26yrs 5'4 130lbs Starting at 32B Wanting to Look Balanced! Mexico, MX

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Hi everyone! So I thought I had made a review...

Hi everyone! So I thought I had made a review already and posted pics but apparently I failed at that or something so here I go hopefully it sticks! I am a dancer and I mainly work with artists and doing salsa competitions. I have always been on the smaller framed side I wouldn't say petite but definitely smaller. I never really had anything up top until the last two years where I gained some weight and while I'm feeling good overall and live my body I want me some boobies! In the industry I work in it is very common procedure and you see everything from really fake to really natural.
My reasons for doing this is I always thought I would have bigger breasts. My mom was a 36C (she has since deflated ????) and I loved the way she looked. I remember stuffing my bra with washcloths and socks! Now that I am at a comfortable weight I have nice legs and plenty of booty and I want to balance out! So I finally took the plunge and started looking for surgeons. I finally decided on Dr. Felix Corral in Mexico City. He did several friends who I dosing even know had implants but have super nice breasts. His results are very natural and his idea of aesthetics is what I was looking for. He is open to questions and is very open with his patients. Im very excited and hope to share some of my experience here!
Breast Augmentation facts: due to my job and my activity level my doc decided to go over the muscle with 300 to 350cc (I haven't decided yet) round textured high profile silicone implants form Eurosilicone.


I'm afraid that I won't feel like me for some reason, definitely don't want to be judged by family but it's probably something I can't avoid
Afraid of going to too big and looking really fake and obvious
Also afraid of going too small and feeling like it wasn't worth it
What if they always feel like foreign objects in my body?
I want to find that happy medium where they are bigger than what I have but don't look "fake" as in you can see the edge of the implant
In the end I do trust my surgeon and I know he would not go with a size that looked overly large on my frame and he is very into getting natural results so crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

Wish boobies and countdown!

Soooo because I am just so excited and nervous etc I did a countdown. I'm officially 6 days and 21hrs away from having more boobs! Also here are some of my favorite booby picks!

Pics with sizers in docs office

Ok so here are the pics of me in my docs office with 350cc sizers in a bra with my shirt on. Somehow I didn't save my pics of the 300cc sizers so oh well ;( i liked the way the 350cc felt more than the 300cc but I'm still worried it might be a tad too much? I think I look well balanced with the 350cc but I know it's just an approximation with the sizers. Ahhhh so nervous! 4 days 18hrs to go! I had my blood work done today so it really started to feel real!

Two days away...

I decided to look for some post op sports bras to wear! I went to forever 21 and started looking at all the bras and such and came across an EXTREMELY padded 34D bra and decided it was perfect to try on under sports bras to see if they would fit! So I grabbed the 34D a lot of sports bras which were 60% off and got to a dressing room! Here are the pics!

Less than 24hrs to go!

I've got 20 hours to go before I head into surgery! I was getting a little nostalgic about my itty bitties last night, after all I do love them the way they are! But then BOOBS! I get to have my DREAM BOOBS! Anyone else on an emotional roller coaster besides me??? And here are the dreaded before pics....last stats:
Height: 5'4 ft about 1.65m
Weight: 130lbs about 60kg
Pre op bra: 32B
Implants: Eurosilicone 300cc-325cc-350cc (still haven't decided going to let surgeon choose which is best) round high profile textured silicone
Placement: subglandular
Incision: in the breast fold

All done!

Had my surgery today! I went in at 10am and signed all the paperwork and went through a couple things with the anesthesiologist who was amazing! Didn't even feel the prick! Then my doc came in drew all over me and after talking a bit we decided to go 350cc :D next thing i know the anesthesiologist is saying sweet dreams and I was out! I woke up slowly but feeling fine, no pain, no pressure and the nurse came in with juice and jello. About an hour later I was taken home by a friend! That's all for now! I'm wrapped in an ace bandage and gauze which I get to take off tomorrow when I shower.

