29 Years Old, 2 Kids,5'3 163lbs, Round 2 BBL Dr.Pantoja - Mexico, MX

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I am motivated to get my Brazilian butt lift after...

I am motivated to get my Brazilian butt lift after getting my tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation. I loved my results so much that I feel like getting my butt done and some lipo would make me look even better. I am really looking forward to my Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Pantoja. Dr. Pantoja is amaaaaazing!! I can't wait to get my butt and lipo with Dr. P.

3 and a 1/2 months

 and I'm so happy. Can't wait for my bbl on December 20th.

Round 2- LIPO and a BBL, Goooo Dr. Pantoja!!!!

I'm expecting a big, round butt and a little,itty-bitty waist. The surgery will include liposuction of my arms, full back, waist, entire abdomen and inner thighs if necessary with fat transfer into my buttocks to create the BBL. I'm expecting lipo to be like the cherry on top. I've already had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and a breast augmentation with a lift with Dr. Pantoja and I love, love, love my boobs and tummy tuck results. I just have to go back and get my butt done. Given the fact that I just had a mommy makeover on April 12 2016, Dr. Pantoja will not operate any sooner than 8 months due to swelling and healing. I'm excited and I can't wait for December 20, 2016. Thanks to my hubby for my Xmas present and for all of his support. I've posted some wish pics. 128 or so days and counting.....

39 days and counting....

I am soooooo excited! Can't wait to see my transformation

10 days to go

Got everything. I'm ready ????

8 days & some more wish pics

Today's the day

Kind of nervous and kind of excited.

Could not be happier

Passed my physical, I'm all marked up, I'm waiting in my room. Doctor Pantoja and his staff are amazingly awesome.

Post op day 1

Woke up swollen, even my face and feet are swollen. I have not taken any pain meds since I was discharged. I feel discomfort in my lower back from laying on my tummy. In 4 days I'm getting my first massage, drains and stitches removed. Can't wait to see what I look like after the swelling's gone. I had my first bowel movement and it was kind of tricky having to sit hunched over and wiping was interesting. It was good to go though. Sorry if it's TMI. I love Dr. Pantoja and his staff??

My back HURTS from sleeping on my belly!!!

I am so over this, really trying to stay positive. My urine is clear now. I just wish the sleeping and going number 2 wasn't such a process. Patience is a virtue that I need to work on. Hats off to those with bbl success stories.

Gooooood morning!!!

I slept much better last night. I am really not used to sleeping on my belly but puttting a pillow under my tummy, lots of pillows around me helps. Sometimes I'll lay on my side for a bit to kind of rest my back. I'm having difficulty regulating my body temp especially at night so sometimes I'll have to turn the fan on that is right next to me.

To go number 2, I place a towel in between my legs and the front of the toilet seat for cushion and lean over as to avoid putting any pressure o my butt. I lean over on a stool which is about a foot high off the floor. I make sure I wipe with baby wipes to keep clean.

Post op day 4 picture

I've been feeling much better, walking around the house more. I can't believe my butt is so big. I am very happy so far with the results.

Massage # 1 with Maripaz $30 + tip

IMaripaz, a licensed nurse who gave me the massage, told me to take off my clothes and shoes and lay down on the table face up. I was like really? She said to bend my knees so that there would not be so much pressure on my butt. She began to rub my inner and outer thighs. She rubbed my abdominal area. Then I was told to turn to my left and right sides in order to get my flanks massaged. Finally, I was told to sit down on my butt with the legs off the table as she rubbed my back and especially my lower back. I would breathe in through my nose and out of my mouth to help with discomfort. The massage took place in Dr. Pantoja's exam room. It was about 40 mins. It was not comfortable and a tad painful at times. After the massage,I felt looser, not so stiff. Maripaz, also removed my stitches and in order to help with compression and contouring Maripaz made me an epifoam triangle to put on my lower back right above my butt crack . I brought my epifoam to make the triangle. I recommend buying your epifoam on biodermis.com ahead of time. It is cheaper than buying it at the Drs. office. Oh by the way, on our way home we stopped to buy fruit from a fruit cart vendor on the street, which we often do, that always helps my digestive system SO much. It cleans me out every time. I recommend buying some fruit if you happen to see a fruit vendor cart. They vendors work hard for an honest living. We used a medical pass and crossed the border in 45 mins. My mom and I were both drooling on our car ride home. I was in the back seat laying on my tummy the entire way. When I got home I napped for 3 hours. My mom took a nap too when she got home. Every time I go to Mexico I am treated well by the staff and the fruit cart vendors. God bless them.

8 days post op

Pain- moderate. I think waking up in the mornings is the worst. I can sleep about 4 hrs with no problem but after that I start to get real stiff and I wake up in pain. My garment is causing too much pressure on some lipo'd areas even with epifoam, I don't know, but it hurts. I slowly get up out of bed, pee, take off my garment and epifoam for about 10 mins, rest on my belly naked and then put it back on, chug water and sleep. When I finally wake up in the morning I wake up because of the pain. I feel like I was in a car wreck. I'm not good with pain.

Swelling- still very much swollen, although swelling has gone down some

20 days post op

I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Not sure about my results. Perhaps it is too soon to worry. I am, however, ready to be back to normal, without this faja/epifoams and with my new asset. Today I purchased my Colombian faja, should be here in 2 days. My back skin needs to shrink. The garment I have has a few holes in it and is getting looser everywhere. The good things is my pain started diminishing on week 2 and I learned how to sleep on my tummy by week 1. Staying strong and hanging in there.

3 more pictures

I day shy of 3 weeks

One more 3 week UPDATE

I drove my daughter to school today. I sat on a memory foam pillow for about 10 mins total. It wasn't bad but my butt is still sensitive. I also got my new faja in the mail- Colombian faja MYD F0068. I went to a few malls trying to find this faja or something like it and I finally just ordered it online after knowing my size from going to the mall and trying another Colombiana faja. I feel so much better with this faja on. I feel more support in my back and my body feels like it's being compressed properly. Thanks to "timelessbeauty," a very helpful and kind woman on Realself who has shared her knowledge. I'm expecting this faja to mold me better. We'll see how it goes.

Feeling good in clothes

I'm still swollen and still wearing my garment.

1 day shy of 4 weeks

I feel hope. I am starting to see a much better shape to my bottom. Patience.........arnica gel, arnica tea, arnica tablets, multivitamins and bromelain, good nutrition, rest, time, my family and God have been my best allies. Oh yeah and my pillows, can't forget those ;-)

It's A PROCESS, a LOooooong Process

A lot of girls talk about a second round of bbl but not me. I'm happy that my body looks better than what it was but I don't think I'll be doing a round 2 bbl in a very long time, if ever. During lipo recovery, I felt like my aggressively lipo'd areas were burning and not being able to sleep and sit on my back side made me miserable. Oh and not to mention the garment and using the restroom for a bowel movement, I hate the splashing of you know what on my asset...lots of showers to stay clean. Sorry if it's TMI, just keeping it real. Maybe when I get my boobs traded out in a few years I'll get a bbl again but it makes me nervous just thinking of having to go through this process again to get a bigger asset. I do doubt it at the moment. Maybe next time it won't be as bad because my body wont be in such bad shape prior to my next bbl. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for my results it's just such a process and I'm ready for it to be over. I've invested tears, sweat, blood among other things over this. Would I do it again? It's possible but at this point, unlikely.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Pantoja. He is a great human being and I loved my tummy tuck and breast lift/ breast augmentation results so much that I just have to go back and get my Brazilian butt lift. I highly recommend Dr. Pantoja!!

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