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Today was my Buccal fat removal. Yesterday i was...

Today was my Buccal fat removal. Yesterday i was dubious and several questions and fears jumped to my head, "is correct what I'm doing?" Then I looked in the mirror and remembered that it's something that I've wanted to do for some time, also check with several doctors and most agreed that what this would help my face to look like I was. The procedure was fast enough, the only painful was the anesthesia and one that another milestone that I felt. The only thing was that I had to run by medicine that prescribed me because anesthesia step very fast. I will write my recovery process and changes waiting for be useful for someone in the future. Finally I ask an apology for my English I'm from the Mexico City and do not write it very well

second and third day post surgery


today is the third day since my surgery.

I have to tell you that yesterday morning I woke up swollen but not as much as expected.

Yesterday morning I took my last pill for the pain because it is not something unbearable, is more like a small annoyance I feel and above all if I get to rub the swollen part.

Today (third day) I thought it would be more inflamed as the doctor had said, but not, I feel the same as yesterday.

I can eat very well, I don't have any problem, the only thing is that I have to cut the food into smaller pieces since my opening is not complete.

I have been at home resting but I have go out to do some shopping without any problem.

Swelling will take to download as I have read, the good thing is that I am quite patient and I think the result will be worth it.

I'll be back to write in 2, 3 days since I don't think there is much change from one day to another.


Hoy es el tercer día después de mi cirugía.

Debo contar que ayer por la mañana desperté inflamada pero no tanto como esperaba.

Ayer por la mañana tome mi última pastilla para el dolor pues no es algo insoportable, es más bien una pequeña molestia que siento y sobre todo si llego a rozar la parte inflamada

El día de hoy (tercer día) pensé estaría todavía más inflamada como había dicho la doctora pero no, me siento igual que ayer

Puedo comer muy bien, no tengo ningún problema, lo único es que parto la comida en trozos más pequeños ya que mi apertura no es completa.

He estado en casa descansando pero igual he salido un poco a la calle a hacer algunas compras.

La inflamación tardará en bajar como he leído, lo bueno es que soy bastante paciente y creo el resultado valdrá la pena.

Volveré a escribir en 2, 3 días ya que no creo haya mucho cambio de un día para otro

fifth day

Fifth, eighth and thirteenth day

Today is day 13 since my surgery, the inflammation lasted only 6 days.

The stitches on the left side fell a fifth day and the other on the right side for the eleventh.

My face returned to normal the day 8, with some light yellow bruises on the jaw line.

i had a small hard lump on the right side, but as I had already read than this had hapened to others I didn't give importance and it disappeared about 2 days.

From day 13 I could fully open my mouth, only with a small pull in the right jaw.

I had more pain on the right side since on that side it took a bit more work the doctor remove fat.

For others perhaps is not perceptible the change, but for me it is, especially when i speak, also assumes that the definitive changes will be in months so I will upload more photos later to see the progress.

looking you through the eyes of others

I had a meeting with my friends and they took these photos.

It is good to know how other people persives you

There are times that I feel the effect of the surgery is too much and that i looked gaunt and different but seeing these photos I'm glad continue looking like I'm

My friends only noticed the patch on my face and thought that my face has looked thin because of this

Note: the patch that I have is for a Chin augmentation, procedure which is in another review.

day 34 buccal fat removal and 13 chin augmentation

I am on my day 34 of my buccal fat removal and 13 of my chin augmentation.

Comparing my photos before are now i like the result, much more definition.

My photos from the front almost not noticeable change in the cheeks, it looks more in 3/4 or profile.

of that surgery the only trouble that I have is a light pull when i yawning, I think that will be better over time.

The patch that I bring in some photos is for a chin augmentation that a wanted to complement this surgery, the review of this is apart.

Before & After

Seven months later

Mexico Facial Plastic Surgeon

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