great experience with dr. cardenas so back i go!!!! finally going for a tummy tuck - Mexico, MX

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Hello dolls! I've been gone for a minute but I'm...

Hello dolls!
I've been gone for a minute but I'm back now. Figured I take my look to a whole Nother level. After my BBL with Dr. C, my confidence has increased. She did a phenomenal job & Exceeded my expectations. My wish picture, I in fact became! Right after having the surgery done, I felt as though eventually I would need to go back to have a tummy tuck. Even though my stomach had shrunk immensely, I had sagging skin. A pouch in the front and a divided stomach. I knew that in order for my stomach to be flat as it once was if not smaller then pre-pregnancy, I would need to have this procedure done. I'm currently weighing 198 pounds. Even though I carry well, I'm still going to lose a minimum of 25lbs before my surgery date. I go for surgery with Dr. C on October 21, 2016. Last time I went on my weight loss Journey, it was a success. I dieted, worked out and kept focus. This go around, I've been stuck in a funk. I have yet to start working out And I have literally two months to lose this weight.i'm very excited about having this procedure done. I'll as well have some revisions made to the incisions that the doctor used to go in on my back for liposuction. I have extremely sensitive skin and I was left with keloids. They look like doorknobs and are very unattractive. You can see them through my shirts if clothing fits to my body. In my original quote, Dr. C included cost of breast augmentation coupled with the tummy tuck. Collectively, with the recovery house stay for five days and Surgery my grand total was $9030. things have someone change with regards to the recovery house. Prices have increased since last time I visited. I stayed nine days for the BBL and spent a little less. Where is now I'm spending over 1000 and the stay is shorter. I'm not 100% sure about having this breast augmentation performed because as of late, within the last month or so I've been having complications with my right breast. Went to the doctor, and I have some sort of lump in my breast. We have yet to discover what the issue is. I will be going in for screening in the near future. Just having a scare with regards to my breasts, has somewhat alerted me to not put anything foreign in my body and just leave well enough be. I'm not dissatisfied with my breasts. I've always felt good about my natural size and how they look. I'm currently measuring a 36D. My reasoning for getting the augmentation was to simply fill out my breast and give it more dimension as well as take it up some sizes. The doctor suggested I get a 700 cc implants. Now that I think about it, I would be measuring around a 36H probably if I go through with the surgery. It's still a possibility but I'm about 65% sure that I'm leaning in the direction of not having it done. I wanted to get back on here and talk to you guys as I did before when I had the other procedure. Because I know how difficult it is to make decisions of this sort and go in feeling like you don't know what to expect. When I had the BBL done, I went in very aware of what to expect. I felt as if my expectations for myself were reasonable. Going into this procedure, I feel the same. People that are shopping around for a doctor, if you're looking to go across the border, I would highly recommend my doctor. Her bedside manner is impeccable. She's with you literally on your journey the entire way. No issues with follow-ups or not having any of your questions answered. She is on top of her job. If you decide to stay at beauty care recovery house, know that you're in good hands 24 hours of the day. I didn't want for nor needed for anything. I felt is though I was at my home away from home. Upon leaving, I was a little sad about having to leave and go back home even though I was extremely ready to get back to my regular life. Friendships were made and hopefully, this go around, some of the staff who I remember are still there! I have no bad things to say about my initial experience. Due to that, my decision to go back was an easy call to make. Dr. C is notorious for being called the tummy tuck queen. That I find comfort in. I was little skeptical about the BBL procedure and she put me to shame for having any doubt. This procedure in particular, Is known as her specialty...So I know I'm about to be snatched!!!! And apart of the "WHAT WAIST" gang!!!! There was one other thing that I failed to mention that I will do so now. I have requested that the doctor do LIPO on my back lower and upper. She declined to do so because I had Lipo in those areas already. This I disagree with....I do not want to havemy waist/stomach/ass all looking amazing BUT my back rolls!!! So hopefully between now and October 21, I can talk to the doctor and see if she can do exactly what I would love her to do. I want to say, that's all for now. But look forward to me being on here more frequently then not. I do want to document this journey for those of you who are interested in going on this excursion with me. This is a life-changing procedure I feel and please wish me all the best!

