41 YR Old Mom of 3 - Having Surgery with Hubby!! - Mexico, MX

Hi Dolls and Gents! I'm a 41 YR Old mom of 3 (24,...

Hi Dolls and Gents!
I'm a 41 YR Old mom of 3 (24, 15, 11 - yes I was young with the 1st one :-) and my husband and I do everything together...including having plastic surgery :-) Crazy right?!?! As I type this, he says, don't mention his surgery :-) I can only talk about my surgery...he is such a party pooper (ssshhh...he is having Rhinoplasty)!!! I am having a BBL with lipo from arm, abs/flanks, lower back, and outer thighs. I am still undecided if I will include inner thighs. The multiple areas are because I am only 5'2" and 118 lbs so I need to ensure the Dr. can get enough fat to give me the projection I want. I'm not looking for a Kim K or Nikki M booty, just want the bottom area "tooted up" and the "S" curve in the lower back area. From my pics you can see I have a decent shape/curve and booty, just need a bit more definition that has declined from kids and genetics :-)

We have chosen our destination and doctor (topplasticsurgeonsmexico.com and our doc is Bernardo Baltazar Rendon). To be honest, when my husband first mention going to Mexico for our surgeries, I told him he must be crazy (lol). But for those that don't know my husband, this man researches everything down to the finest detail. I knew that if he was open to us going to Mexico it was because he had researched and researched and researched...well you get the picture!!

We are 96 days away from our transformation and so far I've purchased all our vitamins. I've also located the lab location we will use to get the required labs completed 15 days prior to our surgery.

So, Mexico, here we come! We are scheduled for 12/15/16 for both our surgeries. I will keep everyone posted as I couldn't find many posts about our surgery holiday location or our doctor on RealSelf.

The couple that has surgery together, stays together...that sounds about right...right?!?!

Confused by BBL consultation

So, my hubby and I went to a consultation on Friday for my BBL and his Rhinoplasty. We thought it would be a good idea to see a doctor in the states just to ensure we are hearing the same feedback from Dr. Baltazar since we don't get to truly see him until our trip in December.

As soon as the doctor's nurse had me undress she immediately told me I wasn't a candidate for a BBL. She said she didn't even need to do a full exam because she could tell that I would not have enough fat to extract let alone process to inject into by butt. To say I was a little disappointed would be an understatement :-(
Now I am confused by if Dr. Baltazar in Mexico can truly perform the BBL and give me the results I desire. My dilemma is whether I should believe the nurses assessment or continue on with our trip in December.
I'm now thinking that worst case scenario is I just get lipo on certain areas to at least giving me the smaller and well defined waist, arms and thighs I want. My husband says to stay positive but it's a bit hard.

Has anyone else experienced getting different assessments from different doctors? If so, how did you handle it and did you continue with the surgery?

BBL & Rhinoplasty - Change of Docs

GM Dolls & Gents!

So after much research on my husbands part, he was not comfortable with us going to TopPlasticSurgeons due to the lack of actual patient pictures we requested. Several of the pictures we were sent for Rhinoplasty we were told at first they were actual patients of Dr. Rendon. When my husband provided proof that those same pictures were all over the web and associated with other doctors, we were told they are just examples of the type of work Dr. Rendon can do....huh???? Who wants a doctor that is only showing you "examples" of other doctors work and claiming that is how his work will look? Definitely had us looking "sided eyed" :-)

