I' apologize for not sharing this with y'all before, I just felt I needed to because of the male down below accusing me that' I'm getting paid to post fake pictures. And I really don't care about what he has to say I'm only doing it for you ladies because i know how important it is for us to feel confident about making a decision that will change our bodies forever. I'm not telling y'all to go to dr G I'm only sharing my experiences it is totally up to you to choose what's best.

Hi I'm back ladies

It's been 3 months since my surgery and I'm still very happy with my results. It was a big investment but I think that I used to spend more on garments and clothes trying to make my self happy yet I knew that I needed this surgery to be able to wear all my clothing with total confidence. I'm back at the gym, my swelling has finally gone down completely. :) Here are a couple new pics .

More pictures

6 months !!!

Hi !! Sorry for the lack of pics & updates. I've been very busy with school .. Well it's been 6 months since my surgery and I have to be honest I did gain some weight :( "Bad habitss"" ugh!! But on upside most of the fat went to my bootay . I feel it's looks fatter or I'm not sure if it's from the "fluffing" everyone talks about . I'm still very happy with my results. I do want to go in again for touch up because I still have some cellulite underneath my cheeks . Hopefully he can remove it with some lipo in that area. Well here are some pic and I'll try to post more soon.

6 months pic

6 months

6 months pics


Pictures :-)

Facility pics

Butt lift

Before and after pics


Pictures from last night 1/3/14

I'm wearing lingerie waiting on my husband to come upstairs :-)
It makes me so happy when I see myself in the mirror knowing I had 3 kids and I look way better now than I did before I had them. All I need to complete my look is to remove some cellulite I have underneath my buttocks. I might be going Feb or March if anybody wants to Buddy up let me know!!

Pics from a Gongora Girl

Here's a few pictures from a user on MMH. Her username is Allwaysyang I found her when I was researching Dr G. She was one of my wish pics and also the reason why I decided to go with him.

Details on my surgery which I didn't add on my previous Reviews!

