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I have been reading so many stories and informing...

I have been reading so many stories and informing myself about what to expect... the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been thinking about going to see a doctor for a second opinion but then I think about the price and anesthesia... Dr Valenzuela will be using an epidural so that is what makes me want to just stay with him plus I have seen my friends and their awesome results.

I live in Arizona and will be getting my mommy makeover in San Luis, Son. MEX. I am 32 yrs old and have 2 kids. My oldest is 15 and youngest 2. I decided to get surgery to improve what my pregnancies have left behind. I am 5'3" and weight 133 lbs. I have never dieted in my life and have always maintained a good weight. I am currently a 26b cup and size 5 jeans. My boobies deflated after breast feeding my 2 kiddos and my abs are hidden under some extra skin. I do not have any stretch marks so I wasn't sure about getting a TT but the more I read the stories on here and see the results it becomes more clear to me... I want it all!!! I had my consultation with Dr. Valenzuela across the border 2 weeks ago and this is what we decided on... tt, ba, areolar reduction causing a slight bl, and lipo on flanks and pubis area. That will be surgery one, and after 6 months I will get liposculpture all over, including my under chin. I will have the fat transfered to my booty, little tiny bit on my upper lift, and the sides of my mouth. He said that my cheeks are causing those side unhappy indentations well the weight of them is so I should consider getting the cheek fat removed too... I just might add that to the list. The total amout for all those things is $8000. He gave us major discount because we got a group of friends that all want something done : )

clean eating has begun... well kind of!

I decided to start eating healthier so that my body and mind will be ready for this new change. I do not feel the need to loose weight now but I don't want to gain weight after the surgery either, so I figured I should get started. I applied for a job and they should start interviewing next week so that should be interesting... if I get it I'm not sure how I will ask for a month off yikes!

new post op pics....

This is me today posing for the camera... I noticed that I didn't have different angles to show the extra skin on my belly so here it is. You will also notice the areas that I will get lipo on but not until 6 mo. After the first surgery. My breateses Lol... used to be amazing so i just want my old D perky boobies back... feeling excited!!!!

sorry!!! I meant pre op pics on the post before with all the pics lol


Less than a month to go...wohoooo!!!

My ps gave me lab orders and I have to get an ultrasound of my boobies. I have to see him one more time before the surgery to finalize details and go over my results. I am planning on renting a recliner or borrowing one from a friend for a month. On another note...I had a job interview today and if I get the job... I will have to immediately ask for 4 to 6 weeks off yikes! The good thing is that I have worked there before so it should make things easier... I asked my doc for a docs note excusing me due to an abdominal hernia since it is true and he said no problemo : )

July 4th is getting too close for comfort!!!

OMG it is days away and I am starting to feel the nerves... yikes! I started my post op shopping list today that included:
Stool softener
Always refreshing wipes
Sports bra with front closure
Neotrogena facial wipea
Wisp tooth cleaners

I also ordered the shower seat and the raised toilet seat a few days ago... I am not done but it feels good to get it started. My friend said she could let me borrow her recliner so that is awesome and she has the kind that give you a back, leg massage so it makes it even better. I will be going tomorrow to get my lab work and breast ultrasounds tomorrow. My next and last appointment will be this coming Wednesday to finalize implant size and get my rx for meds. I still need to buy bromelain, vit c, and arcina montana amoung other things. I wanted to ask if I am missing or if you have recommendations for me...?

time is running out. .. tic toc... tic toc

I did my labs and breast ultrasound this weekend so my ps will be looking at that this coming Wed. I am starting to feel the pressure and some regrets. I have a 25 month old that is all over the place and she is really a handful... so my hubby does not have any patience for her. This is really stressing me out. I feel like he is going to be mistreating her while I am recuperating and I hate it. The other issue is that he will be with me for 11 days and then I have to do this solo and that scares me the most. I would hate to ruin the work if I am forced to carry her ugh... stressed!!!

Had my last pre op visit today.

My ps said that my silicone implant size would be around 290 cc and moderate... I think Lol.. I was feeling nervous so didn't pay much attention to the size, but I did tell him that I did not want to look fake. He gave me the list of medications and I have them here. My shower and raised toilet seat arrived and I purchased the arnica montana in pills and cream. I asked if I could take unisom to sleep these last couple of days because I been having trouble staying asleep and he said yes. Mmm what else... oh I am taking my daughter to Disneyland this weekend to earn some kind of credit for all the time that I won't be around. I feel happy, nervous, excited, scared... so many strange emotions ahhhh!!!

last weekend before surgeries!!!

