1yr BBL POST OP and 6mo Post op TT,BA Dr pantoja

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29 yr old female 2 babys looking to get my body...

29 yr old female 2 babys looking to get my body back after years of making babys.. Previous real self looking to get a bbl round 2 schedule for March 3rd first time around I didn't get as much far as I needed transfered now I'm determined to get the full mommy makeover can't wait to get my pre mommy body back ...will post before pics soon

Pre op pics

Real pics ,real person before pics going in for Rd 2 March 3rd would love to know what u need to gather for the breast and tt procedure , only the things I will need

Absolute must have items ??

Help ladies I have up coming sx in march what are the most important items I need to buy the absolutely must have for my tt and ba....plse would appreciate any help I could get ??

Pics after Rd 1 pics and current pics added

Okay ladies here are my horrible current pics and my Rd 1 pics along with 4 months post now I can see from the pics I fluffed as you can tell my right side needs more fat added so that's why I'm having the revision done.and even on my right hip it needa more fat so hopefully dr p can fix all this and give me more , to round it all out nicely how it should be... I'm so excited to get rid of this flabby skin in my stomach my first Rd I had lipo of arms,back,flanks,thighs,abdomen, fat transfer to buttocks and gave me a waist can't wait for me tt I'll be able to get naked in front of hubby without having to worry of my nasty stomach..

Anyone who may have had a tt with lipo with pantoja

I really want lipo along with my tt but dr refuses to do together anyone else have this problem , my question did you get tt and not lipo and now regret it having 2nd thoughts about having tt with pantoja I really feel I still have alot fat left and need more lipo I don't want it to be a waste of tt anyone anything would help thx

34 days!! Deposit paid Rd2 BBL Goodbye tummy

So I just paid my 500$ deposit with dr p , getting real again I'm so excited I can't wait I'm not even scared anymore,Im just ready to be comfortable in my own skin now..!! Ladies I do have a question for any of you that have already done tts and ba+bl with pantoja does he supply the bra for ur boobs or is it just the full body garment?

Hotel booked !! Date is coming soon horrible pre op picS

So I got my surgery set decided I will only be there just a few days enough to get the surgery done and come home will be going back for my 3 week post op at the end of march, so I was having second thoughts about the tummy tuck thought maybe I was still too fat for it , but nadia put my mind at ease and showed me some related cases like mines so I have confidence dr pantoja is gna make me look beautiful can wait to get rid of this nasty gut and finally be able to be comfortable in my own skin..can't wait I'm gna feel so much better about my self... I know it,

Hotel booked city express

Not the greatest hotel but very convenient free wifi, free breakfast , and free shuttle works for me you really don't want to driving in this area as it gets super hectic btw prices are increasing by the day book yours now !!!

Mode pre op pics with clothes

Can't even tell I have all this extra skin with clothes on huh, ya I have to wear faja to keep it all compressed I'm 5months post of lipo and bbl here, can't wait to get my tt and bbl revision I feel so much confidence with my 1st Rd bbl and lipo I'm sure this is gna help me ao..much I can't wait to finally be happy in my own body I'm soon excited can't wait I know it's gna be hard and s struggle but I'm really set in having the procedures done, it's a life changing event, I don't regret it one bit, so girl don't hesitate to get the procedure done do we mommas and wifeys deserve it!! Time to do you !

GETTING REAL 2 says left!

Omg almost my turn starting to feel nervous yet , excites ti say good bye to this body i,omg I'm just scared of recovery, and how I'm gna do it with a 2 yr old, hope fully everything will be just fine, I have wonderful husband that will be along my side, pray for me ladies

Heading out to the

Ladies heading out to scheduled tmro this is how I'll be riding back home put a futon mattress inside my Yukon if I get tired I will sit in the back wish me luck and prayers for me Lady

Ladies I'm here waiting to be called

Hey ladies I'm here at Dr Pantojas office I'm just waiting on my results for my breast ultra sound to come back, since I mentioned I had extremely dense breast he wants to take extra precautions to make sure I'm okay to get the BA, I'm super excited can't wait for this to be done , he's going to be working on me 2nd only 2 of us today another girl getting a bbl here so just me n her for the day, included my current measurements below let's hope waist line shrinks super tiny can't wait ready to go on with my life now, I chose 350cc cohesive gel implants will be above muscle as thats what he think is best for my body type I'm already a size 38d so i don't wanna go to big I just want a fullness and lift , he will be adding fat to my butt mostly in the bottom in the areas I need filled , and a little more to my hips,he says I'm gna look like a barbie doll let's hope,, ;) wish me luck and prayers for me ladies here I go will keep you all updated

Made it to the flat!

