22yrs Old and Soon to Be a Dr.gongora Doll :) - Mexico, MX

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So I have a a normal butt bot big or small but...

So I have a a normal butt bot big or small but would love a bigg butt.I have to many consults and also over the phone and online consults and the only doctor that ive liked is Dr.Gongora. I've seen his work and the ladys look great I hope i get what I want. I sent pictures to the Dr and spoke to him and I received an email from his assistant Jessica with a quote of $8000.00 including lipo on my back,flanks, and buttimplants and fat grafting around implants also includes pre op testing ,5 day stay ,food ,24hr nurse, garments what else can I ask for ?? Lol Here are some wish pics ...

My flight !!

So I bought my flight a couple weeks ago and forgot to post it cant wait... Jessica will be picking me up at the airport love talking to her she is a sweetheart!! Btw pick up and drop off at the airport is an extra $200.00 .

The flight

Cant wait !!

cant wait 22 more days for me to have my butt !!! im excited.... But can anybody please tell what is neccesary for after ive bought a couple of things.. i bought my boppy pillow already alot of loose sweats and maxi dresses... i still dont know what size ill be getting DR said we will discuss that on my pre op visit...

side picture

this is my now butt small..

my naked butt !!

you see no projection from side !!

naked butt

12 more days !!!

12 more days and ill be a gongora doll lol...

4 more days...

So there is four more days to go for be to have my dream booty :)
Been enjoying these last days ill be around woth my children... Hopefully everything comes out how i want it..... I will be getting my meds here in NY since my insurance covers it i just asked Jessica for a letter saying i will be having surgery and what meds i will need and my doc said he will give them to me. I have an appointment for today Sunday. Will keep you guys posted and will post more before pics today later.

Almost time

Omg im so nervous tommorow i will be flying to Dr.Gongora. Ive been spending alot of time with my children been of work since friday and will be off for 1 month. Cant wait till thursday day of my surgery !! Will keep you guys posted... Will try to put as many pictures as i can ...

OMG im omy to the....

Omg im on my way to the airport. Spoke to Jessica last night to confirm todays pick up. Will be arriving today for all my preop testing !! Surgery will be tommorow will keep updating till i arrive to the clinic.

Im here...

So i just areived to the clinic everybody is great and sweet got my blood work done. Tommorow is the big day !! Btw the clinic is beautiful and very clean. Havent met the doctor thats the next step will keep you guys posted.

Got my room

So i got my own room showered already and am now relaxing they gave me some good salad. Just waiting to meet the doctor.

Met the.......

I finally met the doctor. He was awesome nice and sweet. Told me i was in my house and to try to relax and not feel nervous. He said my surgery will be tommorow morning. Finally im going to have the butt ive always wanted :)

Good Morning...

Hello everybody goodmorning. I havent been able all night thinking about today . Ive been up since 5 am alittle bit nervous. Ive put myself into gods hands he will guide my surgery from the sky and everything will be well. ill keep you guys posted. I havent been able to eat or drink anything since yesterday 10 pm. Now im just laying down and relaxing. The doctors assistant came in yesterday and said i would be the first surgery today yay !!!! The nurse just came in and gave me a green liuid to shower with and also a robe to put on and she said she would put an iv in. Wish me luck i will let you guys know when im out.

Just got my...

So i just got my iv started there giving me some fluid before the durgery will continue to keep you guys informed....the night nurse Mercedez is the best she is so sweet

Im alive lol

So i made it ... I havent seen my butt but everybody says i look great. I was k.o all day after surgery yesterday feel good today. Totally dont feel pain just like reall hard pressure on my butt cheeks.will keep you guys posted.


So i got all cleaned up new bandages and also ate breakfast. The nurse took some pictures and said that i was swollen so they would look really good after also. What can i say i love my waist and butt i can imagine when the swelling goes down.

Implant size

So i got 360 silimed implants and 360 cc fat injected i love it just cant wait for my muscles relax... Love that i have no more flanks..

Im doing good

So im feeling great still in rosarito will be leaving to NY tommorow. In lovvvveeee with my but i literally have a tiny waist and a big booty. Just what i wanted. Will take pics tommorow or when feeling better ao you guys can see and yes its worth it. My butt is not hard they use slimed implants butt i also had fat grafetd around so my butt feels like a worked our butt. As for pooping i went the third day and its not bad. Iwas scared because there was girls here saing omg pain this pain that but its not bad at all. I guess everybody has diffrent pain tolerence. I was swollen the first and seoncd day stll am from my waist but feel great. The money i spent was well spent.

Update :)

So i got home to NY 2 days ago was terrified of thinking sitting 5 hrs on an airplane it wasnt that bad I asked for wheelchair service and once on the plane but my boppy then sat down it was ok. I got up 2 times to walk . The night I got home oh god i couldnt sleep i was getting up every 2 hours to pee. This surgery is painful. I was terrified to poop because i feel like if i sit in the toulet my incision will open dr said that it wont so its just my imagination. Im good now still have my drains but the ones to my butt have almost nothing coming out since yesterday. Then theres one that does leak alot. Im very sore on my back and arms from the lipo I got done. Ive been in my upper garment for back and arms since day 4 and its so annoying to sleep with. Dr.Gongora said once I take my drains out I could wearmy butt garment wbhich was given to me by them. Sometimes i just feel pain on my legs like ants its a weird feeling so i have to get up and walk. My incision still has the stich on hopefully will come off soon. My butt looks awesome and my back has no flanks no more. Dr did a great job just hoping to feel great soon. I still walk like a penguin lol so i wont go out till i start walking normal. Will keep you guys updated

13 days....

So i had my drains removed today my 13 th day after surgery.... Feels so good not to have those things in me no more...my butt looks great... Can wait for them to drop alittle and fluff...have been really constipated and scared to go to the bathroom.....


Sorry ive been mia ladies... But ive been really busy.. But anyway im very happy with the outcome so far... I like how my butt loooks... Their perfect for my frame butt will deff consider getting more fat grafted to make them look alittle bigger..but i feel my normal self again and have started waist training my waist is tiny butt want it smaller.. Will continue to update...

Before & after

Left now right before

My butt

So this is my butt now most of the swelling is down...

In jeans

I love how my butt looks in jeans it looks bigger lol
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. gongora and employees are great couldnt of have choose another clinic. They are really nice. I would come here again if needed and would recommend my friends and family. Great care !! And love my butt so far...

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