During his search he reached out to over 9 doctors for both our cases. Needless to say, I was disappointed and confused by the various recommendations I was given. One doctor said the only way I would get a good result was to have a circumferential tummy tuck. When I read the reasons for anyone to have this type of surgery, it was based on a VERY overweight person that had lost a large amount of weight or had Gastric surgery. I mean, come on, did you really look at my pictures. I am 5'2" and only 118 pounds. So she was nixed :-) Then two more suggested I have an extended tummy tuck. At this point I was getting very frustrated and second guessing my decision all together. I knew that I did not want a large scar, no matter how low it would be, on my body. I truly felt that no matter how good the procedure may be, I would ultimately be more disappointed by looking down each day at this large scar. My husband could sense my frustration and he didn't want me to have the scar either so he didn't give up on finding me the right doctor. Enter...Dr. Salvador Pantoja. I had read several patients reviews of his work and care and truly felt he was right for me. Not only does he do traditional lipo but he follows it up with Vaser lipo to tighten your skin. After researching this I realized this would be a much better alternative to address any possible loose skin issues after the lipo. His assistant Nadia was super responsive and when we sent a boat load of questions for Dr. Pantoja, he was quick to respond and even confirmed that I did not need a tummy tuck and the Vaser lipo would work great on my skin. Everything we have read thus far about him and his team has been completely truly. Even better news is that initially they didn't have any availability until January 2017 and I was adamant that was too late for me as we really needed to have our surgery while our kids are on Christmas break and it mirrored our annual vacation time. My husband surprised me last night by saying he kept in contact with Nadia and explained how I really wanted Dr. Pantoja to perform my surgery. She responded yesterday that they can fit me in on Dec 12th. Yeah!!! We have paid my deposit and now we are on to my husband's selection.

Hubby has narrowed his choice down to Manuel Gutierrez. Several factors were based on the fact that Dr. Gutierrez specializes in African American noses. His team has been extremely responsive to his questions and concerns. He also provided us with more than enough "actual" patient photo's to support his work. He performs on an average 7+ African American noses a month. The only part of the surgery we are still waiting for confirmation on is if he will be able to perform his turbinate procedure.

Now that we have secured our doctors and dates, we are working on our recovery house options. Our 1st option is Our Friends House and the 2nd is Recovery Boutique. Can anyone offer any feedback on either of them and why you would recommend them? We would greatly appreciate it!

Wish Pics!

Adding reasonable "wish pics" for my current body shape. Not sure if I should show Dr. P or just wait to see what he proposes.

Any feedback from you Dolls would be greatly appreciated. Did you show your Dr's any "wish pics"? If so, did he/she even come close to meeting/exceeding your expectations?

PantojaDoll2016 - Almost Time!

So we are almost 30 days away and I am still back n forth on what I want to get done. I know the lipo for sure but each time I put on my current wardrobe, my booty already fills out everything. I love the way my booty looks in my clothes, just not happy with the view when out of clothes :-) Since most of my sizes are a 2-4, I really don't want to have to purchase a new wardrobe just to fit my new booty. I've also gained a few pounds, didn't really plan to but my husband thought I should stop the gym workouts all together so I could be sure to have enough fat. Although I feel super huge right about now and my current clothes are much tighter than a few months ago...aghhhh. I'm staying positive by the simple fact the surgery is right around the corner and Dr. P. can suck all these mess away :-)
Hubby and I have been taking our vitamins daily and I've started putting some items in my suitcase. Marvin at ClubMed stressed for us to pack lightly as they do have an onsite laundry facility and most of the supplies I will need for my recovery, they have available to purchase or they supply it. I'm also thinking about getting my doctor to prescribe me some pain meds since I keep hearing that the kind you get in MX aren't as strong. I do have a high tolerance for pain but I've never had a BBL so I don't want to have to experience too much pain than necessary. Also, since I am allergic to Percocet, I'm a bit nervous about the meds from MX and want to ensure I don't have a reaction to anything while there.

Getting nervous also about all the stories I keep reading about people waking up nauseous, dizzy and experiencing a burning/itching feeling. I've had lipo sx before and never experienced any of those reactions. So a little confused by why so many seem to experience these reactions. I sure hope I don't!

Hubby seems to be calm, cool and collected about his sx...hmmmm :-) He is so excited about getting his nose done that I'm not even allowed to take any more pics of him until after his sx!!! WTF! Due to both our Dr's schedules, we are having our sx on the same day at different locations. I'm a bit nervous about that as I was really hoping that we would be able to see each other after our sx to ensure the other person is ok. We will also be without each other the 1st night as I will be at Dr. P's facility for recovery and he will be back at the recovery house. Pray for us!!
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