30 Years Old, Chin Augmentation Post to Buccal Fat Removal - Mexico

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This weekend I will have a Chin augmentation and...

This weekend I will have a Chin augmentation and again i started to feel the nerves prior to surgery.

Just as with my previous surgery (buccal fat removal) i reviewed the research that i made with respect to the procedure and to the doctor of my choice and reassure me because it is something to have taken quite some time.

also helped the opinions of specialists by this means to decide to carry out the procedure, six opinions in line more other personal three and everyone agrees with my chin is weak and correcting this will help to balance my face

i don't need a large increase, I've seen worse cases, but it's something that's going to help me to have the face that I want

Day of surgery

Today was my surgery, certainly much worse than the buccal fat removal.

This really hurt, I had to ask several times for more anesthesia.

You feel as they push and pull, that is not a problem, the problem is when they touch bone or some nerve; You can listen as they scrape the bone by the time they are doing space for the implant.

the doctor placed the extended anatomical chin implant with a projection of. 7cm, had to slightly trim the sides since it was a little long and annoying.

Once again as soon as I got out of the hospital I ran to buy the drug for pain, this time i just wanted to go home and put ice, previous surgery I still did some shopping out but this time i just wanted to rest.

I hope there is worth the effort, I will continue posting my recovery later.

Third day

Today is the third day since the surgery.

Yesterday was the last day that i took medicine for pain.

I am quite swollen and purple bruises started to come out.

I'm feel huge for the swelling, I hope to get recover as fast as with the other surgery.

I have half of the lower lip and the Chin numbness, this make a little difficult to eat

On Saturday I have a appointment to see my progress and retire the stitches

Day 5

I'm still swollen and the bruises have released.

I have a little pain on right side but only for moments.

I feel that I had a huge Chin, also feel that my face is elongated enough, i would like to think that it is a matter of time to bring down, and I got used to the new shape

stitches out

It has been 8 days since surgery and today they have removed the stitches.

It was a bit painful the right side where I have more bruising but nothing unbearable.

The doctor put me a patch again that I have to wear for another week.

I thought that my incision would be bulky, little aesthetic, but today I saw it and was pretty good, discreet.

The doctor said that later he would send me something to reduce the scar but since now i can tell it looks great, also said me that numbness is normal and that eventually I will return to normal.

he told me that days ago i had noticed my chin very long because inflation was "hung" by gravity, but now I begin to see it normal.

I still have bruises that I hope will disappear this week.

Day 13

Day 21

Finally they removed the patch!

I still have some swelling, but it is not very noticeable, i feel it when low head.

Finally I went back to the gym, I only do cardio, I tested some strong moves, but I felt some pain

My Chin is numb but is normal, just like the small touches that came to feel.

Before & After

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