46 W/ 5 Children 5'5" 170lbs. Mexico, MO

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Looking for BA!! Need recommendations on PS. I...

Looking for BA!! Need recommendations on PS. I have looked hi & low from California to Mexico. I had a reduction back in 1993 but I have lost about 80lbs and I lost boobs then also! My BOOOD's lol look manly! Want TT/LIPO after w/ fat transferred to butt...PLEASE HELP THIS CHARITY CASE


So, I had a botched breast reduction back in 1994. I was left with the cockeyed boobs. As the year have gone by, i was never comfortable with my breast. I found myself not wanting to show my body to my mate/husband, I felt so boyish. I felt boyish because I absolutely had no more boob!! I used to wear a 38 GG. Was supposed to be taken to 38C. I dont know, I think the ps went to sleep or something. BUT it took me a while to make up my mind as far as researching doctors. On August 9th 2016 I GOT MY GIRLSSSS. I could never be more happy. I originally was trying to go across the country, (ok over to Mexico) lol but um yeah. My doctor is Dr. Brian Reagan out of Newport Beach Ca. COSMETICARE. This guy is AWESOME. TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY ALSO FUNNY!!! THE STAFF ARE BEAUTIFUL! I WANNA WORK FOR A PS! I think my whole check would probably go to them lol lol

Ok Im not able to post as often but i will try week to week. You are more than free to ask questions. I will answer. Im just not too talkative
Dr. Brian Reagan

Location...Newport Beach California COSMETICARE

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