MTT and BBL at 35 - Mexico, MX

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Hello. Mom of a 5 yr old and a 1 year old both by ...

Hello. Mom of a 5 yr old and a 1 year old both by c sections; I had a breast augmentation & a lipo performed almost 3 yrs ago. Very happy with the new boobs but I didn't see any difference with the lipo. Now I'm going for a mini tummy tuck & a Brazilian butt lift. As you can see I'm not new to surgical procedures but I still get nervous on this new one. Today I went for my blood tests.

Very thankful for this site

As much as I want this mini tummy tuck and BBL, before I found this site I kept thinking to myself how a terrible mom I would be if something happened to me during the procedure. And also because I don't consider my body as very extreme to need it. But I really really want it. Now with every review I read I feel much more confident and secure. I love this site and the girls who share their stories helping others like me, make our decisions. Here are more pics

Told my mother and last appointment pre-operation

A week ago I finally told my mother about my procedure. I didn't want to because she is against this stuff. She is always like: accept yourself, you don't need it, you have 2 children, etc. And yes, she got upset and told me: its your body, do whatever you want, but remember you have 2 children (as if I'm going directly to a slaughter house). My husband isn't also very happy with my decision, he doesn't like to talk about it, and every time I mention it, he turns serious and evasive.
I havenĀ“t smoked for the last 2 weeks, I'm a social smoker so it doesn't hit me a lot.
Yesterday I went for my last appointment with my surgeon before my procedure. He confirmed me that I don't need a full TT, I'm a good candidate for a mini TT. I'm eating more so he was enough fat for my BBL, and he told me that it was OK. I also asked how was I'm going to sleep on the recovery, but he told me that I can do it laying on my back, that it didn't affect the results. That was new to me, since I read on this site that it was not recommended, but he gave me a long speech of how it does not affect the result. The anesthesia he'll use will be epidural. I don't like general anesthesia. I'm afraid of it. I also asked how much hours the procedure will last, he said 6 hours!!!. I have to stop drinking green tea, since it affects coagulation and I have to buy arnica pills.
I told him how my mother and my husband are not very happy with my procedure because of the risks and he confirmed that I am in the very bottom of the risk scale because of my age and my health condition. That really comforts me. Now I'm ready and very excited. =)

Just one week

Last week was one of the most terrible pre op weeks. I got very anxious and began searching what could go wrong during and after surgery. Big mistake! My anxiety and fears increased. I kept crying and asking myself if it would be worth it if something went wrong. Until I breathe and reminded myself that I am healthy, that I went already under 5 surgeries ( 2 of them for esthetic purposes) and no one had complications. This calmed me somehow and now I'm feeling really excited and thinking how my new body will look. Just one more week.

Tomorrow finally!

Agghh very nervous & excited. I'm adding some pre pics Oh i've gained 8 pounds for my BBL.

I've made it!!!!

Tomorrow I'll update. Feeling groggy now.

Review 1 day post op

First of all I would like to thank all of you nice ladies that gave me very cheerful comments during this journey. You have no idea how much you helped me through it.
Now the review, I arrived at the clinic, my husband drove me and I can tell from his face he was really suffering. I filled out the forms that take away any responsability if something goes wrong. This made me very anxious. Then I was taken to my room to change. The anesthesiologist came asked some questions and explained the anesthesia he was going to use. Then I got the IV and started getting some meds through there. One of the cause me a reaction and my forearm got a rash. Bythat time with my nervousness I was thinking to myself: fuck this I wanna go home. If thie happenned to my arm imagine what could happen to my body. Then I forced myself to calm down. My surgeon wasn't arriving so I got even more anxious and again telling myself: fuck this, if he doesn't arrive in 10 min i'll tell my husband to take me home. Well he arrived in the next 2 mins and began marking myself, and his presence somehow calmed me. Then I was taken to the OR where I got the epidural and a sedative and even though I Thought I was going to be awake all the time I was wrong , the sedative was very strong and knock me off. I just remember one moment where I Was feeling my bellybeing touched with no pain and a zoom. I think it was the lipo machine. Then I was awaken by the anesthesiologist. I was already in my room shaking a lot due to the anesthesia. The procedure lasted 6 hours.
I didn't feel a lot of pain the day of the procedure. My catheter was removed very quickly so by night I had to go to the bathroom by myself obvious with help. I couldn't sleep at night. Maybe because I slept at all during the surgery. On the next day the pain increased a lot. Everytime I get up to the bathroom is hell. I was also changed to the CG and the nurse help draining my back, from the upper back to my waist. OMG what a torture but it had to be done. Then I was taken home and here I am lying in bed almost sitting, eating well and going to pee a lot.
I got lipo in all my back including bra area, flanks and waist. In the upper stomach, on love handles and below the butt. With that fat I got the BBL, and finally the mini tummy tuck. I thought the pain was going to be less than with my csections but no it wasn't. I feel the most pain in the areas lipoed. The BBL hurts the less.
I'm with 3 drains and the CG is very tight. Sometimes is like difficult to breathe with it. Its really uncomfortable and I hope the recovery time flies.

1 week post op

Yesterday I got my drains removed. This is the recovery review so far
MTT- swollen and hurts but definetely less than the csections. I walked straight since day 4 but needed help to stand and lay down to bed. Since yesterday I can do that by myself.
BBL- my butt feels tight but doesn't hurt significantly. When standing it burns a little.
Lipo - this really hurts. The pain has decreased day by day but this has been the hardest of all.

Finally feeling normal

Tomorrow it's gonna be 6 weeks post op. Recovery has been hard: I had developed a seroma over the MTT incision after the drains were removed . It had to be drained twice and I had to keep the zone very tight with a small towel folded under the CG. If it was needed a third drainage, then my PS would have to reinsert the drains. Thankfully, that was not necessary.
Pain decreased day after day and one month after the op, I can finally feel "normal". I'm still wearing my CG 24 hours, and I will continue to do it for 2 months more. My PS confirms that it helps molding my new figure.
I still feel swelling in my lower abs. My butt is not big, but as my PS told me, he removed 2.8 Lts of fat from my body, and he transferred 350cc in each cheek. Anyway, the primary objective of this surgery was the tummy tuck. The BBL was like a bonus.
I can now use my clothes pre op, and I really like how they look. I'll be posting some new pictures.


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