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I am a mother of two children in my 30s & have...

I am a mother of two children in my 30s & have decided to get a bbl. I have researched and decided on the two best Drs in Mexico in regards to bbl surgery and have gotten a consultation from both Dr Pantoja & Dr Campos. Dr Campos is higher but I already expected that, but hes still within $1000 of Dr Pantoja. I am completely torn!!! I have a friend who went to Dr Campos and she could be a video vixen her butt looks so amazing. But every body type is different, and Dr Pantoja has amazing reviews also. His lipo to the stomach on some of the ladies looks like Barbie dolls. Dr Pantoja also has you stay for overnight care which no other Dr does and its included in the cost. And his staff is so far the best they answer all questions within a day. It took Dr Campos office over a week to give me just a quote and that was after several emails. It was so frustrating I had gotten to the point I was going to give them until the end of week to and I was going to forget them all together. But they did respond and I was pleasantly surprised by his quote and the details provided in it. Im so uncertain and I need to give one of them a deposit I've seen first hand Dr Campos work, but I've seen pictures of Dr Pantojas work also and I like it also. My only concern is that Dr Pantojas bbls aren't as round and thats a big deciding factor for me. I already have the meat back there but its not round and it needs a lift. So can anyone please help and please provide pictures if either of these two Dr's have given you a bbl. All pictures help. Thank you

No Support @ All

Wow I figured someone would help with their stories based on their experiences but NO ONE seems willing to help at all. I thought Id get a little support on this site but I guess not so I'll keep my choice results and pictures to myself.

Decision Made. Weight loss time!!!!

Ive made my decision on my Dr, now I need to get as close to by prebaby weight as possible.

Just to Clarify....

November 21, 2015

After looking at every picture I could find of both doctors and personally knowing one of his success stories, I've decided to go with Dr Campos. He is more pricey but his "butts" are more round, and that's what I'm looking for I have volume now I need shape. Dr Pantoja seems to be a Master at carving a Barbie Doll waist but If I can loose my desired weight I definitely wont need too much. Unfortunately I have encountered a significant change in my income so I am going to have to push my surgery back. I am beyond saddened by this but still determined. I am still aiming for early to mid year, next year so hopefully all will work out sooner than later......
Also ladies on a side note before I encountered my financial dilemma, I was selling my new and old clothes, as well as children's new & used clothes. Even my parents were giving me extra things to sell. In the 3 months I have been selling I have made almost $1000. It may not be alot but its money that wont be coming out of my children's or my mouth. I use Tradesy, Poshmark, Totspot & Mercari to sell from. All of the sites except Mercari charge a % Use my code "XSZNWK" to join Mercari and get $2 off your first purchase! https://www.mercari.com/dl/
You can also shop using the Ebates app for your favorite online retailers and the send you a check every few months. The percentages aren't usually that high but sometimes they can be really good like Macy's will give you 9% of your total purchase so keep checking, hell if your gonna spend money might as well get some of it back.
Lastly their are apps that pay you to lose weight like Healthy Wage. When I am able to get back on track for my surgery I am definitely going to look into these, hope this helps any of you ladies.

Still Postponed, when it rains it pours... but still optimistic and determined.

So while I do have a surgery date its not the surgery I want. :^( I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed on February 22. I will at least loose some more weight since I will be on a Liquid Diet for about 2 weeks or until I can handle solid foods. I get throat infections a couple times a year and recently had one so bad the side of my face had swelled up and my gums and teeth were in excruciating pain. So to alleviate the problem I'm going to have my tonsils removed. Now I figure although my finances haven't stabilized I figure if I can continue to make money selling our clothes we no longer use and it doesn't cut into my finances I may be able to have the surgery in March. I'm trying to be optimistic and determined. (FINGERS CROSSED)

May Have to Rethink my Final Decision

So being a new year and a few months since my last quote, I decided to get a 2nd quote from both Dr Pantoja and Dr Campos just to see where we stand. As usual Nadia (Dr Pantojas staff) responded the next day, and answered my follow up question the same day. I'm going on my 2nd week waiting for a response with Dr Campos staff. My sis in law even got a half ass response before me, even though she requested a quote after me. They didnt bother to read her message apparently though because she was specific in what she did and didn't want and they ignored her and gave her a quote for with things she specifically didn't want. What I also find questionable is Dr. Campos is on here posting answers to people's questions almost everyday. My cousin had a bbl done in AZ and her Dr blatantly disregarded her request, which was to have lipo done on her full abdomen. After the surgery she noticed he did not do it all, when she asked him why he didnt do it he said he was saving the rest for her second bbl! Which she never discussed doing. She was livid and the crazy thing is she already had a butt. Now she has spent close to $10,000 to look almost exactly the same. I do have to say she didn't do the aftercare your supposed to do like where your shaper for long enough and avoid sitting on her bottom to soon after so that part is her fault. But lucky for her she already had a nice shape before because I can't tell anything was done and we grew up close together. I'm definitely going to have to put some thought in to my final decision. I don't want to be unhappy with my surgery like she is. Most surgeon's are cocky so I can handle that. I worked at a hospital and I've had a couple surgeries myself. But I dont want a surgeon who genuinely doesn't care about his patients. At this point I'm unsure if its his issue or a staffing issue so I will post an update with my decision when I figure some things out.