24hours post op

Sooo I haven't been in a lot of pain and have been wrapped in gauze until now I took it all off due to extreme itchy ness! Had my first look and they are HUGE kinda freaked out. Also still numb from crease to nipple which so weird feeling

Very informative pic on dropping and fluffing

I found this image on dropping and fluffing that explained it very well!


So on my day three post op (2/23) I flew 40min from Mexico City to zihuatanejo, a small beach town where I am spending a week to recover. The day was pretty active. On day 2 post op, I woke up extremely nauseous and basically slept all day and didn't move. So it was a HUGE relief when I woke up feeling fine on day 3! A friend came over and helped me shower and pack a few things, I then had to run some errands, all walking distance from home, which took longer than normal due to me
Walking at the pace of a turtle. Was finally done three hours to flight time and was feeling a bit tired and woozy so I had a good lunch of veggies and protein and was off to the airport. I used a roller bag, like those roller bag briefcases you see pilots use, not very big but enough for small toiletries and necessary clothes. It wasn't even full so it was easy to drag around without putting any pressure on my arms. Even so the effort was definetly felt later on. It was a quick 40 minute flight and not bad! I had been cleared by my doctor to fly and he said there was nothing to worry about but even so I was nervous about turbulence. So far any rides in a car I have been literally holding my boobs. Planes are much smoother so that was a relief! I arrived and was picked up by my family. We dropped off my suitcase and then walked about 10 minutes to dinner. By the end of dinner I was EXHAUSTED. As soon as I got home I took my dose of Meds and lay down. No pain or uncomfortable really. That is until now....I have been having this magical time between 2-5am ever day since surgery where OH MY GOD THE UNCOMFORT IN MY BOOBS. They basically are the most uncomfortable at this time and I have given up on sleeping. First my stomach, despite the probiotics, is all messed up from the antibiotics and light pain Meds, but then my boobs feel like they get hard and tight and just OUCH. Which is why I am up writing this update at 5 am, I can't get comfortable and am the most uncomfortable and close to pain I have been in since the operation. Oh well, any one else have this magical witching hour of boob stiffness and UNCOMFORT??

One week post op!

I reached the one week mark! It has been a long week, pain wise I feel like I have been very lucky not much except soreness. The Meds have been kicking my butt :( these last two days I have been extremely nauseous and no appetite. I feel I must sleep a lot. My swelling has definetly gone down but I don't feel like any dropping has happend. I really want them to go down and not be all swollen and MOVE. They don't move at all no matter what I do. I hope that changes. I have my first post op on Monday so we will see how I'm doing.

One more pic

Here is a before, 1 day post, 1 week post pic just for reference I started at 32b. I got 350cc Eurosilicone textured round high profile silicone implants over the muscle.

Bra sister sizing!

Cool chart for all of us getting new bras! Apparently you can wear more than one size and find what's more comfortable

1st post op

So I had my first post op today. My PS told me I could stop the Meds (yay!) and that I was still a bit swollen and very high. So he said I probably need to rest more :( Also I am to massage several times a day, the massage he showed me was a very gentle sort of circular massage, not what I have seen in any tutorials so kind of curious if it's because of my implant type. Also I am to use what ever lotion or oil to moisturize my boobs a couple times a day. Very bummed not to get back in the gym....not used to being this inactive and I hate feeling bloated. Guess it's lots of long walks for me

Bored....and comparing

So I'm bored....and took a comparison shot at 12 days post op. Also I can finally get my arms up and noticed my boobs are super round:( at this point I look like I have bolt on boobs and it's not what I wanted and freaks me out. Hoping that they will soften up and not be so....bolted on.

3 weeks Post op

So today I am 3 weeks post op! My boobs are very slowly feeling les like rocks on my chest and slightly squishy like a rubber ball which in my mind is an improvement. I also have been massaging and boy does that make a difference. I have 350cc textured round cohesive overs and my doctor recommended soft massage for them which I hadn't heard of for textured implants but I am so glad he is having me do it. It feels so good and helps a lot. I have been wearing only sport bras and my surgery bra. My incisions are a bit sore and feel a little thick. Tomorrow I have an appointment so any doubts I will discuss with my doc. I really hope they drop and fluff more! Other than that i really love how I look!

