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I wrote this wonderful freaking review but this...

I wrote this wonderful freaking review but this stupid iPad somehow refreshed the page and deleted everything. Found an awesome doctor in Mexico City. My "Silicone Piñatas" are beautiful. Check out my pics. If you are in Mexico City for vacation Dr Fernando Flores is awesome. He speaks English but it is helpful to hire a translator if you go!

Hydrocolloid Dressings are the Business!!!

Talked to my doctor and he told me I could take off the strips today! Even though they were pretty much on there they came of smoothly. The only thing I noticed is that there were spots that weren't quite healed and started to bleed lightly. Pretty sero-sanguineous with a bit of a yellow exudate. The slight anchor wounds underneath my left boob wasn't quite closed so there was bleeding there as well. I bathe myself being sure not to fully emerge my wounds. I washed them with hospital wound wash. Luckily my nurse buddy is keeping me stocked with supplies. As a nurse myself I couldn't wait to dress my wounds with Hydrocolloid bandages. They are pretty much the cousin to those over-priced silicone ones, cost about $3.00 a box (my nurse buddy couldn't find any for me) bit they are even better because they can be used on WOUNDS and you don't have to wait until the wounds are healed to use them, unlike silicone strips where doctors don't advise using those until 2-4 weeks when the scar is forming. Honestly, once your wounds start closing and there's scant drainage I don't know why doctors don't really advise using them. They act similar to scabs that the body produces. In fact they prevent scab formation from occurring. We've all learned that scabs lead to more extensive scarring, especially if those scabs are pulled off because they've gotten stuck to gauze, tape other other types of dressings. Hydrocolloid dressings also foster a moist, sterile environment which is optimal for wound healing and therefore, less scarring. They're like a gel tape which seals around the edges and can be changed every 24-48 hours and are waterproof and sweatproof. Some people leave them on longer but as a nurse myself it's second nature for me to want to change the dressing more often to check the wounds for signs of infection and such and to make sure it's healing nicely. I'm using Tough Pads by Johnson and Johnson. They come in packs of 4 with each bandage in 2×2 squares. I wash my hands to try and maintain the sterility and then cut them into strips without touching the sticky parts (sterile gloves would be best) and applied them around my nips (that rhymed :-P) and down my suture lines. It looks just fine but ill perfect it in time (ok, ill stop, lol). You can them in my second pic. My boobs are still riding Hugh and with my anatomy I figure it'll be a while before the settle in the pockets. I've purchased some new front closing bras and I am using an ace bandage wrap to train my puppies. Everything seems to be going good and my energy is up. I ran out of pain meds today so I've been taking 800mgs of ibuprofen to keep my swelling and inflammation down and taking a daily multivitamin to maximize my Zinc intake for healing. I can't wait for my final results. I tried on some lingerie today and my power piñatas looked all sorts of sexy. :-)

2 Weeks Out

I think I'm healing ok. I've switched to leaving the remaining trouble spots which seem to be where i was sutured open and putting a small layer of triple antibiotic ointment on them. I have a little hyperpigmentation but that's pretty normal. Has it really been two weeks alread?

It's been a year and a half!

I love my boobs. Clothes fit wonderfully with or without a bra. They look even more wonderful with a bra. Best investment ever. I went from a 32/c to a 32f. They're a little larger than expected but fit my frame. Honestly, you cant tell they're big under clothes. I did not want a huge anchor type scar so my doctor excised as much skin as possible to accommodate the lift and grant me my wish. I ended up with a vertical incision with a slight anchor underneath. My scar hypeepigmented a bit and I'm assuming it's just heredity that played a factor and my darker skin and had nothing to do with my docs expertise. I decided to get a peacock tattoo that incorporates the scar since it ended up dark. I am still over the moon and folks love the unexpected tattoos! I will be returning to him in November for my tummy tuck.
Dr Fernando Flores

Excellent surgeon. Awesome experience.

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