3 Weeks Op Dr. Campos - Mexico, MX

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I am 3 weeks away from surgery not sure if I'm...

I am 3 weeks away from surgery not sure if I'm ready. I honestly don't think it's hit me yet ... Trying to figure out the things I will need. I see a lot of the girls on here talk bout vitamins not sure which ones ill need. But anyways ... I have made my $800 dollar deposit. Angie told me I could take the remaining of the money cash the day of the surgery. I'm glad I can do that I have read a lot or most girls have problems with their deposits. I will post as much information as I can... Also every single one of their quotes is different here is mine:

Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2800
Fat grafting in to buttocks 600
Discount - 500
Surgical Facility 1100
Anesthesia Fee 500 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle 120

Total 4620 usd

Wish pictures

Hello dolls :))

Can anyone help me on where to find Marypaz I hear she works wonders. I will not be staying at clubMed or anything like that. My bf is driving me there he suggested it would be easier if we stay at a hotel in TJ since we have to go back to remove tubbing. I wanted to contact Marypaz and get my first couple of massages from her does she work at clubMed? Or where would I be able to reach her? Thank you!

Ahh can't sleep...

Thinking of all the things i need and reading RealSelf lol .... Btw I'm 24 years old and my current weight is 120 pounds.

My pictures at 120 pounds


Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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