Ended up getting tt and ba only per Dr recommendation , 4he surgery 4.5 pounds of skin n fat gone will update when feeling better with more details no pain just sore Ness

Okay ladies here goes 1st pics

This is all I can do at the moment only a few hours post op,, no lipo was done at all doc was scared I wS gna bleed alot it being 2nd lipo and me being on my period so he didn't want to take risks I'll be coming back in 1yr exactly to get my lipo done and rd2 he said it's for the best he doesn't want me to sit on my butt and have it deflate so I'm going to go with whatever he thinks iS best for my body

Update day 5 post op

So today is day 5 I have found it to be a little bit more harder than the other days just for the simple fact that I hate depending on people to do things for me I feel disabled I haven't been able to brush my hair have a put on makeup and I pretty much feel like a burden on my family at the time,one side of my tummy burns a little but it's through the inside I can feel the muscles super tight, took off my faja to wash tried to put on my Colombian faja bit that was not gna happen the colombian faja I was before my sx , but I'm so bloated in the tummy it's not gna work, the marena garment dr p gave me is digging in my skins and hurts the crease at My breast ,I ordered another one haven't been I pain just bored of this sleeping position and being disabled adding 5 days post op pics sorry ladies I took these before I got cleaned up but this is how things r looking as of now, stomach is super swollen and numb, can't feel the outside but I can feel the muscle repair on this inside. Free to ask questions I'm super bored at home already...just want this to go by fast now..

Walking hunched ?

How long will this go on I'm my body seems it's ready to straighten some ? Now but I'm scared cause dr said my incision needs to get blood supply from other half that's why it's important to walk hunched they said that the bottom part can turn black or blue and eventually died so that is why I'm scared to even walk straight some but it's really killing my back can anyone help on when I should start straightening up when did you finally straighten up fully?

12 days post before and after

Boobies beginning to drop feeling better, no longer hunching too much feel free to ask questions ...beginning to feel somewhat normal now love the results so far..


Feeling better, not hunching as much , hubby pulled drain wasn't draining anymore. .I feel free...


3wks post had incisions taken out Saturday and had a massage with maripaz feel so much better feeling about 60% there, had sex with hubby he loves my new boobies lol, he was gentle still feeling some tightness walking somewhat straight but not quite there yet , one side of my body is still more swollen then the other, overall I'm happy with results I have so far feel free to ask questions ;)

5 wks update

Hey beautiful dolls just keeping you all updated so let me start off by saying this recovery has actually been tough and it has not been pain wise it has mostly been hard on my back from walking hunched I am finally a month out and finally able to walk some what straight straight still a little hunched but that will do I am currently working at home so far I am getting 6 weeks off I'm super lucky for that because I just started my job I have only been there three months and they have been very lenient with me so I currently been having some left rib cage pressure I'm not quite sure what it is I went to emergency room yesterday but they said it was nothing it still hurts it's mostly a lot of pressure it feels like I have a ball of something in there hurts when I do any type of pressure Bend or pull, it literally feels like I am healing very slowly and it's mostly because of the tummy tuck the breast have not been giving me issues at all, other than that I'm doing good just hoping I'm back to normal soon !

Can't believe I will actually get to wear a bikini this year!

Can't believe I get to show off my stomach this yeat, wow I'm so happy I did this for my self , I went with the skirt bottom cause I hate my ass celulite maybe next year I'll be able to wear the skimpy undies haha but I think the skirt is cute , well I got the Victoria secret bikini halter o sale online and it's the bombshell well this wasnt the best one for me makes my boobs look bigger I don't like it, the bra makes them loom to big for my frame ...so I'll be taking it back but if your small chested and want a boost this is the way too go!!5wk pics can't wait to get back to exercising and tone everything out

2 months post

Just a few pics to show u ladies what 2 months post op looks like after tt and ba, and 8 months post bbl my stomach is still numb and swollen

Almost 1 yr post op bbl will definitely be getting a Rd 2

Not estatic about my bbl results but better than what it was before,i have more fat on the too then on the bottom, uneven hips and butt I'm not perfect I'm a real person I have celulite, but to be honest to me that doesn't bother me to much right now as I first wish to complete my bbl then work on the celulite, from a scale of 1 too 100 for bbl results I'm about 60% happily with the final results , only reason I'm going back to him for my Rd 2 is because it was already paid other wise I was considering dr fisher or develccio if my Rd 2 doesn't turn out as planned to go with these other drs, feel free to ask questions ladies

6 months post op TT,BL,BA Dr Pantoja

Overall happy regardless I'll be getting a belly button revision hopefully March 2017 and long with more lipo and an another Rd of fat transfer my bb scared kinda ugly so I want it fixed and he will be doing that for free for me


Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pantoja made me feel right at home felt in good hands my 2nd time going with him , he is one of the best in TJ highly recommended,love my tt and ba

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