30 Years Old- No Kids- Prior Stomach Lipo and Silicone Injections. Looking to Become a PANTOJA Barbie ASAP! - Mexico, MX

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I was set on traveling to Harold Villalobos in...

I was set on traveling to Harold Villalobos in cali Colombia, but doing more digging I was just scared and not impressed. His stomach work comes out looking botched and he doesn't do thorough work on back fat areas or really snatch a waist like PANTOJA does. So today (June 12, 2016) I made my new decision based on all the wonderful things you girls have posted. The decision became a no brainer!

Just a few questions though, how far out is he booked? I just emailed today and want ASAP. I put a 300 deposit with the other doctor and bought a 700$ ticket to Colombia but thank goodness for travel protection (ticket refund!)

What is the expected down payment to secure surgery? Where do you girls recommend staying?

I can't wait to get this process rolling!!!


Just about 8 weeks until surgery date!

I'm starting to get really excited and time is finally flying by. I had to remind my bf how soon my surgery is coming up! He's so sweet he's paying for it, and happy to do so. I feel so spoiled!

Sorry for the lack of updates but can you girls give me a run down of the things I'll need as far as creams, meds( I'm bringing stronger pain pills also, the mexican ones feel like Tylenol to me) and all the necessities? ( ordering dr miami booty buddy this week) Should I start taking iron pills or is that not necessary?

Also, what should I plan to bring money wise for the massages, food, transportation and all that while I'm there? Also dumb question but does he provide the faja for after surgery??

I'm 193 lbs and 5'8, do you recommend losing weight before surgery? I'm a little confused on that part.

Thanks in advance girls.

Tickets purchased, surgery paid in full

Today was an amazing day! I have surgery the 26th of sept and today is the 9th. I deposited my 3300 balance into Dr Pantoja's account, and also bought my ticket from Las Vegas to San Diego. All I have left is the deposit to club med, and the remaining balance due before I arrive!

I've been taking multi vitamin and iron everyday. I have to stop taking my anxiety meds in about 4 days so I hope that goes well, which I'm sure it will. I've been eating one good size meal a day, not really gaining or losing any weight really. I'm planning on seeing my pcp before I go and getting some norcos or Vicodin because tramadol feels like Advil when I'm in surgery pain. I don't understand why they give you such low strength meds for recovery in Mexico, but oh well.

My mind is really at ease and can't wait for my big day!

More photos of me (20 pounds lighter)

Just thought I'd share my body and some photos of shoots I've done. Plus one wish pic.

Me currently :(

This is hard to look at considering I was always "the body" in my group of friends. But love and lie happens. I have high hope I can look great after sx but seeing myself this big is Aghh!

9 days !

I'm just so excited. I can't wait to be getting ready to head into the sx suite and wake up a masterpiece! My friends all said i got thicker, which I did but It lets me know I'll have ample fat to give it to me where I want it! I'm booked and prepared completely, now it's just a waiting game.

I put a deposit down on a gorgeous tea cup (imperial shih tzu ) today and will pay the remainder due after I'm all healed and ready to be her mommy. She is absolutely adorable.

I just feel so blessed I don't have to depend on friends or family or to burden them, and I'll be totally taken care of.

Pics in high waist panties

These used to look so much sexier. Can't wait to get all this fat out!!! And a video of me in a crop top which I couldn't dare wear right now

Fly to San Diego tomorrow!

It's getting so close, it's so surreal. I've been waiting and anticipating this for months so it's making me anxious it's already here. I had a bit of a mix up with Marvin from club med on what time he was picking me up, but we are all squared away and I arrive at 7am! I really wanted a day where I could spend some time in Mexico, enjoy the food and the beach. Really to just rest and relax before the big day.

I've been taking my iron and multivitamin everyday as well as my arnica pills. I heal fast, but the last time I went under was in 2011, so I'm hoping age ain't nuthin but a number lol. Going to pack very lightly today. May go eat with my gf and plan on going to bed around 9pm waking up at 230 am and then getting ready for the airport arrival of 4am. My stomach is low key in knots thinking about it. Aghhh!

Well I'll be in touch girls. Xo

This is my ultimate wish pic!!!

Weight loss before surgery?

Me 3 days pre op
I think I actually lost weight before my surgery believe it or not. I've not been that hungry or feeling so huge. Haven't stepped on the scale but I can just feel it. I hope this comes into my benefit. Also I asked Nadia about injecting fat into my cheeks or lips and she said the doctor could, my friends all say no, but I love a round youthful look. Here's my body two days ago. I'm praying for great results.

I made it!!

