33 Years Old, 1 Kid. Breast Augmentation, BBL & Liposuction. Mexico, MX

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Two weeks ago I was complaining about working for...

Two weeks ago I was complaining about working for nothing and being exhausted and unhappy to my husband. I work two jobs, not out of necessity, thank God, but out of ambition. I have worked from home for 10 years and IT SHOWS. I gained 60 pounds in that period, out of sitting on my ass for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. I threatened to quit my second, freelancing job, but that's the one I truly love, so husband pointed out that wasn't the problem.

I've struggled with discipline as I always put work first, so whenever I start a workout and nutrition plan I always quit a few months later because I'm " too busy" and get sidetracked. So finally, my husband said it: your lack of motivation is because you're not happy with yourself. You need to do something for yourself, a boost in life. I used to be a dancer, my body was never perfect, but it was my tool and my friend, and I feel so out of control, it truly makes me angry.

So he asked if I wanted this. I had always made fun of people who turned to PS, while secretly wanting it more than anything. He knows me well and just point blank asked. I was taken aback but really happy he did.

I said no at first, but changed my mind as soon as he started talking about something else, LOL. This was my chance!!

My family will never understand (conservative bunch) and it's something I don't want to advertise, so I'm not telling anyone, we live in a different city with no relatives nearby. I told my boss I would need about 2 weeks off (haven't taken vacation in two years) due to a routine procedure. I said lady stuff and he stopped asking hehehe. I also work remotely and my boss and coworkers are in a different country, so they'll never know!

So Friday I'm having my first PS consultation with the best local surgeon. I had another one in mind, but hubs insists that I check out several before deciding. He also insists that I go in with an open mind and just let the doc tell me what would work best for me to get to the best result possible as a starting point for a new, healthier life. And also that we could get anything within our budget. So now I'm a kid in a candy shop, not sure what will happen.

I have another appointment with the guy I know, who is fairly popular around here, but my hubs doesn't trust him for some reason (I took cosmetology classes for fun at his clinic that I really liked, which I quit, because of work), so we're both keeping an open mind, he claims there's something off about the guy, no idea why, maybe because he's young. It's not that hubs has any power of decision over my body, it's simply my best friend offering his two cents, before anyone thinks I'm being pressured into this, hehehe. His opinion is honest and the most valuable to me. Part of the reason I let myself go is because he has never for a second seen me or treated me any differently, despite my ever-growing complexion.

At this point I'm very excited, scared, expectant, etc. I've had a C-Section and a bilateral fimbriectomy, so I know that it ain't pretty. I'm a wuss with pain, but something's gotta give. I stopped smoking cigarettes two months ago (unrelated), I'm now vaping, but I want to quit that too. Since I can't take the time off until late August, I also have a few months to diet (or adjust my diet, rather) and perhaps go back to swimming like I did last year (and loved!), to achieve better results.

Well, here goes nothing, I'm SO happy I found this forum, it's been so helpful to see real people, real bodies, real feedback and real expectations. It's all about the journey. Here's to first steps!


After six months, three doctors and two date changes, finally doing it in two days!

First doctor, a week before the procedure, a friend who happened to be a nurse in the hospital we were doing it, told me the guy "reuses" implants! He also kept food on the cabinets where he had his utensils and had a whole bunch of weird incidents. He is a good friend of people in power in the city so they say he can get away with anything. This all is very surprising as he is one of the most expensive doctors in this city (in central Mexico, DM if you need more info), he was president of the local plastic surgery board and a member of a bunch of associations (Mexican and International), so I just scratched the whole thing and decided to go to my home city for the procedure (northern Mexico).

Second guy I went to was highly recommended, a bit conceited. I saw his work and it was really good, but he gave me 15 mins of his time, kept going back and forth between a procedure and my appt. Which sucks for both the lady on the table and myself. He was also super critical and basically said this was all my fault and all that. Well, no shit, Sherlock. I guess his approach was to scare me enough to see if I really wanted this or if it was a whim. All in all good doctor, but we didn't click. His staff is dreadful, it's a posh place, but they all walk around with this weird entitlement. I know I don't look like much, and I'm not flashy at all, but I deserve good service as a paying customer.

Now, the third doc I saw, we just clicked right away. He was clear in that I had to take better care of myself, he asked me to lose weight before the procedure, he asked me what I wanted and then he let me know what options I had and what would work best for me. He asked for reference pics and stressed I would need to change my ways and exercise. So I fell in love and booked him.

I'm hoping I can update as soon as possible. Doing abdomen, flanks, arms, back and axila lipo. Butt lift and BA. After talking to my final doctor, we decided on changing shape more than augmenting. Apparently my breasts are conical/asymmetrical and there has to be some remodeling, implants will be inserted, but I will not get a large size, we will set the final size tomorrow during my pre-op consultation. There will be fat transfer to the butt, but only for shaping. I'm short (5 ft) and I'm only trying to achieve my premom figure, if a curvier one.?

Awesome thing about this doc is that I'll get an acupuncture and oxygen therapy before the surgery, supposedly to help with pain management and relaxation. I'm ├╝ber nervous, I feel guilty as hell for spending all this money, but my life is about to change in many ways and I want to be in the best shape possible. Here we go!!

Oh, I also got a colonic treatment a few days ago (3 sessions). I've always had trouble with constipation and bloating and the doc said it would help a little with discomfort and for him to better "navigate" my abdominal area, I've never seen that on here, but it sounded like a good idea. Let me tell you... that was a whole weird experience, but I do feel better. I had three hydro sessions, but also needed to use supplemental laxatives to get the job done, because of course. Ew!

The nurse said I was a very extreme case and that it was great I did this, so I thought that was interesting to share. It was one of the most bizarre things I have experienced, and I didn't handle the first session very well. It was kinda humiliating, but the nurse was a dear and very reassuring. Poor woman, she got a VERY handsome tip, hehehe. Second and third sessions were a lot better.

OK, more very soon!


Surgery lasted about 5 hours. I' m in very mild pain. Best clinic ever!! But got a sleeping pill so I'll fall asleep mid sentence here. Cant see much bc Im swaddled like a baby so dont want to mesa things up.

Full details tomorrow

Day two, at home

I just got back to my inlaws house. The conditioned an abndoned room they had so bless them.

My clinic is THE best
Let me know if you want the ref. Same doctor works out ot TX too.

Interesting this is they uae newborn diapers instead o pads. I thought that was genius!

Pics but bear in mind I g
Have foam diapera and gosh knows what in there. CG is SMALL. Haven't been a small sinceI was 19!!!

More updates and real pics soon.
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