Many of you ladies have been asking how much I paid for my Sx. I know many of y'all are confused because I haven't been able to edit my profile for some reason.
Well here it is:
$8500 for 300cc Silimed Quartzo buttock implant, BBl (fat transfer to buttocks), butt lift, TT scar revision,Lipo sculpture (full body lipo), 5 day stay at Clinic, Meals, Medication,Pre op studies , Post op Compression Garment and Pick & drop off at San Diego airport.
My quote included all these items listed above.Things not included were of course , my flight, boppy pillow, antibacterial soap, band aides, bandages.
My surgery was on June 28 2013 .
I arrived At the San Diego airport at around 9am. The driver was already there waiting for me. We then drove to the clinic in Rosarito which is around 30 minutes from there. Upon arrival I noticed his beautiful clinic, he has a security booth with 24-7 security surveillance. You'll feel very safe.
I then went in filled a lot of paper work and after brought in to my own private suite. The private suite consists of a bed, your own private shower , toilet, recliner, tv and security cameras. :)
Right after that the nursers came in to draw blood and perform all the pre op studies ( heart monitor, psychological test, nutritionist). When my results came back normal the nurse gave me a gown a green antibacterial soap to wash my body with and after put an Iv in. While I was waiting, Dr G and his crew came into the room to introduce themselves. I was then taken to another room where he marked me up and explained in detail exactly what he was about to do. So the time had finally arrived. Dr G and his nurse took some before pics & them escorted me to the operating room. I truly was scared for a moment however I knew I was in good hands. So in a few minutes after laying down I was out dreaming of my new body., jk I was out , no dreams or anything in my head. Lol
When I finally woke up from surgery the pain from the lipo and butt lift were the worst. I was in lots of pain for a few seconds. The nurse quickly gave me a strong medicine through my Iv and I was out for the rest of the night.
I stayed at the clinic for a full 5 days. During those days I was very swollen all over, even around my face. It was difficult to get in and out of bed. I needed help for at least the first 3 days. I started walking and sitting the second day. My first steps were with the help of a walker. I only needed it for a few hours and after that I was fine without it. Squatting to use the toilet was a bit of a challenge. It is difficult to sit all the way down on the toilet seat. So you have to somehow hold your self up in a squatting position. I didn't shower until the 5th day after Sx the nurse assisted me with showering and changing into my pjs that I had brought to wear for my trip home. So I was finally on my way to my sweet home . I missed my family so much. At the airport I asked for wheelchair assistance because I knew I wasn't going to be able to walk for long periods of time especially since my butt was still stiff. No PAin just stiffness. I only got up from the wheelchair when I had to walk through the security scan. They noticed I was carrying some bags ( drains) underneath my clothes the airport security quickly pulled me to their office and asked me show them my drains. They tested my hands for metal powder. Lol I was a little embarrassed :) the females securities noticed that everything was legit and we're even asking for my Drs info because they also wanted a BBl. Lol when I got into the plane I regretted so much not getting a First Class seat. I thought since my flight was only an Hour away I wasn't going to meds it. I was wrong. Those crowded main cabin seats are not the business... :( I had to sit on my boppy pillow so uncomfortably. I was feeling horrible, there was no pain but I just couldn't get comfortable. I thank god though I made it home safely without any major issues. After arriving home I was good no pain just really tired from having to lay on my tummy. I would only have bowel movements in the morning and take a shower with antibacterial soap right after. That was my routine everyday in order to keep that area clean. I felt safe that way lol I had my drains in for about 17 days. I flew back to Rosarito to have them removed and this time I actually bought first class seats. :)
It was so worth it. My drain sites took about 1 week to close . I covered them with brand new band aids everyday. At about 4-5 weeks that is when I started driving and going out for groceries and just simple outings. Right at 8 weeks that is when I felt me again. I was back to normal and I could almost do anything I would normally do. My swelling was still visible just around my tummy. I wore my garment for about 4 weeks day and night. It was so tight on me I couldn't wait to just put away for good. All bruising went away around the 6 week mark. Oh btw I started wearing my garment until my drains were removed..
The staff at the clinic are very nice and very helpful. You'll feel right at home with them. Any questions or concerns you have won't go unanswered. They're very responsive and educated. My experience with Dr G and his staff exceed my expectations. While I was home recuperating Dr G himself called me to check up on me.Being that he's a very busy man it took me by surprise. He even mailed me more antibiotics when I ran out at no extra charge.

Well I hope I was able to provide you guys with a more thorough review & I hope it helps you ladies make an informative decision.
If there's anything I forgot to add don't to hesitate to ask.
Have a lovely day !! And Good luck on your journey ;)

It's official I will be having a Touch up on March 14

I can't believe it's only been 8 months since my surgery and I'm already anticipating a touch up. Ugh Sx can be very addicting and especially for those of us who seek perfection.!! I do have to admit that part of it is my fault I gained 10 pounds and now I'm stuck with inner thighs fat ,outer thighs cellulite and fat in the bra area :( I want all that removed and might as well add it to my upper butt.. I do feel like I need it it's a little flat up there ,not too noticeable yet a little added fat there won't hurt!! Lol So for the touch up Dr G quoted me $3000 which is all inclusive ( medication, pre op studies,1 night stay at clinic, pick up drop off at the San Diego airport)
wish me luck and I'll keep you guys updated ;)

Back rolls pic :(

Back rolls
My butt in that garment looks ridiculous lol

9 months post op

I'm 9 months post op and 3 weeks away from my revision/touch up. I'm so nervous this time around and I don't know why. I hope that after this ill be satisfied. I want this over with already and finally be ready for summer ;)
Here's a confirmation on my flight I'm flying back first class even if it's just an hour flight it's really worth it to be comfortable in a wide seat.

9 months post & 2 wks away from my Revision/touch up

9 months post before and after pics

I'm still so in love with my results. I honestly feel that my butt just keeps getting bigger!! I can't imagine what I'll look like after the revision ;). I'm also planning to get a tattoo over my scar but I'm really afraid of the pain. We'll see , I might get it right at my 1 year post op.

