Campos Bbl and Inner Thigh Lipo 9/27/13 -Mexico, MX

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So I've decided to review my experience with Dr....

So I've decided to review my experience with Dr. Campos since their hasn't really been any updated reviews this year. A little background information about myself: 163lbs, 5'5 1/2, and 23years young. I decided to get a bbl because I was not happy about my body. In the past 2 years I had lost 50lbs that left me with saggy skin and a flat ass. No fun. Any who lets skip to today. I am currently on the 3 rd day post op. So far my experience has been normal. Of course there is the stiffness and soreness but nothing that isn't bare able. It isn't really painful more like tenderness all over.

Day 1: flew into San Diego airport on 9/26 Angie arranged for Josue (a nurse that use to work for Dr. Campos) to pick us up. He took us to the bank, walmart, showed us where Dr. Campos office was, the hotel, and out to eat because we were starving. I'm really thankful he was one of the first people I met down here. He was really nice and assured me that I picked a great doctor which was such a relief. It's already crazy that I flew across the country to another country to get something major like this done. Oh I forgot to mention my boyfriend came with me to take care of me. I love him soo much for it. I don't know what I would have done without him.

Day 2: surgery date. So we arrived early to Dr. Campos' office around 7:15 am. We're staying at the rio de real hotel which literally is 5 min walk to Dr. Campos office so we walked there the morning of. I filled out some paper work and decided to add my inner thighs to get lipo'd which was an additional $620 to my original quote which was $5445. That quote included a faja, the procedure, meds, and 5 lymphatic massages. I had the consultation with Dr. Campos an hour later. In that time, Pati one of dr. Campos nurse came in and gave me two pills. One that makes you feel relaxed/loopy like you've had a couple margaritas. Which made me feel nice. Dr. Campos came in and of course I grilled him with 1 million questions which he was able to answer.

After the consultation they put me in a room that had a hospital bed and a small tv to wait. I think it was around 1pm when they prepd me up for surgery. I met the anastiausologist who injected the epidural. Btw getting the epidural isn't too bad just a mild pinch. After that I started to feel everything get numb. Once I knew it I was in surgery. I was awake most of the time but didn't feel anything and when I did I told the anastiausologist and he immediately up'd the dose so that I wouldn't feel anything. The whole time during surgery I could feel dr. Campos and nurses touching/ moving me around. Eventually I knocked out. I woke up in the same room that I waited in and my bf came in and told me that they wanted me to stay over night because they had taken out 8 liters of fat and injected 1.5 in each cheek. Crazy!! I didn't really want a huge butt or crazy hip and to think dr. Campos put that much in is crazy to me but I love the results. Even tho dr. Campos said that I would have saggy skin in the stomach area it's pretty flat which I'm really happy about. Once the swelling goes down I'm sure everything will look amazing. I will try to post up pics later.

Overnight stay: so I'm really happy that a they decided to keep me overnight. My nurse was Pati. she is like a saint. She was soo calm and patient with me and always asked me if I needed anything or if I was comfortable. Ohyea staying overnight is an additional $150. The next morning Pati took off the bandages and wiped me down with antiseptic wash. I almost fainted but she insisted that I take deep breaths and gave me fruit juice and jello which made me feel a lot better.

Once I was ready my boyfriend arrived to pick me up and the guy who checks blood came by to make sure my vitals were ok. My hemoglobin levels were at a 7.1 which they said was ok and Pati said my skin color was normal and that I would be able to go back to the hotel without a problem.

Day 3: so far everything is going good. I'm just trying to rest and walk around as much as I can. My body does feel stiff and at times is hard to get comfortable. Overall tho it isn't anything that isn't bare able. Everybody is different but I am soo grateful and thankful to God that everything has been ok so far and of course to my boyfriend who has been next me day one.

I will keep you guys updated once that days go by.

Before and after photos

9 days post op

It's the 9th day after my surgery. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I'm not sure if it because of the medication that I am taking but emotionally I am drained. I don't feel depressed more just like a burden around everyone. I'm so used to doing things on my own never needing anyone's help so now that I do need help it feels frustrating. And the fact that I get parinod about every little thing sucks. This morning my chest felt tight eventually that went away but now my stomach is hurting. I'm just waiting it to pass. I don't want to go to the ER just yet. Anywho the bruises on my thighs yesterday looked like they were getting worse. This morning the bruising moved to my knee area but I'm hoping it's going to get better since it's showing a little green. My feet and calls have become really swollen. Thankfully my mom has been massaging my thighs and my legs which have helped a lot. Unfortunetly my drain is still in and I'm just waiting for it not fill up to 25ccs so that I can take it out. Back pain I swear doesn't feel like it's getting any better but I'm hoping with my next lymphatic massage it will. Ohyea first lymphatic massage from my doctor was really painful. Luckily he was able to drain a lot of fluid out but that pain was crucial. Anyways hope things get better. I will update and try to put up pics later.
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It's only been 2 day post op. I haven't seen dr. Campos after the surgery but I feel that his staff makes up for it. Pati his nurse is great. Correction: appartenly I was still high on meds but dr campos did see me right after surgery and was talking to my boyfriend the whole time.

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