29 Yrs Old, Mother of 3, Mommy Makeover!!!

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I finally booked my surgery date. I'm beyond...

I finally booked my surgery date. I'm beyond excited and nervous. After three kids ages 13, 7, 1. I'm ready to have a flat tummy. I love to workout but there's nothing to help my loose skin around my belly area. I had a breast lift with implants almost four years ago. I will be getting a full abdominoplasty, muscle reapair, liposculpting, and fat transfer to buttocks.

I'm Finally on the Other Side!!!

Im finally on the other side ladies! I had my surgery this morning around 9 am. I was in surgery for about 5-6 hours. I had general anesthesia which wore off after 6 pm. I felt so tired when I got to my recovery room. I had a light dinner which they gave me soup and jello. Im not feeling any pain whatsoever, only very little discomfort and a lot of soreness especially on my lower back and butt. I have a urine catheter because doctor ordered for me not to get up until early morning. Which means I haven't been able to see my stomach. My arms, back, tummy and hips are fully bandaged. I can't wait to see my stomach. I will keep you all updated.

Day 4

I have been showering daily since day 2. I'm still super swollen. My incision is past my hips towards my back. I'm happy with the scar being low and flat.

Day 7

I'm feeling great, but I'm still pretty swollen.

Day 9

Day 9

Like they say...Swell Hell???? Bruising is part of the lipo. My scar is extended tremendously due to extra skin. My butt is fuller, Dr told me to be patient with swelling on my lower back and scar area.

Day 18

3 wks PO

I see progress, and yet still very swollen from my waist.

3 wks PO

Dr. Melquiades Álvarez Chaires

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