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I am new to writing but not knew to this site. I...

I am new to writing but not knew to this site. I have been wanting to get implants since I was 17. I'm 22 now and I have a 4 yr old bby boy. When a had my son I didn't have any stretch marks or gain any weight. I did gain a little butt..it may sounds bad but it's not enough. A little about myself ...I'm 22 yrs old , 5'1 & 111 pds. As yu can tell by my numbers I'm not a candidate for fat transfer..but I wanted something more permanent anyway. & I'm from Detroit so I see a lot of girls with butt injections,& some has implants...& about 20 out of 200 looked good, but who am I.. I just know I want mine to look natural, feel natural & fit me. I got a qoute from Dr. Gongora for 8,000.00 which included lipo in back and stomach. I want to go to Mexico not because of price but because they have cohesive gel implants (same implants they use for boobies) & I want my ass to feel as natural as possible. I am looking for more doctors I've saw a lot of procedures done by Gongora, Duran, YILA, Salama

A few before photos


So Gongora gave me a quote of 8,000, including lipo..I do have a little pudge..I don't want my waist to be stupid small (I don't like being skinny anyway) but then again I don't want to miss those great results...what should I do.

Quote from Yily & Duran

I just emailed Yily & Duran for a BBL implant..I know it take a long time..especially for Duran cause I read that she's always busy

These are my wish pictures

These are my wish pictures.

Quote from Duran

Ok so I emailed her at 7:42pm and she emailed me back at 10:00..thank yu Jesus..she quoted me 4,500.00

Belle Vista consultants

So I just found her Instagram and I emailed just waiting for a response..She works with most doctors in the DR. And not just Yily and Duran.

Plastic Surgery App

So I used a plastic surgery app to see what I would look like.I like it I know I won't be the dead on but something similar would be nice.

The process

Another consultant from Bella Vita emailed me some papers to feel out..I haven't emailed them back yet

Quite for Yily

3 wks later...I'm in no rush through,, but Dra Yily finally emailed me back this morning & told me she doesn't do butt implants only fat grafting..so now my number 1 choice is, drumroll please, lol Dra Duran..but for the I can't get through to her..I have the consultants emails but I don't want a middle man for a quote.. The booking, hotel stay & etc. are gonna be done by them..but I just want a quote from her.

Dr. Cortes quote

Dr. Cortes finally gave me a quote of 13,380 for liposuction and the implants..he also covers the emergency visits up to 5,000 a day if yu have to go to the hospital for any complications. And he recommends that yu are at least 120 pds because he not only does the implants but he does a lipo the fat from other areas for a natural look.
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