Drum Roll Pleeeeeeaaaassseee...Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL--Dr. Pantoja on 12-5-16. Mexico, Tijuana

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For starters I want to give a shout out to all...

For starters I want to give a shout out to all past and present patients of Dr. Pantoja. I have been researching my options for about a year and because of you, Nadia, and Dr. Pantoja's experience the decision was easy. I researched several surgeons and had many virtual consults but in the end I found that Nadia's attention to detail , quick responses to all of my questions and her patience with my fears not to mention all of the amazing photos of Dr. Pantoja's work and his happy patients the verdict is in. I look forward to this journey with all of you.


Post op Photos
175lbs (I have lost 50 lbs since 2013)
Having TT, Lipo and BBL

This is Getting Real...

Booked my airfare and paid the deposit for Our Friends Recovery House. Nadia from Dr. P's office has been wonderful and Marvin from the recovery house has been really helpful as well. I've asked him the question "What should I bring'? He has told me to bring 2 nightgowns that button up the front, my lap top and my phone. That is all? Yep! Oh and a toothbrush and deodorant unless I have specific shampoo/hair requirements. They supply everything. He even asked me what types of food I didn't like. He told me that he wants me to travel with as little as possible so that it is easier to get home (traveling back and forth from NH). I can purchase my boppy from him, epi-foam, and everything that I might need. I do plan on bringing a female urinal as I have read that this has been a true Godsend while living in the pressure garment. The only true concern I have at this point is how am I going to control the pain? I've read from so many other Realself members that I should bring my own pain meds, as the meds in TJ are not as strong as the US meds. Does anyone have any insight on this? I'd really like to hear from those that have had their experience with Dr.P and/or in TJ.

The FLAT side in 6 days...

Surgery is right around the corner. I have had second thoughts, third thoughts and fourth thoughts. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I hope my expectations are not to high. I have not gathered any "Wish Pics". I am mostly afraid of the liposuction.
I've read anything and everything that I have been able to gt my hands on in reference to Liposuction. It scares me. If I gain weight--will the fat go to my face? My neck? My knees? Will I be lumpy and bumpy forever afterwards? Any advice or real life experience would be greatly appreciated.

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