Hey girls I made it! It was an extremely long and emotional day. But I am WELL AND HAPPY!! So that's the most important.
Let's start at the beginning.
Woke up around 7 am, and my BF FaceTime me. We chat for about 30-45 mins. (This really helped me he was being stronger than me- it got emotional for me being in Mexico and so close to surgery.)
I woke up not hungry or thirsty, but I wanted to drink because my mouth was super dry. I then went out and chatted with my housemates and honey the bird. He likes me I think lol. We then left the house around 8:30 getting us to the office right around 9 or shortly after. I walk in and get in am greeted by Nadia. (She's everything and then some as you all have stated. She is my coordinator since Stephanie had to go take care of family issue) I see another girl waiting for her daughter who was getting breast implants by Pantoja. This resulted in me going second, but being the only "body" patient today so I'll take it! (Hemo was at 13.8!)
I then got an ekg and had my consult upstairs. He had a lot of consults coming in and out, but when I met dr Pantoja I felt secure. We went over a stunning plan of carving out my waist, full back, flanks, arms, abdomen, and inner thighs.And adding some fat only to the bottom part of my booty. Then, As I was in the mirror I was like damn- I gave him a little piece of work. I felt like a curvy, cute pig. So odd. Ok so time to go upstairs and rest in my room. This was about 1130 am. I get upstairs, take the famous pill and get the massage and iv. FaceTime bf and just chill.

Around 1245 the other anesthesia guys came in and discussed everything. Then at 100 we went in for surgery. I had to get spinal block and "sleepy time" in my iv. It took a while to get heated up and then I don't remember anything. I was woken up around 445 so I assume my surgery was around 3-3.5 hours. I felt good and talkative. I went to my room and immediately call my BF. I was so itchy and thirsty that's my only thing. It was very unbearable. You're not allowed to eat or drink for 3 hours after.

I finally got water around 730 and it was so amazing, but only a small amount. I got my pee pads changed and met my night nurse Melby. She's so sweet. No english, so I have to break out my spanish I guess lol. It's helping me tho, once I start it just rolls but I'm scared to start, in fear of sounding dumb. Been talking to my babe all night had a gelatin and just took my sleeping medicine. Gonna knock out but
I thought I would check in with you guys. I'll be doing a separate review soon of club med. It is my saving grace this trip tho, and Susana is like my mom. I call her mama, and I'm like her little inquisitive and jokester daughter. I cried when she left me this morning!

Talk soon!!

Post op day 3!

Hey dolls!
Sorry for the lack of updates and photos. I'm doing well and my results are AMAZING. I had a pretty nice body going into this, but dr p really did his thing and made it STUNNING! Couldn't be happier! He is so kind, the staff is amazing. Tonight will be my 2nd massage from lucy. I leave tomorrow evening day 4 of recovery. I'm confident, just don't know how I'll manage with getting into my faja by myself. Club Med has been awesome. Couldn't have done this alone. I highly recommend staying for at least 3-4 days. I'll be posting more once I get home and in my comfort zone. Sorry for the delay, but I'm well and he's SO WORTH IT!



Ok so I'm home and it's been 10/11 days since sx. I'm loving my results even though I'm still really swollen. I'm wearing my epifoam regularly, and when I drive I sit on my boppy pillow. I finally feel like myself again and I'm walking a mile on the treadmill everyday, and I'm eating really healthy. Can't wait for my swelling to go down, and to wear regular waist trainers!!
Sorry for the delay on pics girls. I'll post more as I feel better!


This is for miss cellaneous!!!!!

This is the spider bite I got on my thigh last year and it finally popped and I had fever, headache, needed antibiotic but it healed beautifully. Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

Before and after pics

Hey dolls- 11th day post op. I'm feeling great. I made it down to the last notch on the large garment so I'll be ordering a medium soon. I called Nadia and she doesn't want me even walking on the treadmill yet, just walking my dog is fine. But I will keep up with the heathy eating. I included a couple before and after pics.


My new baby Lola

My baby
So my new bundle of joy came to live with me this past week. I was finally feeling up to caring for something else besides myself. I walk her and she def keeps me busy! She's very dainty and such a cuddle baby while I'm laying on my tummy!! She loves vegging out just as much as I do, so I really love that. She is 13 months and a tea cup or imperial shih tzu. She weighs about 6.5 pounds. I think I may breed her, and have that as a possible side job. The little shih tzus sell for a pretty penny. But this is her! Meet Lola??

Almost 8 weeks! Loving my results

Still with my garment and epifoam daily. Loving my body. I feel like my pre weight gain self. My stomach is very flat and booty full! I need to schedule some massages soon but haven't gone yet. I'm trying to eat clean and not be a pig to maintain everything. My bf and friends all love my results as well. TEAM PANTOJA!


Thought I'd share! Sorry if I'm being annoying!

Heyyyyyy Dolls!

Omg it's Been legit forever since I've updated. I feel horrible! Ok, so where do I begin? I LOVE my results. First and foremost. He is worth every penny.

I'm still loving my new shape, flat tummy and extra shapely booty. I'm single now and it's easy to say finally. Hard couple months I went through. But all smiles!
Miss you girls and here are some updates!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He is by far a true artist. He has magic hands and the eye I've been searching for. Amazing bedside manor, and made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. He is the BEST.

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