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I am 5'3" 185 lbs. I have had 3 kids and up until...

I am 5'3" 185 lbs. I have had 3 kids and up until three years ago I weighed 135 and had a nice body. I have always wanted a tummy tuck because of the stretch marks and I wanted a some lipo on my legs and some breast implants to even out my body. Now I am 55lbs over my ideal weight due to going through a divorce and depression setting in. I am sharing a picture of what my body looked like 3 years ago and what I look like now :(.....I am beginning the year with a new attitude. I want to do this for me and be confident enough to live my life taking care of me first. I guess the devastation I felt from the divorce was finding out that all the time I dedicated to him was something he never appreciated. I put my kids and him first. I think now it's put me first then my kids. If I don't take care of myself and my self esteem is not well then there is no way I can show them happiness. Another thing that happened from the depression was that I rejected any invites for dates. I was just not up for any of that. My friends also invited me out but I just wanted to be home laying down. This added to the weight gain. I'm READY for a new me!! P.S. I am not looking for plastic surgery to cure my depression. I already went through the depression and have started to work out again. I just need a boost on getting back to my body (maybe even better) and getting rid of those stretch marks that haven't allowed me to wear a two piece bathing suit.

I lost all the weight.

I went ahead and went with the Gastric Sleeve done by Dr. Almanza in Tijuana, Mexico. It has now been a year and I am now down to 105lbs. I didn't want to lose that much weight but I am glad I am no longer 185lbs. I am feeling GREAT! I'm having trouble uploading pictures but I will figure it out. I can't wait to share the pictures of what I look like now. I am scheduled for breast augmentation with Dr. Jose Luis Salas Martinez on March 15th, 2014. I keep you all posted.

3/10/14 at my lowest weight ever.

Well here is a picture of me now. I'm posting a picture of what my boobies look like before I get my BA. The total amount of lbs I lost since my Gastric Sleeve surgery was 78lbs. I am so happy. I get to eat whatever I want but in small portions. If I want a cookie, I will eat a cookie but I end up eating only half of it and that's enough.

Although, I wanted to get a tummy tuck, I am not able to get it because of my work schedule. Tummy tucks require more recovery time. I'm am working on saving up vacation time. Hopefully next year I have enough time to be able to take off of work.




I had a terrible overall experience with him, I did not get the results I was hoping for. He is arrogant and condescending. It does not matter what it is that you are asking for. He will do what he wants regardless. I was rushed out of the hospital (basically kicked out) prematurely, I had to change my flight and ended up paying an extra $80 dollars. They did not give me any after care instructions and his nurse forgot to give me my medication to take home including the antibiotics which I paid them $100 dollars for. I had heard Dr. Salas Martinez removes the tips of noses when people go in for nose jobs even if women tell him they don't want that he will do it anyway. I didn't think that when I asked him for a size D, he would give me a smaller size which he did because he said he was the professional and that Size D's were for Strippers and or Porn stars. I am not happy with my size. I spoke to the patient coordinator today and she said she was going to talk to him and would get back to me. I don't think I will get my $100 dollars back for the medicine I paid for. I am very disappointed.

Dr. Salas Martinez's resolution.

I got an email from the patient coordinator today. She said that Dr. Salas Martinez told her that it would have been too hard to give me a size D and that he will be glad to exchange my implants to a Size D as long as I pay another $2800 dollars. He made the mistake and now he wants me to pay for it. This doctor is very unethical.

Remove Negative Review?

I was asked by the Doctors staff to remove my negative review. Unfortunately, I am not able to do so. This forum is for us to post our experiences and I posted mine honestly. As you all can see, I was very excited to get my surgery by Dr. Salas Martinez even though I had read some negative reviews on him already. I took the chance and my outcome was not ideal. The good things I can say about Dr. Salas Martinez is that my implants look OK as in they look very natural. No one (not even my family) could tell that I had implants. With that being said, I basically look like I have a padded bra on which is what my breasts looked like before WITH a padded bra. I opted to stay at the hospital to get the attention, I may not have gotten at a hotel. I did get OK treatment and the nurse was very very nice to me. My issue with staying at the hospital was that I was told by the Patient Coordinator to schedule a flight back home no sooner than 12pm, the next day, so that they can follow up with me. I scheduled my flight for 4pm. I was surprised by the nurse when she told me the driver (which I paid $120 for the transportation), would be there to pick me up at 8:30. I told her my flight didn't leave till 4pm. She said all the nurses left at 8:30 and that no one would be there later than that on a Sunday. She said I could pay another $100.00 to stay till 4pm or I would have to go rent a hotel room. I was in Tijuana alone. I changed my flight and ended up having to pay an extra $80.00 to change my flight. I was not given any medication to take home, which was an honest mistake by the nurse however, I have not received my money back for the medication I paid for.


In addition to the above, prior to going in I had asked for a size D. Prior to going in, I was told yes everything yes, whatever I wanted yes. When I met the Dr. as I have said in my previous comments, his demeanor was very arrogant, brisk and disinterested. I was expecting someone to listen to my wants and concerns. I believe this is a general feeling from anyone going to Tijuana from the U.S....The doctor insisted on giving me a size B. If it weren't for the coordinators suggestion that I get a C, I would have ended up with even smaller breasts. I am thoroughly disappointed with my results. I asked the Doctor to re-do my implants to the size I originally wanted. He said he could in a few months however, I would have to pay the same amount all over again. I gave him an opportunity to right his wrong but his selfdom will not allow him to meet me in the middle.

I am sure other people have had great experiences with this doctor, i would have posted my review regardless whether it was good or bad. I like others, come to this forum to seek guidance on which doctors to go to from my peers. Mexico has many knowledgeable and experienced doctors just like the U.S.

The Doctor who did my Vertical Gastric Sleeve in 2013 (MARIO ALMANZA at Jerusalem Clinic) did an amazing job. His staff was friendly and they seemed genuinely concerned with my health and procedure. From the coordinators, to the drivers to the nurses to Dr. Almanza himself, they all were very caring and attentive. The facility itself is not fancy at all and might scare you a bit since it is in a strip mall but I cannot say enough about the professionalism they all showed.

From BAD to Worse

How bad can this get? I went to a surgeon here in the U.S. because something just doesn't seem quite right with my breasts. Now that they are all settled and all swelling has gone done, I can see and feel the final outcome. Here is the verdict. My left breast is more flat and wide and I can feel ridges all around it no matter what position I am in, laying down, standing etc. I can really fee the implant. It feels like saline. The right one is more round and pronounced. This one feels more natural and no matter how much I squeeze, I cannot feel the implant. This has been bothering me so I went in for a consult to a Plastic Surgeon here in Arizona. The Doctor basically confirmed my suspicions. It is very possible that I have a saline implant on one side and a silicone one on the other side. The worse part of it is that they are different type of sizes. Dr. Salas Martinez may be using left over implants and trying to match them up. This doctor is a nightmare!!
Jose Luis Salas Martinez

Do NOT go to this doctor. I just had my BA done by him and had a terrible experience, did not get the results I was wanting and he is very condescending and arrogant. Please find a doctor that will listen to what you want.

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