I am going ro the movies tonight and leaving to Disneyland with my 2 year old and family tomorrow. I feel like I am going to jail in a week Lol... I am excited today... I am having trouble with the implant size. My ps suggested 290cc under muscle and it seems small... I am a b cup and would like to be a large c or small d so I really hope that gives me what I want...

3 days away from being on the flat side!

I am so worried about the recovery from the MM and not so much the pain part but the not being able to care for my 2 year old... I am used to doing things without help so this is very difficult for me. My husband will be here to help but I feel that he will not be as patient with her or just get frustrated fast... ugh I wish that I could just relax and heal. I'm not really scared or nervous at the moment but that feeling comes and goes...

yeay I did it!

I am at the hospital recovering and I feel great. I am getting medication in the IV and do not feel any pain at all. I went ahead and got my tubes tied too so that was a last minute decision. I keep waiting for that excruciating pain to come but nothing yet. I am able to talk, text, and be on here with no problems at all. The doc is so funny and very nice and the staff is just amazing. Overall just happy and recovering : )

1 day after surgery

Hello RealSelf people! Last night I continued to feel great and didn't have any pain. Un my breast area i just feel like I am wearing a tiny sports bra... that kind of pressure. I can only take a small breath and can't do the whole deep breathing. My head is clear so that meds are not making me foggy or loopy. I will leave the hospital today around noon. I have not gotten up from my bed since the surgery so maybe that is when I'll start to feel the pain. I do move around in my bed and it hasn't bothered me yet. Oh I ended up getting 350 cc moderate profile to end up with a c or small d cup. The doctor came to see me twice yesterday to make sure I was doing okay. Today he will come to dismiss me along with the gynecologist that cut my tubes. I stayed the night at the hospital and kept waking up thinking it was morning and only a few hours had passed. The medications are not making me drowsy so I was up by 5:12 when the last nurse came in to clean my caterer and drain. I only have 1 drain. Well that is all fot this morning so I will continue to post every time I get a chance. Oh I forgot to add yesterday that they gave me something to sleep and then used the spinal block which only numbs you from the neck down so that was great : )

po day 2

Good morning! I got home yesterday around 3 pm and did pretty good. I won't lie and say it was easy because it wasn't. Getting up to go the restroom was painful but the hubby helped me. I had my first BM yesterday after I came home and a second one this morning so I am a happy camper. I am not in any pain just sore around my rib cage. Last night I woke up in swell hell and had to ask my hubby to make me some arnica tea for the swelling it hurt pretty bad and made me super uncomfortable. Today I got out of my couch on my pwn and went to 7se the restroom and tthen got me some jello and water to take my meds. The meds do not make me drowsy at all and my head is clear so that is great. Today the nurse will come to my house to change my dressings and shower me yeay! Oh and I do have 2 drains but the combine and drain to one large one if that makes any sense. Wish me luck for tye rest of today but I woke up feeling way better : )

Day 3

Wohooo every day feels so much better and I fell truly blessed to be healing pretty much pain free. I am so so happy with my ps because I took a method of making a new bellybutton that does not leave a scar in the bottom and he actually did it like that wohooooo doing the happy dance!!!! I found this method on YouTube under abdominoplastia Dr Marin I belive in Bogota. My bb looks great the tt scar is nice and low and the breast are just perfect. I was scared to end up with a high tt scar or bad bb and taking a peak yesterday before I showered made me smile. I almost fainted yesterday before I showered and that was scary! I had my amazing nurse here and when she took my compression garment off and some blood started to drip from my nipples and tt incision I started to see white. She immediately asked for a sugary drink like soda but we only had orange juice but that did it. Do not shower alone!!! It was so scary. Other than that I slep pretty good and continue to take my meds on time and eat about 5 small meals per day. I will post pictures as soon as I am able to take this thing off by myself. Blessing to all and thank you for the good vibes : )

Day 4

So glad to be on day 4 because I know that as days pass my body will continue to heal. The nurse came today and I got to shower and get all the dressings replaced. I almost fainted again and it sucks! It happens when she is here and removes my compression garments or maybe it is when I see my body. I continue to love what I see and can't wait to be completely healed. I stay calm and just relax to allow my body to heal from the inside because I really want to heal without complications and I know that doing too much can affect the recovery. Still no pain and I am only taking one pain med every 8 hrs and that is all. My biggest complaint is not being able to sleep but even before getting the surgery I had sleeping problems. The nirse keeps telling me that I am looking amazing and it makes her want to get a MM so I guess that's good. Here are some pics and as soon as I can remove my cg without fainting then I will post more.