Moving Forward

Ok so I am going try to move forward with my bbl. Can anyone tell me a good place to stay? Im on a budget and I think I may just drive home its only a few hours, but Idk? Also is there a car service that can take you over the border? I may need like a mini van to lay in but Idk if a cab, or uber can cross then cross back.

Countdown to "B" Day

Ok so I just had my tonsillectomy on feb 22 and let me tell you it has been HELLLLLLL!!!!!!! On the upside I have lost some weight Yayyyyyy!!!! But I still have 20-30 pounds to go and my surgery is right around the corner smh. Anyways my BBL surgery is scheduled for the end of March. So even though I'm not quite healed yet, Im confident I'll be fully recovered by then. I am however still worried about where to stay and the lymphatic massage appointments as well as follow up appointments I have to keep. I am a single mother of a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Although their dad does help its not that much. Also how will I get their and back? So much stress so little time lol. I'm adding some more pictures. I'll update soon.


OK so I've ordered my supplies.... I found a bbl pillow for $44 & $6 shipping used on the site Mercari where I sell clothes. Needless to say I was beyond extatic...Half off!!!! Also it came looking brand new so win win win. So my list looks like
1. BBL Pillow
2. Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser (I was going to get Betadine to bathe with the morning of surgery but this looked like it wouldn't stain as much.)
3. Band-Aids
4. Abdominal Pads/Tape
5. Neosporin/ Q-Tips
6. Anti Embolism Stocking
7. Female Standing Urinal
8. Arnicare Tablets.
9. Compression Garments (Included In Surgery Price)
10. Lipo Board/Lipo Foam (Ordered the foam on Amazon for $18. I was going to order the one for $7.50 that a lot of people suggest, until I seen the shipping was $12!!!! Sooooo I saved a $1.50 and combined it with my other order to get free shipping on everything, which saved me another $9. I bought a black maxi dress to wear after surgery and I'll wear my flip flops so I can just slide them on and not bend over. I already had a black dress but I didn't think it would hide the top of my compression garment. OK so I think that's everything except a reclining lawn chair to cut the seat out & a scar remover cream for the lipo scars. I'm debating between Mederma or another scar remover that is a silicone base cream (which I've seen most plastic surgeon's on here seem to recommend)

Finally Over

Well my wait is over and my surgery is done. I am still recovering, since it's only been a little over a week. The first day was hell but the pain lessened a little after the first few days. At the one week mark I had my drains removed and got a a lymphatic massage that felt like heaven. I honestly wish I could get those forever lol. I'm extremely pleased with my results. Also on another note, like many people I was upset about how long it took to get a response from his office. But I just called instead of, or when I emailed. Angelica is very sweet and extremely busy. I even got losses in Mexico and lossed my normal phone provider, since we were in another country, and Angelica drove around and found us!!! I don't know any doctors office's that do that. She gave me a big hug before surgery also and was just sweet the entire time. While I was in the office I noticed that everyone relied on her for EVERYTHING that's not medically related i.e. consults, phone calls, emails, paperwork, payment, processing, questions and concerns, buying supplies like poppy pillows and added surgeries, and that's just off the top of my mind. She really really really needs an assistant herself. I heard her name mentioned for everything even more than Dr Campos. I stayed overnight because I maxed out of the fat to be removed and released same day and it was horrible. Not the stay just the pain of surgery and sleeping on my stomach on an uncomfortable hospital bed. I didn't get any sleep, even now the pain wakes me up every 1-3 hours. But It's definitely not the worst surgery I've had. I believe a few weeks of pain far out weighs a lifetime of unhappiness. Even though I'm not quite at my goal weight, I am elated about my new shape. It's hard to see the exact change in the compression garment & with all the swelling but you get the basic idea....

Last Post!

I keep getting all these updates to comments to everyone else's post but mine. I've been documenting my journey for months and since I'm obviously not getting any feedback, weeks after my surgery, this is my last post. Im hoping I can delete my account but either way I'm done wasting my time.

Update Pics

These are my before & after pics.... My butt still had some bruising because this was about a month after the procedure.
Dr. Campos-Leon

Amazing Dr and great staff. Beyond happy with my results. Dr Campos is in my opinion not just a highly skilled surgeon, but an artist as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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