25 Years Old, Getting 315cc Motiva Implants. Mexico City

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The day is comming and Im super excited! Today was...

The day is comming and Im super excited! Today was my pre-op consultation and the day will be 10th of November!!
My stats:
5ft (1.53cm)
110 lbs (50kg)
Currently 34A hopping for a C-D cup
Under the muscle, under the crease.
Getting Motiva full 315cc (it's like high profile of other brands)
I don't have any kids, so no breast feed, im naturally flat chested haha.
I'll keep updating!!

I have boobs!!

I made it!' I'm on the other side now!! Yay!! ????????????????

My surgery was this morning and I'm feeling pretty well, i'm in a little pain(like 5 of 10), no nausea (except when i left the hospital, but that was a little hypoglycemia haha), my back is starting to hurt :(, but i'll try to sit straight in a few mins

I have drains in both boobs, they will be out on Saturday!

I'm already at home, in my cozy pijamas (it's really cold in here! ??), ate some fruit and chicken soup
They're the best!! ???

My stats
5ft (1.53mt)
110lb (50kg)
Under the muscle, incision under the crease.
Silicone, round
315cc Full Motiva Implants (it's called Full in this brand, but it's high profile in other)


Hi!! I just wanted to share a little of my journey, so maybe this will be a long post, also i'm not sure about how days are counted lol, so I'll be counting: day of surgery D1 (it was Thursday 10th of November) that way 1WPO will be 7DPO (Thursday 17th of November)....(sorry for my bad english, but i'll try to do my best)

Soo day 2-3 were the worst of all, i was having lots of pain and pressure, i couldn't breath well, and couldn't walk straight (had to walk a little bend so i didn't felt skin stretching a lot), the worst pain was in my sideboobs, a constant pain and also in the exits of the drains... i was all day in bed, mom and boyfriend fed me (cuz moving my arms was sooo painful) and also helped me when i was trying to get out of my bed (i slept in tons of pillows).

The evening of Day 2 drains were out! Hurray! Instantly felt like 50% better!! It was very uncomfortable when they pull them out, but not really painful. Still in pain and soreness.

By day 4 things were getting better, i could fed myself (with t-rex arms), i showered (my bf had to wash my hair) took like 35 mins haha i was doing everything sooo slow, and could walk a little better, started to take less painkillers.

By 1WPO i felt so much normal, i could wash my own hair, dress myself (but with help when i wore something that needed to put over my head), eat by myself and even do small task of cleaning.

By 9DPO, i had to travel to a city that was 3 hours away, when we got there i was in lots of pain and my skin felt like burning (i think that was all the movement and my post op bra irritated), also the gauze i have to put on my stitches, were having some blood in it, i was so mad that day! Man, i was having lots of progress!! And for that trip i was feeling the same way i felt 4th day post op!! Did i screw up? Maybe just my healing process is now slower.... also i had a terrible night, i was in pain and slept for 3-4 hours.
The next day, we were back (another 3 hours road) but the hole time i was "making self compression" like holding my boobs with my hands, and it was so much better, took some painkillers and slept all night but still felt really sored.

Day 11, my PS took the stitches out, saw my wounds and he said i have to stop reaching things above my shoulders, rest, clean them and put sterile gauze over my incisions so it absorb any leaking.

Today at 17DPO, im still having a little leaking but its better now, i have a small hole in my left incision, but its not draining now and looks like its closing, so resting and restricting some movements are helping.

every day i see a little progress and definitely i feel more normal now, some times i forget i don't have to carry heavy stuff, or reach something; sleeping is getting better, yesterday i slept totally horizontal, in the morning my boobs were sored, but 10 mins later its was totally fine.

What else?

Oh yeah! i have to use my surgical bra for 2 more weeks!! Can't wait!! But still i let them free for some minutes at the morning and at night (bcs i still feel my skin keeps burning).

I'm still having painkillers (Ibuprofen) when needed (some times afer works or after i go to sleep).

So far so good!! The next post i'll be uploading some pics of the journey, just want to edit them so you know which day it was :). I leave you a pic taken yesterday!

Happy healing everyone!

Progress pics

Well, i've done a progress collage of the front of my boobs, now i can see they are really starting to drop and fluff!! Yay!! I can't wait to see more progress!

1 month!

I'm one month now!!!

today was my 1 month appointment with my PS and i'm cleared to do leg workouts, no too much weight in my arms, no chest at all, also I can stop wearing my post-op bra!! Yay! ????
Dr. Ricardo Pacheco Lopez

Im super exited to have my boobs done by Dr. Pacheco, he is the director of one of most prestigious programs of plastic surgery in Mexico, i trust him so much!

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