Day 5

Nothing new... still taking easy. I feel better and better each day and I am happy. I continue to drink 1 pain pill every 8 hrs and at night just one tylenol pm. It really helped me sleep better last night. I get up on my ow and lay down too.. my breat will get a tight or like if I pulled a muscle pain if I do too much so I just listen to my body. I feel blessed to be having such a good recovery!

Day 6

OMG the nurse came again so I got to shower and look in the mirror and I am just amazed!!! I love the results and she said I am going to look even better once the swelling goes down. I didn't feel like I have much swelling but she knows best. I get my drains taken out this coming Saturday. I am super excited and can't wait to completely recover. Dr V said in 4 to 6 months I can get liposculpture and my the rest done so I can't even imagine how awesome I will look then... so blessed!!!

1 week after my MM ????

Feeling great and I stopped taking pain meds yesterday and still felt no pain. During the night it gets uncomfortable and my breasteses do hurt a little but very tolerable. I am just so happy that I did this... my hisband was acting stupid and did not want to see my results because he felt I didn't need work done to begin with but he supported my decision. He would turn away when I would try to show him and would say that he wasn't interested in seeing and it was only for me. Well yesterday I pretty much forced him and after begging (in a funny way) he came and with his eyes closed and he touched my uncovered breast and all of the sudden he turned into the joker LMAO!!! Let's just say he wouldn't leave me alone after that. I told him that it is just for looking because this package ain't ready lol.. I can see that our sex life is going to be impacted in a positive way yes! He started working out and running after I decided to do this so he himself is looking pretty good Grrrr!!!! Lol... anyways... I didn't tell my part of the family that I got any work done infact they believe that this morning I am getting my tubes tied and getting breast implants so later on today I have to call and play the part. I was a size 5 before getting work done so I dwcided to do this and I did not want to deal with the whoel you arw crazy and don't need it conversations. Here are some new pictures of my recovery at 1 week : )

8th day of recovery

Thw nurse came and took my drains out. I didn't even feel it! I continue to feel great. Yesterday I got the scare of my life... I went outside and sat in my patio chair and when I went to get up it got caught and I screamed in pain!!! It was a bloody mess. I feel great not having to carry the drain around. They didn't really bother me until that little accident. I get to shower every day now and on my own : )

showered on my own today. 9 days PO

Removed all the gauze and tape today. I am able to shower on my own and it feels so good. I continue to feel amazing and couldn't be happier with the outcome. I am no longer taking any prescribed medications but I do take Tylenol PM. I am still hunched over but will continue to work on that. I totally forgot to mention that I started my period 2 days after the surgery and it was the same as always... some people complain that they get horrible cramps but I didn't. Here are some pics from today.


Here are some pics on my 10th day.

15 days

Hello RSelf! I was at my sister's house this past week recovering since my husband went back to work on Monday. I continue to take it easy and continue to heal. I went to see my PS on Thursday and he removed all stitches. He gave me a some brown tape to place over my incisions so that the scars won't thicken. I am getting more energy and can almost stand straight. I slept on a bed since last Sunday but my couch is way more comfy.

hello RSelf!

I waited longer to do a review because I started to sound like a broken record. I am 25 days po and keep feeling better. This past week I started to go out and be more active and my body would get so tired so my energy level is not there yet. I can stand 95 % straight and sleep flat on my bed. When I am too active I will get a little hunched over during the night time and minimal swelling. I continue to wear my cg full time unless I am going to shower. It is a pain trying to find what to wear over it so today I plan on going to Walmart to find some alternatives strictly for when I go out of the house. I went through the whole are my breast too big phase and decided to give it more time to settle and heal. I am considering scar theraphy so I have been reading about my options. I found scar fx silicone therapy and they also have areolar silicone therapy so I might go with that. Here are some pictures of my recovering areas.

4 1/2 weeks out

5 weeks and feeling so great!!!

