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Hello everyone, Just looking for any reviews you...

Hello everyone,
Just looking for any reviews you ladies may have.. I'm a 26 year old who has been searching for a ps who will make my small chest into a natural c cup. I want to look as natural as possible.. I've heard from serval about dr Ramirez in Mexicali which is about an hour away from me.. I've also seen girls who have personally gone to him and look amazing! I'm just a bit specitcal about the whole "Mexicali" part. Any advice? Reviews?
Thanks in advanced (:

300cc -375cc

The time as come- I'm finally cashing out! I've booked for 6/22 which is in exactly two weeks! I'm beyond nervous and still not sure which size to go for. I'm 5'3 120lbs, I'm a 34b (small b) and wanting a full c. I'm afraid of going too big or looking unnatural/ top heavy. Doctor suggested I go for 375cc, which look perfect with the sizers on although I've seen girls who have gotten different results- some looking huge and others just prefect. With that being said and me being a chicken I've decided I've have a range of 300cc-350cc, basically a 325cc (lol I know I'm difficult) to be in the middle. Any girls out there with my stats that went for a 350cc?? What size did you end up with? I promise to post some before pictures, just still a bit shy. Yes, I'm shy.. And I want boobs! Yes. I'm a weird one lol any advice wI'll help.

Over the muscle.

Totally forgot to mention, since I have breastfeed and have a bit of the sad boobs- my doctor suggested over the muscle. Since I have plenty of tissue to cover the implant. Anyone else with or going with over the muscle?
Dr. Victor Ramirez

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