23 Years Old 110lb 5.6 Natrelle Inspira 295-325 High Profile - Mexico

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So tomorrow is the big day, I've been wishing I'd...

So tomorrow is the big day, I've been wishing I'd grow boobs for years, but it never happend. So I'm taking matters into my own hands because 32a just ain't cutting it.

Ive been planning, researching and stressing for about a month now to find the perfect option for me, of course along with recomendations from my PS.

Speaking of which, I went to 4 different PS's before I finally found one I trusted. Between them there were ones who gave me too much freedom to choose what I wanted or they fell into the category of ' yup this is what I'll put, without asking input from me'.

I will say this out of the PS's I met not one of them told me the same thing, everyone had there own opinion and I had mine, so it was frustrating at first but after the 4th even though we didn't see eye to eye on everything he worked with me to plan things out.

Fast forward and now I know I'll be getting Natrelle Inspira 265-325cc ( PS will have final say so during surgery) High profile. Inframammary Incision.

This option definitely wasn't my first option, I was interested in the periareolar approach but was told I couldn't because my areolas are too small so inframammary approach it is. As well as I was intent on getting Moderate+ , but Inspira just has moderate or high, no in between. It actually worked its self out really since I have a small BWM it was pretty obvious I'd have to get a high profile.

Anyways nerves are staring to get to me though, it's the night before and I hope I have prepared enough. My PS recommend that I use bio oil before and I've been using it for about a week in a half. The Boyfriend took time off work to be with me the first couple of days, I've purchased pain meds, moved the big tv to our bedroom, stocked up on snacks, picked out what I'll be wearing after ( huge hoodie and loose pj bottoms). My PS will provide me with the surgical bra, I still gotta pick up some laxatives( heard some horror stories). And a couple of other this and that's.

If I'm forgetting anything please comment and let me know!! For now I'm just gonna try to calm myself and hope for the best!

Good luck to anyone who's in the same boat as me. I wish you all the best of luck.

Gonna post some before pics of me now and I'll try to update every day or so!
Dr Erik Marquez

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