1 day post TT AND LIPO

Hi dolls. I'm still in the hospital and I'm going back to recovery house in a couple hours. I'm in and out of sleep and it's not due to pain whatsoever. I have been very fortunate to not really experience too much pain if not any . Some reviews that I read prior to surgery, couple of the girls mention that they didn't have much pain. I didn't believe them & thought they were lying to be honest. But here I am today, saying the same thing that I'm very fortunate to not be in a world of pain. I will rate my pain level from a scale to 1 to 10 being at a one. I'm more uncomfortable than I am in pain. My skin is very very tight. I currently do not have on a compression garment but you would think that I do, as tight as my stomach feels. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience this go around. I'm very comfortable with my doctor and I have always appreciated her honesty. She's very realistic and put safety first. I'm very happy that I was able to have her do this procedure for me. now, Back to my results...I was swollen around my incision. Those of you have been doing research on tell me tux and the recovery, know that this is extremely typical and happens 100% of the time. I have not yet took time out to measure my waist line and so on. My main focus at this point has been resting. However, I did have one of the nurses here at the hospital, take a few pictures of me when they were rewrapping my stomach. Those I will put up. I did have lips done to my back aside from scar revision. When I have my bbl with her and December 2013, on my back where Dr. went in, I had keloides. Scar revision was simply the removal of these keywords on my back. I have a total of three removed. I have it at this point attempted to stand up let alone walk. It's at some time for the Anastasia to wear off. I couldn't move my legs for about 46 hours after having woken up. I went in for surgery roughly around 930am and when I woke up it was 130 pm. When I woke up, The doctor was Wiping my stomach down and I was still in the operating room. So the surgery collectively, took approximately four hours. I did not like what they gave me at the hospital. The Oldmill look like green resting in a bit of skim milk. It was very cold. I'm not a fan of Jell-O and I requested fruit but they claim they did not have fruit. So I ended up having a glass of apple juice, the sports bottle that I came to the hospital with for the water and A pack of Ritz crackers. So I really haven't had a meal in a day and a half at this point. I look forward to going to the recovery house because I know they'll serve me something decent. At this time, I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep. It's 5:40 AM in the morning and before I get picked up by either Marco or Ronnie, I want to have gotten a little more sleep. I will be posting another review in the next couple of days. Until then ladies, take care yourself.

Pictures of this journey starts now..

Below are my Post op TT and Lipo pics.

6 days post op! Finally leaving the recovery house!

I'm Almost a week post op and I'm very happy. I told myself that I would not focus on Daily progress but instead would Focus more so on My weekly progress. So far so good! I'm here at beauty care recovery house and I'm highly satisfied with the care that I received here. The nurses are extremely nice and attentive to your needs. They have made Life extremely easy. I actually hate to leave but it's time to go home. Today, I'm due to take it out on my stitches but I will be going home with my drain. I only have one drain and I'm a slightly above The 25cc daily Mark. Until I'm draining 25cc's or less in an 24 hour period, I have to keep the drain in. So I would assume, that this time next week if not sooner, I will have taken this drain out most definitely. I do have some leakage around The side of the drain but other than that, my incision is completely dry and closed. No buckling of the skin, no gaps inbetween stitches & the incisions lays flat. my belly button, I really have not seen too much as of yet. Because I am currently unable to stand up straight, it's virtually impossible for me to see myself entirely . I do feel my best when I'm in my garment. The only time I take it off is when, I shower or it's being washed. Other than that, I have it on all day. I myself, has not needed assistance with wiping my own butt when using the bathroom. I know a lot of people who have had this procedure, says you'll need help with wiping your own ass But I beg to differ. You can manage without help in the bathroom. I like always, has been very independent. I have received some help when it's come to me taking a shower. Overall, my pain level at this point I would rate a four out of ten. It's more so a irritating pain than anything else. If I lay still, I have some type of pressure on my lower back but when I get up is when things get a little challenging. Pain is tolerable and for the results that you get, it is indeed well worth enduring the recovery. That's my opinion. The doctor has come and visited me four out of five days. She has checked my incision every time we met. I was fortunate enough to have made friends with some of the other people here in the recovery house. Someone that I do like a lot, is Beatrice a.k.a. Betty. She actually works in the doctors office. She's one of the women who will correspond with you if you are considering having some type of work done. She is very thorough and if you don't hear back from them via email, I would definitely suggest that you called. They're very good at taking your calls same day and also calling you back if necessary. She made this experience a bit more smoother and overall she has a great disposition. Another person who I also took liking to was Miss Esperanza. She works in the same office as the Beatrice. Her to, is very helpful, understanding and overall just good people. It's always a beautiful thing, to go have work done and Feel like the staff genuinely cares about you and your well-being. They come off as sincere & wholesome people. Since my last review, I haven't really taken many pictures. I've been doing a lot of resting before I have to head back home. I will post maybe one or two pictures of my progress along with this review. The first three days , I did not have on a garment per doctor's I said before, I now live in the garment. If you guys have any questions for me, do feel free to ask. I'm learning as I go with this whole recovery. It's totally different from that of the bbL recovery I experienced 3 years ago. i'll probably be making a review in the next 5 to 7 days to give you guys an update as to how I'm doing & the progress my body has made. hopefully I'll have more pictures to post. I was told that I should be able to straighten up more by day 10. Which means I'm probably gonna wait till day 12 to attempt to stand up straight. Around that time is when I'll post another update so that way you guys can see me standing up straight. Until next time, you guys take care! peace and blessings!

