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Hello dolls! First of all I wanted to say i am...

Hello dolls!
First of all I wanted to say i am booked for surgery with Dr.Pantoja and my experience with Nadia and the clinic has been AMAZING. Outstanding so far. Its 10000% percent better than what it was when I was considering going to the Dominican Republic to get work done. Everything has been a breeze, and everything has been paid and ready to go. No stress, no worrying. They have made me feel at ease knowing they are there to help and make sure I have all my questions answered. I even was able to find out a recovery house from them, hotels, everything. They even sent me my pre-op instructions ( that are very detailed and useful as well)

Ladies, communication with your doctor and feeling at ease and them wanting to help you and make things easy for you is what makes a good clinic and a professional one. I cant stress that enough. They even got me an earlier date due to an opening! Which was really sweet of them. I didn't even need to ask them and I never had to chase Nadia to respond. She always responded the next day or within an hour depending on what time it was. She is amazing. We even spoke on them on the phone( Nadia and the other girl) and they both were so professional and speak English 100%. I wont have to worry about anyone confusing me for someone else ( they call me by my name and that was my biggest concern with my other doctor) and they sent a receipt to me after I paid.

They were just as professional as any American or Canadian Doctor and in my opinion, really went the extra mile and saw me as person vs just $$ next in line.

My hemoglobin is currently at 13.7 which is awesome! i just hope the EKG and the Ultrasound of my breasts go well too.

Update** I had my surgery on 10/12/2015. I'm out of surgery and released from the hospital.
Everyone was SO professional and nice. I never felt worried about anything. They were never rude or upset because I asked or needed help and the over night stay was a breeze.

I'm sore and in a lot of pain but it's totally worth it.
the doctor took 5,000 CC liters out of me and injected 1200 in each in each cheek.They all came to check up on me and check my blood before i was released.

Wonderful experience so far.

Photos and update, day 2 :)

here are my current photos , i weighted about 188 going in, i got 5000 cc liters of fat taken out and 1200 in each cheek. I now have a waist but am very swollen. I got 600 CC silicone as well with a lollipop lift. Ill take some photos without garments when I have time, but for now heres one with the garments.
I had my full back, waist, flanks, inner thigh, full stomach and arms done.
I am 23 years old and 5ft8. Always had a bit of waist but never this defined!

I also got my first lymphatic massage today. Not so painful for me, but everyone is different. Im only draining from one drain on my left side. I also had a shower but covered my incisions. Its been okay so far.

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Dr. Pantojas staff is amazing.

They emailed me to ask (already) how I am doing since surgery. They are the sweetest.

Also If you have any questions about the procedures I had done please read the review as I listed everything in the review :)

I will continue to update!

Day 3, finally got some of the fluid released from my back.

Because of the swelling some areas will/do look bigger than they are even though a lot of my fat is gone and no where near like it was before.

This isn't an easy process. A lot of dolls on realself don't talk a lot about the pain/swelling,fluid build up.
I got a massage today and on pain meds. I need help with just about everything because i can't lift my arms, and i can't sit on my butt.

You will swell, maybe not as bad as me but even though i'm not eating a lot ( very light) and drinking lots of water, it takes it's toll on you doing things.

The important thing is to sleep, sit, relax when you can. And let it take its course.

Bring nausea pills, anything you think you might need just in case ( they do give you prescription pills that you pay for at the clinic that are helpful but bring extra things in case you need it.

Even typing my arms get tired lol.

Here are more pics, please mind the swelling. Its very swollen but my shape is nice.

You can see how small my waist is now

First day with lipo foam ( contour md brand) and triangle board in the back.
Garment is getting looser but with adding the stuff it made it tighter and more comfortable. 100% recommended

Day 4 and pic after massage, might need revision for butt, swelling going down and drained.

im thinking i might need a revision done on my bbl :( my butt is lifted but my butt is still too flat compared to other bbl girls. Will ask the doctor when i visit him. Love the lipo and the boobs though.

I want a juicy but and i haven't sat on it at all besides my boppy pillow.

Day 5 - Visited Dr.Pantoja today - Butt is looking better but swelling is killer.

I was upset about my butt a bit but as the doctor said - my butt was pretty flat prior to surgery lol and he did put 1200 ccs per side. I might just be one of those round 2 girls.

Does anyone have any tips for putting on Fajas? I'm in a Large size currently and now that i left the recovery house, my mother and I cannot put the faja on at all. It's like impossible. Even after my massage/draining/shower and putting on Faja garment cream ( to make it easier) :( so i'm quite upset we can't put it on and it might ruin my results.

Any tips ladies would be helpful and appreciated asap!!!!!

Got the garment on

I'm still looking for a better way to do it but got the garment on. Finally.