I am 5 weeks out and OMG this past week has been amazing! !! I can walk completely straight since like week 3 but I would feel the ab muscles pulling and the skin too but not anymore. The energy is decently not all there and I get wiped out with small trips like grocery shopping. I really don't feel like swell much so that is great. I continue to tape all my scars and pack my bb with gauze. I would like my boobies to be a bit smaller but hey I do love the look. I was measured a 36 D and I wanted to be more like a C but it's okay I guess. I haven't purchased any bras or bikinis because I am too lazy to go shopping with this cg. I have to wear it 3 more weeks ugh... I love how I feel in it but would love to wear my clothes without having to hide it. I haven't started any scar theraphy yet but I want to do it by next week if possible. Being intimate is getting easier and I can also sleep on my sides without any issues or discomfort. I continue to massage the breast and abdomen with coconut oil but keep the scars covered for this. I am not taking any meds. I pick up my toddler only when it is completely necessary (30 lbs) and I haven't felt any pains from it. My hubby is obsessed with my new boobs and he keeps telling me that I made a huge mistake in getting them because now he won't leave me alone. I noticed that I have small areas of cellulite on the side od my waist and I know that used to be closer to my back but with all the pulling it ended up there. I will ask my ps about any possibilities to remove it since it is very small areas. I am supposed to get my double chin, back, arms, love handles and any areas of concern lipoed in a few months so maybe we can fix that area then. Oh and some fat transferred to my booty. I am extremely happy with the results and I did go in knowing that it wasn't going to be perfect so overall I am truly blessed.

6 weeks and 1 day

I took a few pictures last night for this update. I went out yesterday all day and I wore a top that gives some support to the ab area and not the cg so by the night I had some minimal swelling. I feel blessed that I haven't gotten it like most people. I am taking some iron pills and prenatal vitamins that I had here to help our my body heal faster. I started that this week. My diet is horrible!!! I eat so much carbs and chocolate ugh... I never had the problem of gaining weight but I still hate eating crap. My tummy tuck and breast augmentation with areolar lift was $5, 500. My PS said that I could get the liposculpture, chin lipo, fat transfered to my booty and a tiny amount to my upper lip in Dec or Jan if I wanted. That will be an additional $2, 200. I am about to start Kelocote silicone gel on my scars tomorrow so we shall see how well that works. I am finally allowed to carry my toddler and heavier things so I am happy for that. Time keeps flying and I am so happy that I did this. I feel normal and when my friends see me they can't even tell that I had work done so that it a plus. They keep saying that I look great but can't tell why hehehe... my hubby is obsessed with my boobs!!!

Picture crazy at 6 weeks and 2 days

Just some pictures to show the progress. I am also pointing in some at the areas on my sidesthat are showing cellulite. Overall very satisfied with the outcome this far.

January 6th I had liposculpture and cheek fat removed.

HELLO there! It has been 6 months since my TT and breast augmentation. This past Monday I had my areola redone because it had stretched out, liposculpture of my back, abs, waist, banana rolls, arms, and front and back by the arm pit area, buccal fat removal, and a little bit of the fat was injected to the top/ side of my buttocks because I had indentations and made my hips uneven. I was supposed to have lipo on my double chin and injection to my marionet lines and lips but the doctor decided to postpone that for the future. Today is the first day that I feel like my old self because the other days I could hardly move. It did hurt but it was worth it. Pictures coming soon : )

liposculpture pics

more pics

6th day recovery after liposculpture and areolar reduction

Stitches removed today.

I had my appointment to remove stitches and see the progress. The doc said that it looks good. I can feel lumps on the lipo sites but they are going down. The pain was definitely there but after the 4th day it goes away really fast. I did say why did I do this to my self but I would definitely do it again... I am providing lots of pics of my recovery, lipo sites, and tummy tuck scar after 6 months.

July 1st will be my 1 year mm anniversary

As soon as you start to feel better life just continues and you forget about the pain, and recovery in general. I had lipo in January of this year and the biggest improvement is the love handle areas... jeans fit so much better and no excess skin hangs over. My boobs still feel too big so I am considering replacing the implants with a smaller size. I am a 36D and I want to be a C cup. My husband loves them and all the people that now say that I'm crazy for wanting to go smaller. I'll give it another year and see how I feel about them. The other lipoed areas look to me about the same as before... maybe I don't remember how bad they looked before. I just started working out this past Monday so I should feel better about myself as soon as I start toning. I am doing the Focus T25 and I can't do some of the plank/ push up type of workouts and I do swell after some of them. I hardly ever swell now and my tummy tuck scar is a dark brown color which I expected because that is hpw I scar. It feels smooth to the touch in most areas and I still don't hVe much sensation over the scar. My nipples have some sensation and the areolar areas doesn't. Mmm... what esle? I still have to go back to get my double chin lipoed and the fat removed from that area will be injected in the marionet lines and maybe a tiny bit in my upper lip. Overall very happy with the results : ) pictures coming soon.

new pics

I will confess that I have not worked out at all in over 2 years and do not take care of what I eat... just started to work out 4 days ago.

A few more pics

They didn't upload last time for some reason...
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