Progress! 11 days post op

those who said this wouldn't be an easy journey, were telling the truth! Swelling and inflammation will have you at your wits end. My scar is healing nicely from what I can see and I removed my own drain on day 9 post op. That wasn't difficult by no means! If you're sent home with your drains, don't be afraid to take them out once your draining less than 25cc's. You can do it! I feel much better now that I have removed my drain. I'm moving around better! I need less assistance than I did 5 days ago! I'm anxious to get through the weeks! Wish I could press Fast forward on this recovery process! My navel, I do like the shape and I've been on top of keeping all my incisions sterile and I wear my compression garment that the doctor gave me! I have it on 24 hours a day!!!! I can't express how important it is to wear your garment!!! From my own experience, it helps with swelling, drainage and overall comfort! It's essential to the recovery of this procedure if you ask me. It can be a headache to have on at times (i.e. Eating with it on is a bitch! You feel like you're going to bust out of the garment) but I wouldn't have it any other way! I haven't been experiencing depression or feelings of resentment. I know some people in this community, have posted about such things but so far so good. I would recommend to anyone who gets the surgery, that they have help around the clock for at least the first two weeks postop. It's no cake walk! I at this point, is not standing up completely straight however I am no longer Bent over. I'm pretty sure within the next 2 to 3 days, I should be standing up straight. The areas that the doctor lipoed, which are my flanks and back, I've been regularly using a Arnica cream (PENETREX) for the bruising, swelling etc. at this point, all my bruising from LIPO is almost gone! If any of you ladies have any other questions for me, feel free to ask. I've been on this site more regularly this go around with this procedure. Take care my pretty's!

More pictures

Halfway to there! 3 weeks post op

Feeling better, still swollen, I live in my faja and I'm able to stand up straight! I'm in a new faja. I have been shrinking and my stomach has flattened. Lower back is still very swollen. It is looking better nonetheless. The itching is on the rise! beginning this stage and not really liking it...Benadryl will be my best friend for some weeks. I'm happy about my progress overall I'm still sleeping on my recliner. Haven't attempted to get in my bed. I probably won't do so until I hit the one month mark just to be safe. I feel as though I definitely want Lipo on my mid section & back when I'm due to go back for my BA. I know I still am swollen so that may be a lot of what I'm seeing right now BUT I think that still may be something I want in the near future. I'll be back next week for my 4 week review! Yay! Happy to have it this far!

Progress! Progress!

Much better!
I'm feeling better. Looking better. Wanted to share with you all pictures now that I'm 7 weeks post op. I will be going back in 4 months for more work. I believe that will be the last surgery for me as far as my body goes. Overall I'm satisfied with my results. The scar can be intense but it doesn't bother me all that much. I do plan on having it covered up with a tattoo. That's all for now. Just wanted to let you guys know that al is well and I haven't had any complications since having this procedure.
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