My befores

Here are some, i was about 172-175 here. 188 when i went in.
I'll see if i can get my before photo from the clinic as well.

Day 5, forgot to mention also got last two drains out and some stitches ( for the lipo)

Dr. Pantoja did a fabulous job on me. I'm just waiting for it to stop swelling so I can show it off! He took my butt from flat to rounded ( the best he could). Even if i'm picky at times,he is awesome and has a great sense of humor and the staff does their best to help you.

They also explained about my bbl and how everyone's body is different, sometimes you will need more vs less,the shape will be different, and much more and the doctor really does his best for your body.

The staff is so friendly and they all remember me too lol

day 6 - massage today and walking around

more fluid is needing to be drained ( even though it's draining on it's own without me lol) and the garment is still pretty stiff and tight on me ( fits me in the butt/waist overall but doing it up and wearing it is hell. I'm also extremely tired easy even walking around.. its like an older(80+) year old walking lol.

I'm soo done with the swelling, i love my results but the pain and the swollen arms ( probably aggressive lipo) has taken it's toll on me. I love my results soo much but it's hard at times and trying to find things while i'm away from home that won't bloat me is limited to fruit and light foods.

I'm leaving in a few days.. I'm tired and i'm wondering how my flight will go. Hopefully i can do it since I have help.

To all the dolls who do this on your own (traveling, etc) mad props to you- i have no idea how you do it and apparently i'm doing well as far as doing things, getting up quickly and not screaming/crying about my pain and etc .

Day 8 Leaving today

Had my last massage yesterday, drained less than before and i'm draining on my own :) I'm looking forward to it. My waist has gone down a bit. and i'm managing the swelling ( seems to be subsiding)
I took some photos yesterday that I will be posting.
Just wanted to say thank you to all the Dolls on here who have written to me and gave me encouragement.. It's so needed on this journey. It's hard to believe last monday I had my surgery! already past the one week mark.

Day 9 Clinic continues to check in every few days. Wonderful!

Feeling better everyday, taking it easy. Flight home was not bad and the clinic even swapped my garment for a new one ( free of cost) to help my results really shine. Will be posting that soon!

Hannia checked in today to make sure i'm doing well. They are the best clinic ever! Seriously. This is what you need when you have had surgery and are an out of town patient to make sure you if you have any issues they are aware. That's caring about a patient. and i'm really glad to have picked Dr.Pantoja as my waist to hip ratio is amazing now too.

DAY 10 - woke up with some swelling, not bad though. Able to do daily activities.

Still taking my prescriptions from Dr.Pantoja and following the directions/ advice he gave.
They give you Post-Op instructions for breast implants, one for BBL and recommended diet. They even wrote on the box how many times a day to take medication. It's been a very good experience!
The doctor took off my tape ( from my breasts) on Tuesday and i'll be able to get the stitches out in a couple weeks.

New pic

Dr.Pantoja worked magic on me.. first time in my life even though i'm swollen still i have no gut.

Day 11 - Hip to waist ratio is amazing now.. Clinic continues to check in every few days!

I bought an over sized dress for recovery (second hand and used- big on me!) but it still shows my curves well. Cant wait for tight fitting dresses =)
LOVE the communication and care from the clinic

Dr. Pantoja and his staff do not get enough kudos.

The doctor is beyond professional, as his staff. A safe, secure and clean environment office and operating area ( and the location is safe.) They will answer every question, they will take care of every concern you have, and what you pay for is what you get. I highly recommend them. If you go there or book with them, please tell them Future_bombshell_chick sent you and they will take very good care of you =)

Day 12 Wearing an Abdominal Board, triangle in Faja Salome

I love how it makes has made my swelling go down. Switching to this was excellent Idea. I'm following the diet recommended by Dr.Pantoja, and the swelling is improving by the day. Low Sodium and very healthy. The abdominal board has been helping my creases as well. I'm can't wait until i can wear pants more often and lift my arms fully and start working out again.

Day 13- New pics and my results are really starting to shine.. getting the garment on is getting easier and looser!

Love my results so far!!!!!!!!! Swelling is getting minimal and bruising is disappearing.. two weeks tomorrow!

Clinic continues to check in, always wonderful!

They continue to check up on me. Wonderful!

The swelling is getting better and better each day :)

Offering a Package deal for my unused BB pillow+plus supplies, message for details, bought too much pre-surgery

Hey guys,
so it's been 5 months and I love my results! losing weight is easier, i get compliments all the time, and wear a size 8 dress!( the smallest I ever have) it's been great and the doctor and staff have continued to be amazing :) love them so so much. Sorry for not updating for so long!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr.Pantoja, Clean, nice place, great staff, everyone went the extra mile. love them !

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