Mondors cord :(

Hi all! So it looks like ice developed Mondors cord. No fun :( I am very uncomfortable when I stretch or arch my back it feels like I'm over stretching a nerve or something. Yesterday I had a pretty rough work day very active so my doctor advised me to take Advil and massage and take it easy still. Anybody else get this?

1 month boobiversary!!! Woohoo!

Made it to exactly one month post op! Woohoo! Finally have a little jiggle and softness which is awesome and am wearing normal soft bras. Still have the Mondors cord but ibuprofen and massage helps.

Dramatic swelling???

Out of nowhere today in the evening my right boob began to swell and I had my first actual pain ever throughout this journey. I took ibuprofen pain diminished a little but not enough. Scale of 1-10 I would say 7-8. I took 800ml of ibuprofen. I also iced for about half an hour and have tried a little massage but it hurts. Calling my doc tomorrow but I'm worried.

Swelling update

I called my doctor today and I told him what happened and he asked me to come in immediately. Turns out due to being too rough last week my tissues were irritated and began producing fluid as a reaction. So he injected some local anesthetic and then pulled out a clown sized syringe. He drained the fluid which was this awful yellow stuff. It was about 700ml I think but in not sure because I passed out :( he had to massage to get the fluid out and it was so very painful. Luckily as soon as he finished I began to feel so much better. Pain went from an 8 to a 4. He wrapped me in an ace bandage and sent me home with a muscle relaxant and instructions to wear tighter sports bras and take it easy until Friday when I work. So lesson learned ladies....take it easy!

6 weeks post op

Hi all! So I needed a break from obsessing on RealSelf but I'm back! Last time I wrote I had a seroma at 4 weeks PO that had to be drained and I was in bed rest for a week. NO FUN! Ladies please support your girls properly early on in recuperation because this was no joke. I'm almost back to normal now. I took it easy during week 5 as well. Today was my first day back at the gym in 2 months! I felt like a hippo in ballet class lol but it was wonderful. I did some light cardio and lower body weights. So far so good but I'm going to rest for the evening. Here are some pictures! I put in a comparison pic of the sizers and my actual look, couldn't get the exact same angle but I made sure I wore the same shirt!
350cc eurosilicone round high profile cohesive silicone gel implants subglandular placement crease incision

Sports bras for the gym!

So I am using an Under Armor sports bra I got on discont for working out and I LOVE IT. Also have an adidas one that is cotton and super comfy! Love my new sports bra cleavage!

7 weeks Post Op

I'm 7weeks post op now. This week I got my first period after BA and OMG the swelling and tenderness in my boobs. Sorry if it's TMI but come on look at this site lol. My right breast is still hard and this week just feels sore :( I'm hoping its just lagging behind my left one recovery wise and that my period makes it feel more sore.

Explant required so sad

Hi all! I disappeared because I was having so many problems and getting depressed looking at happy boobs when mine weren't. In annutchell since the first seroma I had it basically became chronic and I developed them in both breasts. I have severe inflammation and have been to three docs who all say removing them is the only option. I am extremely sad and heartbroken. I did not want this. But I'm trying to stay positive ( failing mostly but still gotta say it). This basically can happen to anyone and there is no way to know if it will happen to you. It can happen because of a bacteria we have in our breast ducts naturally some times or because of the size and texture of my implants. Definitely don't know. So good luck to all!

Changed my review to not sure

Hi all so it has now been three weeks I think since I explanted. Still have little twinges of pain but physically doing well. Psychologically it's been very rough, I'm having very bad body issues, don't like the way I look etc. but I know that my boobs look decent for having had an explant. So if anybody has a question feel free to message me, it takes a while for me to get back but I will try!
Dr. Felix Corral

So far so good! Dr. Felix Corral is super professional, very attentive, open to questions and doubts and very available to patients. On the day of surgery he was very good at answering all questions and doubts and I can't say enough about his team. The surgical nurse who attended me was very warm and accommodating and the anesthesiologist was excellent! I was in no pain after and wasn't even nauseous or woozy and able to walk out of the clinic I my own!

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