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I'm 29 y/o. Had 3 children back to back and gained...

I'm 29 y/o. Had 3 children back to back and gained tremendous amount of weight! I'm still struggling with weight, but I am now better choices to improve my health. Having 3 kids took a toll on my body and just can't seem to bounce back to my pre mommy days figure ( although I never had a great figure to begin with) I've never really had a flat tummy or a bootay to show off.. I've been wishing for a flatter tummy and a nice butt for the longest time now so I'm hoping this surgery will meet that all that. I've been pretty depressed about how I look lately and I just want to feel good going to a clothing store and actually buy something besides yoga pants and pajamas lol.
I am super excited for this new chapter of my life! And I hope to meet people who are going through the same thing.. Any advice and positive comments are welcome!!

Unfortunately life dealt me with some serious...

Unfortunately life dealt me with some serious situations this year..I keep telling myself that it's my turn to do me now as new year approach! I am extremely excited and I really hope I get what I wish for and everything goes well during my stay in Mexico. T- minus 19 days until i fly out! I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out how to post photos, but I will do so as soon as I figure it out.

Week! I'm so excited! Although I am a little...

Week! I'm so excited! Although I am a little bummed about some weight gain during the holidays.. I'm trying so hard to not get tempted with food, but this this time of the year seems to be all about getting together and having a big feast!! I'm trying to stay strong with the cravings! Does anyone else have the same issues?

I'm still waiting to book my stay in BCRH.. Hopefully I can take care of all that by tomorrow!! If anyone is reading this and have gone with dr. Cardenas, please give me the insight of what I should pack for my trip. I will be flying from Oakland to Sandiego and will be staying in the recovery house for 5 days after the surgery.. Any suggestions, advice and support are welcome!

My laptop just died in me, and I am a little upset about that.. I'll have to try to figure out how to post before and after photos some other ways..so I guess, stay tuned for it! :)

Everything's been paid, plain tickets and lodging...

Everything's been paid, plain tickets and lodging at BCRH are booked.. I'm thrilled and ready to go, just need to pack my things!

Here I await to board my flight to SD! The...

Here I await to board my flight to SD!
The morning started out pretty emotional as I say good bye to my three precious children.. I tried to hold it together so they won't see me cry...they cried and it hurt a lot to see them cry. I've never left their side since they were born not even for a vacation.. I love them and I will miss them so much. :(

I'm here! Gabriel picked me up from the airport,...

I'm here! Gabriel picked me up from the airport, he's a nice hard working guy! We had a pretty good conversation on our way to the recovery home. The car ride here to Mexico was fast, about 15-20 minutes and no traffic.
I was greeted with hugs when I arrived to the house. I took a tour of the house and it's not bad at all. All the nurses and staff that I have met so far are nice and friendly. When i got here there was a meal waiting for me already. They are actually getting me tamales since I requested it to have for dinner tonight before my surgery. I like the cold.. But dang it's really cold in here and I have the space heater on! I have a room mate, she had her surgery done today and will come back here tomorrow.. I won't get to meet her until I get back from my surgery though. I guess I will update you guys when I'm recovering and feel better to get up and type.

Today will be the second day out of the surgery. I...

Today will be the second day out of the surgery. I mostly had issues with my lower back and trying to get comfortable.. Getting up sucks because my butt gets so tight and so does my tummy. I showere last night and I really didn't want to see my belly, but I did and its not that cute yet to me. It looks smaller for where I started so I am happy. I also got circumferential tummy tuck and I haven't Seen everythjng. My butt feels so tight. She put 900 cc on my Asian butt and 240cc on my hips. They do feel bigger.
I have a kook roommate here.. We're going through the same stuff so it's great to have support. The food here awesome Nd so are the nurses!

Tomorrow I am leaving this place.. It has been a...

Tomorrow I am leaving this place.. It has been a wonderful stay, I must say. I've met some wonderful women who are also in the same boat as me and I do wish them well and for a successful recovery! I'll miss all the wonderful nurses and staff here too. They were definitely caring and actually became my friends.

Today is also my 5 day post op. everything is good. I'm sore here and there but nothing to complaint too much about. My lower back is swollen . I've been moving a whole lot more and so far I am liking my results. They gave me an XL CG and its already loose. They are taking it in to semstress to tighten it a little bit. I'm excited about this journey and looking forward to update with pictures and my progress more to help others and for others to relate..

What a day! I was dropped off at the airport 4...

What a day! I was dropped off at the airport 4 hours early.. Ugh that was awful! I sat on the boppy which was uncomfortable and tried to walk around which I felt was awkward because everyone was staring and wondering why I was hunched over. It was pretty warm in Sandiego, much warmer and uncomfortable with the garment on too! And then my flight was also delayed... Yeah not so fun times! The plane ride was ok.. Sat on the front, more room for my leg to stretch out. Not many people were on it so I had the space to myself. I was exhausted waiting for hours so I slept! And it was only an hour flight to Oakland, so that was good.
My kids and brother picked me up. They said I looked different.. My youngest didn't recognized me, she wouldn't even give me a hug! I was only gone for a week, geez! She eventually warmed up though..
Back to mommy duties.. Going to try my hardest to take things super slow and lightly! I want the best result possible and mostly to heal properly! I'm trying to get comfortable on my bed and its not working lol I miss those reclining beds and sofas and the nurses!

I don't know how I feel about the scar on my lower...

I don't know how I feel about the scar on my lower back. I think it's a little high? Today is actually the day I saw my back inscision and its scary. I'm hoping someone can suggest scar treatment therapy that had work for them? And when I should start using them? I also hope the fat in my butt stays!!!