Pics in my favorite dress

btw Current measurements

Pics from right after surgery

So this is me a week post op.
I couldn't see my booty lol
So ladies don't stress if you can't see your bootay in the first couple months. I was also still swollen around my waist.


So I had to change my flight to leave on Thursday the 13th . Dr G wants me to arrive a day before my procedure. I'm excited to see what my body will look like after this touch up ;)


(Left side) 1 wk after surgery
(Right side) 9 months post op & 10 pounds weight gain

Flying out tomorrow !!

I'm flying out tomorrow I'll be arriving at the San Diego airport early Jessica will be the one picking me up. I think I'll be having my pre ops tomorrow And surgery on Friday!! Well I'm really excited and nervous my head has been hurting these past two days because of it. I just want to get it over with .
Here are two pics of my incision area, the scar blends really well with my stretch marks lol


I weighted myself today so it looks like I'm 132 pounds . That's 12 pounds gain weight ughh and that explains why my waist is bigger .. I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and I think that' is what also contributes to my weight gain. I really hope that after this surgery I can keep it off .

I'm here!!

IM back home!

Hi ladies ,I just want to let you know that I'm home safe!!
I'm very swollen and in a lilttle pain. I got lipo on my lower back inner, outer thighs and 400cc of fat injected per cheek .
I'll write of my experience tomorrow , for now I'll leave y'all with a couple pics

1 week post op revision

Hey ladies, here' are some pics I took today 1 week post still very swollen around waist but overall I'm very happy with my results. I have no cellulite , yayyyy!!


Quick update 6 weeks post op revision/ touch up

Hey ladies sorry I've been are some pics there's not much of a difference . Most of the fat that was injected to fill some areas I had a concern with did dissolve. But I'm really happy with my results ,80% of cellulite is gone although I can still see a little bit left. I'm not worried because I will start my workout routine on Monday and I'm sure that will help it a bit more. Other than that my husband is in love with my results, and I agree with what calinewbooty said on her review , the attention You get is just unreal. Every where I go I turn heads not only from men but from women too. I had a couple girls approach me to ask if I had something done because my body looks so perfect . Lol well I'll post more as soon as I can but I don't think my body will change more this is my final result .
My only advise to you ladies is to not have really high expectations when you're about to have a surgery like this . We're all unique our bodies are so different from one another and it's impossible for a surgeon to give the exact same results as your wish pics. I do see that a lot of girls on here that have wish pics that are just unrealistic most are photoshopped. It is best to just visualize what you'll look like and believe that you will definitely look much better after but not as perfect as these fake photoshopped pics. Also fat transfer is a crucial part in augmentation, Butt Implants itself will not give you a big ol booty. If you're looking just for a perky small butt go for butt implants . If you want a big Round Booty make sure you have fat transfer in addition to the implants. Well this is just my opinion and I hope it helps you make an informative decision good luck to you all and wish the best ;) muahh

Pics :)

Here are a couple of pics of my booty .sorry they're a bit blurry ..

Its been a year already since my surgery and all I can say is that Nothing has changed and I'm still very happy with my results .

Pic 6/29


New pics ..
Sorry I been MiA for all the ladies who have asked questions please read my entire review a lot of answers to your questions are there. I'm still super happy with my results. I haven't been working out as much so I do feel I'm gaining weight again :/.
I started waist training yesterday,
I want a teeny waist ,well see how that goes I'll update you guys soon. Xoxoxo

Quick update

Hey ladies, just wanted to check in and let ya know that I'm doing great!! Nothing has working out 5 days a week and my booty is still holding up. I also wanted to share that I'm heading to Rosarito once again for different surgery it has nothing to do with booty.
Here are pics from a week ago lol

I'm in Rosarito!!

I arrived last night and had my surgery today at 1. It was very short surgery. I woke up at around 6. I feel great no pain as of now.
I'm not sure if I'm sharing with you guys what I had because its not Avery common surgery . I'm still thinking about it :/
But just wanted to to update and let you guys know that I'm doing good.
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