Last night I moved up to the second row clasp of...

Last night I moved up to the second row clasp of the compression garment.. It felt a little loose already. This morning I took of the front JP drain after I showered.. Not painfully at all. I got a cold while I was recovering in Tijuana and it sucked. Dr. C prescribed cold meds and it worked pretty well but now I got a cold again :( worst feeling in the world! Feels like my stitches are going to pop out. I think my abs are used to me coughing already, it doesn't hurt as bad anymore. I really hope to get rid of this cold soon!

Oh yeah I moved to the second clasp except for the...

Oh yeah I moved to the second clasp except for the rib cage area..

So I remember talking to some of the ladies who...

So I remember talking to some of the ladies who were at the recovery house about feeling emotional and depressed while recovering. I was glad it didn't happen to me but I spoke too soon because now I am feeling the blues...
I took both my drains out already and in Less-than two weeks and I'm scared that I took it out way too soon? It was was draining only 10 cc or less.. But I've heard of some consequences for not having JP drains after a tummy tuck.. Also when I took the last drain which was the back drain, it was hard for me see it clearly because it was positioned far out to where I had to turn my torso all the way and that made my abs hurt. And the sutures where so tight wrapped around that I think I might have left a tiny piece... ;(
I can't sleep because its still uncomfortable and then I swell more in the morning time..
I've been relying on my parents.. Yeah I'm grown with 3 kids and that's tough to me. My poor kids feels so scared to be around me it makes me sad..
I think I've gained weight too.. I eat when I'm bored and when I get emotional..
I just want to feel normal again!

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery.. It has been a...

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery.. It has been a struggle everyday still, from trying to get comfortable in bed to trying to do small house work. I started driving this week. That's a struggle too, just getting in and out of the car. I just can't stay still, that's just how I am. I remember having all 3 c-section and just walking around after a few hours being in the recovery room. I'm not in too much pain, just a little discomfort from lipo burn, achy back, sore muscles, etc.. I do pay for trying to be active at the end of the day with a swollen belly and back!
My incision did split open, a tiny bit. I think it's from coughing and sneezing because I did get the cold again and it sucks.
I noticed the first few days from being back from Mexico that I was getting depressed and I was eating way too much, my garment started to get tight! I'm trying to correct that now.. Hmm so far nothing too much to complaint about except for my incision that opened up a little. Oh And my bootay is not at big as it used to be, but still bigger than what I started with.

So, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm sore here and...

So, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm sore here and there but I'm ok.the only thing I had issues with these past few weeks was my belly button the sutures came out on their own when I was cleaning it. Not all at the same time.. But I'm left with one stitch and I was told by dr. C to keep it on for now.. I might remove it though, just cause my belly button looks almost healed up. My scars are looking ok. I had an open inscion but its now closed. I'm using maderma for my scar for now, and so far so good. My butt got smaller :( but I guess it's still bigger than what it was and hoping to keep what I have now. I seriously have been really good trying to avoid sitting or putting weight on it until now. I was religious about my CG I took it off for a few hours every 3 days to wash it and dry it. I i only took it off every morning to shower and poop. Didn't use and still debating weather or not to use epifoam.. I've gone 4 months without it and plus I can imagine how much more uncomfy it will be with it in that CG.
I also started doing self massage while I shower. I'm trying to do the lymphatic massages on myself (looked it up on you tube) I massage my back and all the spots where I got lipo. It's still sore too!
I'm driving, walking, cooking, vaccuuming and Just staying active but trying not to do too much.. I seriously just can't help it lol.
There are still some swelling but has gone down a little bit.
The scale says I've lost weight but I feel so fat.. I can't wait to maybe just start some sort of exercise again, soon!

That sucks I just wrote an essay about my 6 week...

That sucks I just wrote an essay about my 6 week post op with new puctures and never posted, now it's gone! Lol ill try again later but ill try to post pictures.

6 months post op?

Sorry it's been a while!
So 6 months later...here I go.. I'm doing really good. Minor swelling or I don't know what's going on around my puffa area/ incision sight?Doesn't feel swollen but it stick out.. Not a big fan of my scar, specially above the butt. It feel like I constantly have to check if its showing.. I haven't really found a good way of hiding it, unless i wear seriously high pants or long shirts? I thought about getting a tattoo on my scar except now I have lost weight.. I was about 170 lbs when I came in to get it done and this morning I weighed in at 147lbs.. The thing about my skin, well I'm not blessed with super elasticity genes, so now I have loose skin on my belly, even more in my arms because it was lipo'd and also my inner thighs.. My va-jj looks saggy too. Weird right? I gain most of my fat in the mid section and upper part of my body and it seems that genes are over powering. since my stomach was not lipo'd it feels like fat that were stored there are really just hanging around there no matter how hard I work them out..
Now my butt.. I was not blessed with a butt anyways and my Butt sure is bigger than what it was, but much flatter than the first few weeks lol. Seems like I lost a lot of volume on the bottom part of my butt and the top looks pretty good. My hips are smaller too..looks as if I lost all my curves and it makes me really sad.
All in all I was happy with my results But now that I'm loosing more weight I'm starting to just hate what my body looks like again.. I have contacted dr. Cardenas and hopefully seeing her in my future to retouch plus a boob job and arm lift once I get to my ultimate weight goal. the plus side, I am really into being healthy now and way way way more active than before the surgery. Easier to move around without the excess skin on my belly. But yeah, that's pretty much it for now..
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Cardenas because I really like how she does her tummy tucks. I heard people are unhappy with their bbl results, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that she will deliver. I never spoke to her personally, but so far her staff has been absolutely helpful with every questions I have asked.

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